Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World
Chapter 19

Author: 六道
Source: Steambun

Turns out that she wants me to be the cannon fodder! What a sly and evil woman with such shrewdness! If it wasn’t that there were too many spiritual art masters around him, he really wanted to start swearing at that time.

Wu Mei looked at Tang Yin with her pair of eyes that were as seductive as a pool of autumn water and said pitifully, “I’m guessing, General Tang wouldn’t reject my trust at such a critical moment, right?!”

She could seduce other people, but she couldn’t seduce Tang Yin. However, Tang Yin couldn’t refuse. He could feel that if he were to refuse, it would be very hard for him to walk out this military camp.

“Hehe!” Tang Yin laughed out of a sudden, nodded and said, “I am extremely grateful for General Wu’s ‘extraordinary love’ toward me. Now that you entrust me with this at such a critical moment, I will for sure give my all and do my best no matter how dangerous it may be and not let you down.”

His words were filled with sarcasm. It was unclear if Wu Mei really couldn’t tell or if she pretended not to care. She patted Tang Yin’s shoulder and said with deep emotions, “I indeed didn’t misjudge General Tang.” As she spoke, her body leaned forward close to Tang Yin, exhaling softly in his ear and whispered gently, “If General Tang is willing, you can stay back tonight.”

Even in modern days, not many women would be able to utter such an active invitation. Regardless how slow Tang Yin was, he was still able to hear the meaning behind her words. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Wu Mei. He lowered his voice as well, but ruined the moment as he said smilingly, “I am not skilled at serving woman, I’m only skilled at killing people.” After he finished, he didn’t take another look at Wu Mei and stood up quickly. He said as he walked toward the outside of the tent, “I have understood General Wu’s plans, I will retire now and await General Wu’s orders at any time.”

Wu Mei wasn’t angered at Tang Yin’s refusal, she instead sighed disappointedly. After Tang Yin left, she waved her hand tiredly and said toward the other people in the tent, “You guys retire too!”

“Yes! General!” All of them saluted at the same time and left the military tent.

Now, there were only Wu Mei and Wu Ying left in the tent.

“This Tang Yin is very special!” said Wu Mei.

Wu Ying was undecided and said, “Yet you pushed him into the fire pit.”

Wu Mei lowered her head and was silent for a long time.

Wu Ying looked at her eldest sister and asked in confusion, “I don’t know why sister had to choose him. You could clearly see that his Reiki cultivation isn’t high at all!”

Wu Mei sighed and said, “But I think that we will only succeed if we let him go.”

Wu Ying looked at Wu Mei deeply and no longer said anything.

Leaving the military tent, Tang Yin returned to his stay with fire burning in his heart.

Qiu Zhen greeted him immediately as he saw him. He asked with concern, “Why was General Wu looking for you?”

“Good things!” Tang Yin said in a deliberate sarcastic tone, “A good thing sized like the sky.”

“Ah?” Qiu Zhen was even more curious, and asked, “What is it?”

Tang Yin sneered and told the story of Wu Mei’s sketch to Qiu Zhen.

After Qiu Zhen finished listening, his two eyes opened up like a ball and screamed, “What? This… Isn’t this asking us to go out there and die?”

Indeed! It’s sending us to death! Tang Yin smiled and asked, “Qiu Zhen, now do you still think that me being promoted as a commander of a thousand is something worth celebrating?”

In an instant, Qiu Zhen’s cold sweat flowed out. This wasn’t a trivial matter, nor was it a joke. It was completely crazy for a hundred of them to attack the enemies’ central zone!

Seeing his face change rapidly and his silence, the anger in Tang Yin’s heart subsided. He said half-jokingly, “Haven’t you always said that you have an abundance of knowledge and wisdom that could fill five cars? Now’s the time for you to use it, do me a favour and help me think of a good strategy to save my life!”

“This… This…” Qiu Zhen was indeed good at strategizing, but a good housewife still wouldn’t be able to make a meal without rice. Even if they had enough manpower, the attacking party would still suffer more than the defending party. Plus, they only had a hundred over people, how were they going to attack a thousand of them? Needless to talk about going in contact with the enemies, there was a possibility that before they even approached them, they would already be shot into porcupines by the enemies’ array of arrows.

He was like a deflated ball. He sat heavily onto the ground and was unable to speak for a long time.

Not sure how much time had passed, he lifted his head up and looked straight at Tang Yin. He said, “There is only one way to save your life now!”

Tang Yin asked, “What is it?”

“Run!” Qiu Zhen whispered as he looked around and saw that there was no one.

“Run?” Tang Yin shook his head and smiled bitterly. With a woman as shrewd as Wu Mei, it was impossible for her not to think of the same and try to stop them. If it was just him, he might still stand a chance to escape. But if he were to bring along Qiu Zhen and the hundred over brothers, it was impossible to succeed.

He sighed reluctantly. Regardless if it were friendship, love, or family, it would be troublesome as long as emotions were involved. Back when he was alone and had no strings attached, he could do whatever he wanted to do. But now things were different. Although he hadn’t known Qiu Zhen and the rest for a long time, he already couldn’t leave them behind.

