Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change Shita to Shite.
Chapter 1

Author: AIFUJI Yuu
Source: The Fiction Factory


 An iron stronghold that looks like a hollowed out cylinder.

 However, people congregate on the inside, not the outside.

 Hot sand dances in a vast field. It is iron upon iron that scatter sparks.

 The cheers echo each time and burst as if they pierce through the blue sky.

 The sword-fights are 1on1.

 Everyone ferociously wields their blades, defeats the swordsman in front of them and flashes a silver blade.

 A rapier-wielder who dances like a butterfly and stabs like a bee.

 A big man who wields a heavy sword and tries to break the earth with his opponents.

 A warrior who moves around gracefully with a warped blade which has an exotic atmosphere in one hand.

 Everyone was uniformly brilliant.

 Those who gathered here, those who stand on the ground and those who look down on the ground, were equally enthusiastic about the battle.

 The audience talked to each other about who was stronger.

 They argued over who was the best.

 But there was an unspoken understanding in their words.

 One person is excluded in their arguments.

“–Winner, Champion Fuuta !!”

 The last program today.

 Of course, it is a battle between the challenger who won the tournament and the champion who defends the throne.

 However, the vacant seats that were so conspicuous that they didn’t look like the final battle, and the sigh of disappointment that leaked out, were far from the final conclusion of the champion defense battle.

 Yesterday’s battle to decide the challenger to fight the champion was overwhelmingly exciting. The spectators ridiculed the “de-facto finals” but were absorbed in the battles of the fighters.

 Cheers rang with a shelling sound starting from the cylindrical Colosseum, praising the winner and aiming for the loser.

 Not today.

 The frustrating sound that I thought would happen anyway is a noise that cannot be called cheers.

 A young man stands in the center of the field.

 While looking at the trash thrown into the field as usual, I still look down with a look that I can’t give up.

 It was a familiar sight.

“You are not a swordsman!” “Thieving bastard without individuality!” “These battles are rigged!” Etc, etc.  

 With no energy to wave, I leave the field like a loser.


 The voice I heard echoed. “Eternal second place” that always challenges me. Or the most popular swordsman, also known as the “de-facto champion”.

 In retrospect, he just said, to spit venom.

“ time, I will definitely win!!!”

 It’s rude not to reply to that challenge.

 But what should I say?

 ――This line I heard last week, the week before last, and the week before that.

     I trained.

 At the beginning of my debut, this was to be expected.

 I trained.

 Winning with the same weapons as my opponent was being criticized.

 I trained.

 The Colosseum regulars, who knew their weapons weren’t the same, but their fighting styles which were being imitated, began hating me.

 I trained.

 When it was seen as taunting an opponent, I began to be accused of being underhanded.

 I trained.

 The same thing is repeated with the highest-ranking swordsmen. Their fans became my anti-fans.

 I trained.

 No one can beat me. The audience began to get frustrated.

 I trained.

 My will to fight gradually disappeared.

 And finally I was thrown away.

“To the habit of [unemployed] (EN: Just going to leave this as is, not entirely sure how to fix this)


 Fuuta was [unemployed].

 In this world, every human being is born with a [profession].

 Everybody has things they are naturally good at due to their [profession], so they search for a suitable vocation.

 But rarely, there are those who do not have a [profession] -that is, the unemployed.

 Those who are considered to be below average no matter what they do.

 The conditions of being born [unemployed] have not been clarified.

 However, it was an irreversible label.

 I wanted to overturn it.

“Because I’m [unemployed]

 One is played, shunned, and driven to the edges of society and die quietly.

 I have seen the cycle repeat for the [unemployed] time and time again.

 That’s why I wanted to prove that there is something I can do with my own efforts.

 I finally realized my talent.

 The talent to copy the movements of any individual.

 However, I was unable to be a clown because I did not have creative ideas or public speaking skills.

 Being attractive is not enough to earn money doing street performances.

 After all, I am unemployed. However, I did not give up.

 My battle skills were also copied.

 However, when it came to mercenaries, I couldn’t pass the [professional] aptitude test.

 Whether as a magician or a knight, the current test was a hindrance.

 Therefore, I thought that a swordsman who could be registered by anyone would be perfect.

 The stage was prepared and I was confident that I would win if I fought.

 However, the reality was different.

 The professional [fighting swordsman] was brilliant.

 I didn’t have the same skills.

 An uncharacteristic thieving bastard who is at home on the sacred battlefield.

 I was lucky that I was only spat on.

 I trained.

 I trained.

 I trained.

 I was strong. Strong enough that I didn’t lose.

 But that’s it. No matter how much you fight, you won’t be popular.

 If you’re not popular, you are not qualified to be a swordsman.

 It wasn’t enough to just be strong.

“Fighter Fuuta”

 I was always in the waiting room, wondering about unanswered questions.

 I didn’t have any friends to ask for help, and I couldn’t escape because of my seriousness.

 During one of these times, I was called out.

 A man sits next to me, smiling to show off his golden dentures. I straightened my posture.

“You know. No matter how strong you are, your popularity will not increase.”

 I nodded weakly in understanding.

“No matter how much you try, you won’t come up with any bright ideas. It’s not a [profession] that can come up with ideas. You can leave this to a [manager] like me.”

 I was so exhausted that I didn’t realize I was being ridiculed for being [unemployed].

“You’re just strong and yet you have no individuality. You must be told this very often”

 It’s been said so often that I no longer have the ability to react.

“-That’s why, if you don’t have any individuality , let’s fake some for the crowds.”

 I didn’t even realize that his sweet talking was due to the power of his [profession].

 I simply looked at him as if I had received a revelation. 

 And that day.

 Champion Fuuta’s reign on the throne came to an end.

 That same day-he was banished from the Colosseum.

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Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change Shita to Shite.
Chapter 1