Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World
Chapter 18

Author: 六道
Source: Steambun

Actually, the truth was that things weren’t like what the lady said, which was that the third regiment only lacked one commander. During their departure, five of the ten commanders had already died, with two more injured badly. There were only three people left who could lead their men to war. Otherwise, even if she had the intention to recruit Tang Yin, there was no way for her to grant him such a high position so quickly. Plus, he didn’t even have a title to begin with.

After a simple conversation with Tang Yin, Wu Yi left in a hurry. It was only till he left that Tang Yin came to a sudden realisation that he still didn’t know who that charming lady was. He asked Qiu Zhen who was next to him, “Do you know who that woman is?”


“The one who gave me the title as a commander of a thousand.”

Qiu Zhen blinked and then stared at Tang Yin as if he had just seen a monster. He said in disbelief, “You… Don’t tell me that you didn’t even know the two big ladies from the Wu family?”

Tang Yin shrugged, indicating that he really didn’t know.

Qiu Zhen sighed, “The one who was on the left just now was Wu family’s eldest daughter, Wu Mei. The one on the right was the second daughter of the Wu family, Wu Ying.”

“So the one on the right was indeed also a woman.” As Wu Ying wore a helmet, her hair wasn’t showing, she had an ice cold face, and that she never said a word since the beginning. Tang Yin really couldn’t tell that she was a woman.

Qiu Zhen rolled his eyes powerlessly, and then looked left and right, seeing that there was no one around them, he said softly, “The one who smiles like a flower at you isn’t necessarily gentle, and the one whose face is as cold as ice, also isn’t necessarily the one who has no emotions…”

Tang Yin knew that Qiu Zhen’s words had an underlying meaning, but he didn’t exactly take it to heart. However, facts had quickly proved that Qiu Zhen’s words were indeed correct.

The hundred over people who were gathered by Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen were all accepted by Wu Mei into the third regiment temporarily, and were all still under Tang Yin’s command.

That night, when the troops were stationed for rest, Wu Yi came to Tang Yin again. At the same time, he also delivered the military badge and uniform, as well as a handsome sword that was made of the best steel.

After Tang Yin thanked him and received them one by one, he raised the military badge to take a look. It wrote: Third Infantry Regiment, Commander of a Thousand of the Second Array, Tang Yin.

This young lady really meant what she said, and had given him the role as a commander of a thousand.

Tang Yin did not neglect Qiu Zhen’s burning gaze, and asked Wu Yi about making Qiu Zhen his assistant. Wu Yi laughed, “You can make your decisions on things like this. Times like this, everything is simple. There is no need for any procedures. Oh right, the general is looking for you to discuss on some matters. Hurry over!”

Tang Yin asked, “Big Brother Wu, do you happen to know what it’s about?”

Wu Yi’s expression turned serious. The corner of his lips moved and he wanted to say something. Yet he didn’t say it eventually. He just said softy, “You’ll get to know about it eventually when you see the general.”

The two sisters, Wu Mei and Wu Ying were the two main generals in the army. It’s just that the army had now been defeated to the point where it didn’t seem like an army anymore. Teams were not teams, and there were no military camps. They just simply used a tent cloth to surround an empty space and considered it a military camp.

Tang Yin followed Wu Yi into the tent to see that the two Wu family sisters sitting on the floor. There was a map in front of them, as well as several leaders who were either sitting or standing around them. All of them had a serious expression, and the air was dull.

Tang Yin frowned silently as he sensed that something was happening. He stepped forward and saluted the two Wu family sisters.

Wu Mei’s face showed a charming smile as she saw Tang Yin. She waved at Tang Yin with enthusiasm and pointed toward her side. She said smilingly, “General Tang, come and sit here.” Her tone was very polite. In the military system theory, only those whose positions were above regiment leaders were allowed to be called as generals.

Tang Yin didn’t say much. He walked silently toward the empty space next to Wu Mei and sat down slowly.

Seeing that Tang Yin was holding the new sword, Wu Mei smiled, “General Tang, are you liking your new sword?”