“If a deserter was caught, what is the consequence?”

“Oh… it’s, it’s beaten to death!” Qiu Zhen said with a dull expression. In Feng state, it was a felony to escape the military. After being detained, the military law is to be beaten to death by a stick.

Tang Yin shook his head and said, “We can’t run, and we wouldn’t be able to run. If we must attack the Ning state checkpoint, is there really no hope of surviving?”

Qiu Zhen laughed bitterly, “How can there be hopes of surviving when it’s going to be hard to just getting in contact with the enemy? You should know that Ning states’ arrow array is incomparable to all. We only have a hundred over people. We don’t even have heavy armor and shields, nor do we have any fast horses that could rush to the front. I’m afraid that we would be killed by the enemies’ array of arrows the second we show ourselves!”

Recalling the Ning army’s arrow array back at Xianyin Valley, Tang Yin had a lingering fear. He thought for a while and said, “Then think of a way that allows us to get close to the army. It’s best if we could get close to the enemy’s main general.” When killing the enemy, kill the leader first! This may be the only way for them to keep their lives.

Qiu Zhen grabbed his hair with force and said, “Let me think, let me think…”

Tang Yin chuckled and leaned down to the ground. He closed his eyes and said, “Take your time, I’m going to sleep.”

“Sleep? You can still sleep now?” Qiu Zhen looked at Tang Yin incredulously.

“No matter what, there will definitely be a fierce battle tomorrow. Replenishing physical strength is a must.” Tang Yin was a mad man to begin with, so no matter how crazy his encounters, he was able to remain calm.

Qiu Zhen rolled his eyes and his heartbeat was fluctuating. Finally, he gripped his fist as if he had just made a huge decision and came to Tang Yin’s side. He said softly, “Big Brother Tang, actually… you can escape on your own. Even if you run, I don’t think General Wu will make it too difficult for us.”

Tang Yin opened one eye and peeked at Qiu Zhen. He said, “Yeah, it won’t be too difficult for you. However, you guys will still die. It’s either that you will still be sent to be the bait, or stay here and be killed by the Ning people who will eventually catch up.”

Qiu Zhen bit his lip. He had to admit that what Tang Yin said was right.

“You are only responsible for thinking about good countermeasures. As for my business, you don’t have to worry. Now, I really want to sleep, don’t bother me.” Tang Yin closed his eyes, and after a short time, a steady breathing was heard.

Ai! Looking at Tang Yin who had really fallen asleep, Qiu Zhen had the sudden urge to cry without tears. In this world, it was such a difficult thing to find someone worth assisting, and at the same time was willing to receive his assistance. He initially thought that staying by Tang Yin’s side would result in something, but now… He was afraid that after today, Tang Yin and himself would have to meet at the netherworld. This really was such bad timing, God was making a fool out of him!

No matter how much Qiu Zhen felt, Tang Yin slept sweetly this evening. It was also the most deep sleep he had for the past few days.

In the early hours of the next day, Tang Yin woke up, and his spirit was multiplied a hundred times. In contrast, Qiu Zhen’s eyes were red and languid. Obviously, he had suffered for the whole night.

Tang Yin got up and stretched his muscles. He lifted the kettle and gargled. He then came over to Qiu Zhen and asked, “Have you thought of a good plan?”

Qiu Zhen nodded silently and said, “The only way to get close to the enemy’s camp is to disguise and dress up as a Ning soldier. As for getting close to the enemy’s main general, it’ll have to depend on luck. But the chances are not great.” It was still conservative to say that the chance wasn’t great. As according to Qiu Zhen’s estimation, there was no possibility of encountering the enemy’s main general.

“Disguise and dress up!” Tang Yin muttered, thinking silently about Qiu Zhen’s idea. After thinking for a while, he nodded and said, “En, this could be something, let’s do it! I’ll go look for that woman to see if she can get us Ning soldier’s clothes.”

Qiu Zhen knew that Tang Yin’s ‘that woman’ was referring to Wu Mei. He said, “Big Brother Tang, do we really have to go to the Ning state checkpoint?”

Tang Yin shrugged indifferently, “Of course. But it’s not ‘us’, it’ll just be me.”

Qiu Zhen didn’t understand what he meant and asked, “Why?”

Tang Yin said with a serious face, “This trip is extremely dangerous. There’s a higher chance for bad than good. You stay here and follow the Wu sisters’ ambush. Just don’t follow me.”

Qiu Zhen matched Tang Yin’s gaze, and asked with a serious face, “Do you think that Qiu Zhen is a person who is afraid of death?”

In fact, you are such a person! Tang Yin muttered in his heart, but he didn’t say it aloud. He said, “You don’t know spiritual arts, you wouldn’t be of help even if you go. I will in fact have to be distracted to take care of you.”

“Big Brother Tang, you plan on going alone?”

“One person wouldn’t do, I will bring the other brothers!”

“Leaving only me?”

“I just don’t want…” Tang Yin said with a smile.

Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World
Chapter 19