Swain Hakushaku Reijou no Chiisana Oujisama
Chapter 2

Author: Kita Yuzuru
Source: Wandering Muse...

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The girl who graduated from school yesterday, had a red dress that looked great on her hugging her body, with her lustrous black hair flowing down her right side.

She was the second eldest of the four sisters. My older sister had a frail body, and my younger sisters were adorable, I must protect them, saying that, there were many times in the past where she stressed ease of movement, but it seems that this wasn’t the case today.

The second floor window. That was where her room was. When I waved my hand at her who was looking down at me from that place, she turned the other way.

When I walked towards her room immediately after finishing my greetings with Marquis Raid, she, was still standing at the window, looking outside.


Even when I called her name, she didn’t turn around,

「Why did you enter without even knocking?」

she only curtly said that.

「I wanted to see you as soon as possible. Sorry.」

I went to stand next to her, but as expected, she did not look at me.

「You’re prettier today.」

「I don’t look like this because I like it.」

「That’s true. Perhaps it’s because of your hahaue and aneue. I’ve profited.」

When I bent down and peeked at her face, she pursed her lips and closed her eyes.

「Nee, do you know why, I came today?」


「Do you, like me?」


In that case, why do you look as sad.

「But, you, don’t like me, riight.」

Her eyes slightly opened, she stared at me and smiled.

「I’m sorry.」

Aah, did she know that those words were what I didn’t want to hear the most today.

「I’m sorry that, I’m not oneesama.」

Her older sister who was two years older had been engaged to me. However, four years ago, her older sister got a lover, and they almost eloped. Because of that, Marquis Raid came to our house to apologize, and even said that they would not involve our House ever again. Father, who tended to neglect everything else because of older brother, accepted that. Because I said that I didn’t mind.

However, I’m glad that my engagement with her older sister was annulled. We were friends, and we didn’t have any deep feelings of love. The troublesome and unexpected thing for me was, when he vowed to not get involved with our House ever again.

The cute Matilda, who was one year younger.

In order to protect her sisters, she did her best and even properly learned self-defense, and she became so strong that the average man would not be a match for her. However, I knew that she was more soft-hearted than anyone else. She liked cute things, and was a normal girl who was interested in love. Even so, Matii pretended to be tough, and was not good at relying on others.

Even though I tried to approach them, Marquis Raid, saying that it wasn’t necessary, did not allow the sisters to see me.

When that happened, the only chance I had was the time within the school. Within the limited time, I did my best to court her. Though I could not thoughtlessly touch her in places that were popular with those in high society.

And the year I graduated, she finally became my lover. It was a secret that was between me and her, so that Marquis Raid would not say that it was unnecessary again and she wouldn’t be unnecessarily harassed, but she thought that it was so that I could reject all the marriage proposals that I received from my parents.

「Why did you say something like that?」

「Because I…am not oneesama.」

「I know. You are the Matii that I love.」

When I embraced her, her shoulders trembled.

「You don’t quite believe me. Haven’t I been telling you that these days.」

「It’s because I…love you. However, Ryan-sama is…. I thought that I was fine with just that. However, becoming husband and wife means being together for life. You might regret it.」

「I won’t.」

The other day, the guy who had the same status as me was also troubled. He received quite a bit of mental damage when they didn’t believe in his feelings.

「I, like Matii.」


「Things like but, however, even so. The things you say are strange. I’m the only person who knows how I feel. What I’m saying is exactly how I feel. When did I, say that I liked your aneue? The one I want is Matii.」

Looking up, Matii’s eyes were shaking with uneasiness.

「I have never been happier than when I found out that you were growing medicinal herbs that detoxified poison because of me. I had never been prouder of myself than when you relied on me and confided in me various things. I’ve never been more blessed, than when you became my lover. That’s why, Lady Matilda.」

I also thought that getting down on my knee and proposing was a little too much, but I knew that Matii would definitely like something that over-the-top.

「I want you to be my wife, give me much more happiness. I promise that I will make you much happier than before.」

One, two, three, …twelve, thirteen, fourteen, ….twenty.

Even after several seconds, I did not receive any kind of response. When I called her name, Matii finally spoke.

「I don’t know anymore!!」

「Eeh? About what?」

「You can’t leave me anymore!」

「Is that so? That’s a charming proposal.」

Putting her hand in mine, Matii gave a sidelong glance, perhaps to meet my eyes, and glared at me with her cheeks dyed bright red.

「It’s none of my concern who you like. I will have you fall so deeply in love with me, that all you can see is me!」

「That…isn’t that hard.」

「I know. I’m prepared, for it to be a drawn-out battle.」

「No, that’s not it…. I give up. You’re running towards an unexpected direction.」

Really, why do you not realize that I’m already so deeply in love with you that all I can see is you.

「Maa, it’s fine now. I’ll show you as we go.」

「What are you talking about?」

「I’m talking about me being prepared for it to be a drawn-out battle as well.」

Swain Hakushaku Reijou no Chiisana Oujisama
Chapter 2