Tang Yin had just gotten the sword and hadn’t had the chance to use it, how would he know if it was good to handle. Plus, his original weapon was a double knife, other weapons didn’t matter to him. But he couldn’t say that, hence he just smiled and said, “Yes.”

Wu Mei was looking straight at Tang Yin with her pair of soft and beautiful eyes that could turn a solid steel soft. She said leisurely, “This sword was a gift from my father for my eighteenth birthday. I hope that General Tang could keep it by your side.”

These words would make whoever heard it feel flirtatious, yet Tang Yin was an exception. Since young, Tang Yin didn’t have any relatives, nor did he have any friends. In regards to relations between people, he was over sensitive and slow. He also had never thought of or wished that any woman would fall for him.

There is a saying that goes, to receive gifts for no reason would either be treacherous or theft. For her to give him a sword out of nowhere, could it be that she had some kind of ulterior motives?! He smiled politely at Wu Mei and said plainly but politely, “Thank you General Wu for valuing me.”

She didn’t expect that her words would only get such a short answer from Tang Yin. Wu Mei was indeed surprised. Wu Ying who was next to her also couldn’t help but take another look at Tang Yin. In her memory, her sister was the ‘public enemy’ of all men. Almost no men was able to withstand her seduction. Tang Yin, however, had some sort of immunity and was unmoved.

Wu Mei’s face turned reddish. She let out an awkward cough, and then looked down at the map. She then pointed to it with her hand that was as white as jade and said with a serious expression, “We are here now, and Tongmen is here.”

Tang Yin followed her fingers and nodded as he watched, waiting for her to continue.

Wu Mei’s pretty eyebrows twitched a little, and pointed at the map to say, “We received accurate information earlier, Ning state has built a checkpoint on the way to Tongmen, blocking us Feng soldiers to flee to Tongmen. They have more than eight thousand people, which means that in order to return to Tongmen, we will have to get pass them and break through eight thousand enemy soldiers!”

Is it possible to break through eight thousand enemy soldiers? Tang Yin laughed bitterly to himself. The soldiers in the Wu sisters’ hands consisted of five hundred people at most, in addition to his own hundred people, they only had a total of six hundred over people. No matter how skillful their soldiers were, and how strong their fighting spirits were, having six hundred people to attack the enemy of more than eight thousand was equivalent to throwing tofu against the wall, looking for death.

He questioned, “Is there no other routes we could take?”

Wu Mei shook her head and said, “Ning state’s lineup is extremely long, it has blocked all routes.”

Tang Yin murmured, “If that’s the case, things are troublesome.”

“It is indeed troublesome, but it’s not that there’s no way around it.” Wu Mei looked at Tang Yin with light in her eyes.

Under Wu Mei’s fiery gaze, Tang Yin had a sudden feeling like he was being schemed into something. He wanted to ask what way at first, but he was smart and swallowed the words back in quickly, not letting out a sound.

He didn’t ask, so Wu Mei took the initiative to say it instead. Her pretty lips opened up slightly, and said in a soft tone, “Although there are many enemies, but their battle line is overly long and their manpower is scattered. As long as we dispatch a team to attack the enemy’s central zone accurately and actively, we will definitely be able to attract the enemies on the left and right wings to gather towards the central zone. At that time, regardless if our main force were to attack from the left wing, or the right wing, we will be able to break through easily.”

Although this is a good method, this lady couldn’t possibly want me to go and be the bait that attacks the enemy’s central zone, right? Tang Yin could already feel the kind of idea Wu Mei was having.

As predicted, without giving Tang Yin a chance to speak, Wu Mei said again, “General Tang is a talent I value. You are also the dragon phoenix of the group. I am very trusting for handing over the task of attacking the enemies’ central zone to you and your subordinates.”

Pu! Tang Yin almost vomited blood from anger. It is true that nothing is free in this world. No wonder this woman made me a commander of a thousand, and even gave me a sword. Turns out, she wants me to…

Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World
Chapter 18