Taming Master
Chapter 383: Soul Recall 1

Author: Park Taesuk

Even among the normal users, a certain level of observation had started for Hoonie.

Because of the unique concept, even for the warlock, many users were starting to turn as fans.

So if one was a fan of Ian, and Hoonie was most of the time with Ian, there was no way that they wouldn't have known it.

The chat window was confused at the death of Hoonie.

But on the other side, there were users who had sharp observation skills.

In the PVP mode, once it was used, the system configuration will need 30 minutes to revert back to the non-mode or until they have transferred to another map.

Malicious PKs, or mannerless, or the young users who lacked the concept couldn't manage to exploit the system.

After turning on the PVP mode, attacking an ally and quickly returning to prevent any attack on oneself was a trolling act, and such a system was created to prevent the (trolling) acts.

If Ian had indeed PKed Hoonie, there should have been a red skull next to Ian's name.

It was impossible to PK without the PVP mode.

However, at the moment Ian wasn't in the PVP mode.

The chat room was flooding after realizing something great.

A user who seemed to be concerned about something asked the question in there.

And with the comment of someone else, a misunderstanding had deepened.

A misunderstanding caused the whole situation to be understood in the wrong way, and the misunderstanding became very persuasive, and the interest in the chat room had increased.

Although it was said in two or more places, because of the popularity of Ian, the rebellion against Ian was buried right away.

The battle was coming to a new phase, and because everyone appreciated the control that Ian had.

And Ian's popularity soared higher than ever.

* * *

And on the other side, Hoonie was watching the process of his character's death with a skeptical mind.

'Ah, that merciless hyung… killed me off without any hesitation. Sob sob.'

Hoonie who was desperately cheering for AI was trying to cope with Ian who was making him depressed.

But at the very moment, he began to wonder about something.

'But why didn't I log out? My character is already dead…?'

And a system message had appeared to him.


[The character has died.]

[No penalty will be applied as the character has died in the control of the AI.]

[Log-in is possible after 60 minutes.]

[The reward after the 60 minutes, when the user reconnects all the experience points and goods that can be acquired in the 60 minutes will be doubled.]

[Reward for the quest failure, one of the quest success rewards will be paid randomly.]

[Switch to the scenario viewing mode.]

[The scenario viewing mode will be watched until the end of the video, and won't be able to access the game until the end of the event, even when forcibly tried to terminate the connection.]

Hoonie's eyes were shining as he saw the system messages.


He was cheerful even without realizing it.

He felt like he was seeing a halo behind the system messages.

'Well, the Kailan game is sure great! Haha.'

Hoonie who had always been blaming the Kailan game for forcibly taking quests was feeling great because of the unexpected reward.

The exp and commodity were impressive enough, but giving one quest completion reward randomly!!

'I'll play the game with more dedication in the future. Kailan God! Kehehe.'

And he quickly began to recall what the game rewards were for the quest.

'There were four rewards? If it wasn't the fame and affinity then it would be great…'

Because of the system intervention, the quest of 'Chalian's power succession' was forced to fail.

And there were four rewards for the quest and list, were as follows:

The affinity with Richie King Chalian will rise to 30.

Hidden class, 'Richie Mage' ex-quest.

Myth class weapon box.

Fame of 150 million.

'If I get the weapon box, it is an awesome gain…!'

At that point, the interception of the system was gladly welcomed.

If it hadn't been for the system, he would have been able to get through the quest in the first place.

In a moment, he moved from hell to heaven and was watching the video with a smile.

Now was the time to take look at how Ian was going to control his character.

* * *

"No…! How is that a cursed ability…?!"

Kaka, the Karga Phantom that was the slave of Ian had a unique ability—Dreaming Devil.

As soon as the Dreaming Devil skill was activated, Kells' pupils were nervously watching the darkness engulf the whole battlefield.

"This doesn't make any sense…?!"

Kells was actually very well aware of the skills of the Dreaming Devil.

To be precise, he knew that the Dreaming Devil would cover the land with darkness.

For warlocks, it was the best wide-buff skills and the worst debuff skill.

The dark lands were the power of Richie King Chalian, and Kells knew that.

Thanks to that when dealing with the empire's knight with Chalian, he had already experienced the darkness.

But at that time, it was buff and not a debuff.

"Damn it! Back off! Don't fight until the darkness has settled down!"

Kells was giving out orders, but he was already late.

A Hargasus and two skeleton warriors flew into the air.


Bizarre and strange voices were resonating from the underground.

Kells moved his gaze and was turning much more nervous at the situation.

There was a man on top of one of the two hargasus.

'No matter how I see, he isn't a warlock…?'

Unless one was a warlock, they couldn't be able to ride the Hargasus.

That was what Kells had known.

But from the man who was on top of the hargasus, he didn't feel any black magic energy.

"Jerk! To stand in front of Kells! You won't stay still!"

But the man in the statement, without answering, ran towards Kells on the Hargasus.

Kells skilfully waved his skull wand.

"Die you bastard…!"

Kwang- Kwang-!

Kells that warlock with the level over 400 was instantly casting the skill without wasting time.

The two Hargasus with Ian and Hoonie began to flamboyantly attack.



Among the dozens of dark rays that were coming at them, the Hargasus was moving over most of them and was avoiding the damage.

The two Hargasus were able to avoid most of the damage and was absorbing the damages when the skill was triggered in the necessary situations.

And they were moving rather close.

As someone had just mentioned, Ian and Hoonie's Hargasus were almost identical in the movement.

Anyone who saw it can see that the person was being controlled.

What was more surprising here was that the movements changed depending on the situation.

For the sake of control efficiency, the control of the two Hargasus was bound, but when needed, there was a change in the movement.

In addition, Hoonie's soul, which was on a Hargasus was casting black magic that was of high level.

It was a high-level magic, and one minute of casting had already been done, but it wasn't activated yet.

Ian had tremendous confidence in it.

With a single attack the casting would get released, but to cast it without being activated while jumping into the middle of the battle—meant one needed to have great confidence.

The users were excited and began to analyze the situation in various manners.

In the meantime, the insightful ranking users of the Kailan's sprang up.

Especially summoning the interest of the magical beast 'Grrr' which was revealed in the video for the very first time.

And Grrr was playing a huge role in increasing the comments of the chat.

"Grrr! Kwahh!"

Which was running around the battlefield and destroying the undead which was under the debuff.

In particular, the annihilation rays of the unique ability of Grrr was attracting a lot of attention from the viewers.

The effect of it was brilliant, but the way it was being utilized was much more effective.

Due to the nature of the map and the narrow structure it had, the rays from Grrr were bouncing off quickly, which made the ability look way more appealing.

The red smoke that came out from the mouth of Balrog was creating a masterpiece.


The skeletons of level 200 were collapsing immediately.


Warlocks of level 400 suffered a little damage from it.


The heat produced by the blazing fire was swallowing the whole battlefield.

After a while.

From the right hand of Hoonie—who had been casting for a lot of time, a purple light began to dazzle and swirl.

Taming Master
Chapter 383: Soul Recall 1