Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change Shita to Shite.
Chapter 2

Author: AIFUJI Yuu
Source: The Fiction Factory

The end of a journey.

 Two years have passed since I was banished from the Colosseum.

 I was in the capital of a kingdom far away from my homeland.

 When I arrived in this country, few people knew who [Fuuta] was anymore .

 It may be far away, but above all, there was no culture of the Colosseum in this kingdom.

 Of course.

 If anyone knows of [Fuuta], it would be difficult to conclude that I look far from how I used to.

 All-you-can-grow hair and a beard that is roughly cut with a knife or something.

 My body is thin and weak, and the rag cloth that I wear gives off a strange odor.

 If you say [unemployed] with this appearance, it is natural that you will not be able to arrange a job.

 I knew it myself. 

 Still, if there is something that will trigger work.

 When I got to the royal capital, I walked here hoping that I would have one job, whether it was illegal or not.

 However, I was already near my limit.

 My field of vision is hazy, and there I am almost completely numb below the waist.

 With hunger and weakness due to the sunshine, it was finally possible to take a step forward. 

 ――Is it because of the training I have accumulated so far that I am still conscious?

 A back street in the corner of the royal capital. The owner of the bar, which is open from noon, raised his face when he heard the bell when I came to the store, and frowned as soon as he saw me.

“… I wonder if you have any money”


 I didn’t have any money. The road bank is finally exhausted.

 I had hoped that this shop-keeper would be considerate and charitable, but I soon lost that hope, then I glanced deeper into the bar.

 There was a bulletin board with a number of parchments on it.

“… Hey Nii-chan, are you listening?”

“Work. Give me a job.”

“A job, huh? … What is your [occupation]? You can’t be [unemployed].”

 The bald shopkeeper crossed his arms and looked at me from top to bottom and mutters.

 Step by step, he grabbed my shoulder and led me to the bulletin board in the back.

 Again, I need a [profession]..

 In every town and every country,[unemployed] people are treated poorly.

 If I refuse to work at this shop, I may finally die.

 Vaguely, I thought that might be good too.

 A heart that has been crushed over a long period of time. An unreliable journey from exile.

 With a sweltering fever and a number of worries, my brain melted and I wasn’t even afraid to die. It could be said that my heart was slightly paralyzed.

“–If so, do you have a job?”

“Are you really [unemployed]? … There is no request for unemployed people on that bulletin board. What should I do?”

 The sub-context contained in that question was immediately apparent.

 It seems that there are some requests that are illegal and unprofitable.

 What doesn’t pay for it depends on what it is.

 Consideration, days, rewards, risks.


“… 300,000 just to talk to?”

“I didn’t want to put this kind of shady request in my shop.”

 The request given by the shopkeeper was a so-called suspicious job, which was expensive for the content.

 Of course it is illegal.

 At the very least, if you try to make a legitimate request, it will be censored.

 However, it was just right for me.

 If I don’t take the request anyway, I’ll probably die.

“Will I receive an advance payment?”


“I will take this …. Will you give me some food with that money?”

 At my plea, the shopkeeper muttered with a slightly annoyed face.

“Well, that’s fine.If I am going to feed a rank [unemployed], 50,000 is reasonable.”

 The owner who retired to the kitchen left saying that I can leave immediately after eating.

“… Fuu”

 Maybe, this is the first time in over a month?

 Finally, I have a decent meal.

 Enduring tears, I read the request again.

 I don’t know what to expect from now on.

 But now. 

 I was full of gratitude for being able to save myself thanks to this request.

–next day. Royal capital back street, old fountain square.

 I, who was a little rejuvenated by having a meal yesterday, came to the promised place with a request form in one hand.



 Raise your face.

 In front of the fountain, a girl wearing a hood was sitting quietly.

 Originally, if a girl were to be alone in such a place, she would be immediately used as an outlet for the desires of lustful men.

 That’s why this was strange.

 In the plaza, one would expect there to be prostitutes, but none could be found.

 The tense atmosphere is exactly like the fighting spirit that I felt at the Colosseum.

 The terrible fighting power that the girl emits. A tranquil and sharp hero’s power that is as good as the superlative swordsman that I used to deal with.

 I hurriedly confirmed the request.

 The meeting place is right.

 The appearance of the opponent is a person in light armor wearing a blue hood. That is her.

 However, the request is not a fulfillment but a discussion. She’s the one to talk to.

 Even though I came to talk with her, this pressure may cause contractors other than myself to escape. Honestly, I thought about escaping too.


 Step into the square and call her out.

 At the moment, the angle of the hood went up. Only the mouth seen from here draws a small arc.

“Are you the one who received the request?”

“Yes … well …”

 I was taken aback.

 Her voice is refreshing and pretty. There was some tension and yet it was comfortable to hear.

 That’s good.

 However, I didn’t feel any fragments of hostility.

 Keep this fighting spirit together.

“How did you do?”

“No, I don’t mean to make the client uncomfortable.”

 Her hood moved as she tilted her head.

“If you have this kind of fighting spirit, no one can get close to you.”

 For me, it feels similar to the Colosseum.

 Still, it took me some time to get used to it. At the Colosseum, which is where powerful opponents are always fighting.

 It would be terrible for a person who would come to such a place with an illegal request to walk in this air.

 However, the girl didn’t seem to understand it well.

“Oh, I’m releasing fighting spirit? I didn’t mean to do that.”


“Is it that noticeable? Is it something that the person who puts it out unexpectedly does not notice?”

“If you don’t train, it can leak out without you noticing.”

“… I see, that might be why I’ve been reasonably avoided by people for the last few years.”

 Hmm, she puts her hand on her chin.

 However, there are no signs that her fighting spirit will disappear.

 I had no choice but to conclude that she was unknowingly putting it out.

 Go next door, think a little, and sit away.

“That …. Is my fighting spirit something I want to suppress?”

“No, it was unsanitary for a while, so I wonder if it smells.”

 I thought I was funny, but the girl shook her head.

“This place is a lot more smelly, so it’s even better now. Don’t worry. I came here to talk to you.” (EN: I have no freaking clue what’s going on here …)

“Is that so …”


 When I came to think about what kind of request it was actually, it seemed like a real story. I blinked my eyes and sat down a little closer to her.

 Two people at the stone edge surrounding the fountain.

“So, what’s the story? The request didn’t say anything in detail.”

“That’s right.”


 With her hand covering her mouth, she said, like someone else.

“See, aren’t we in a relationship where we don’t know anything about each other?”

“I agree”

“I got some advice that we could talk while in that kind of relationship …and I came here. However, when we met, I became worried. “

“Huh …”

 Did you come up with an illegal request-using a lot of money, such as 300,000?

 If this is the case, it seems that money is not an object.

 I don’t understand how rich people think.

 However, I’m the one who received the request.

 As long as the request is to become a conversation partner, it would be bad if the conversation does not continue.

 I’m not confident in my speaking skills, since I do not have that sort of [profession].

 Even the mundane story is better than nothing.

 First of all, yes.

“Thank you for your request. Really.”

 I bowed deeply.

The girl opens her mouth as if she was a little surprised.

“No. That’s what I’m thankful for.”

“That may be the case for you. But it was different for me.”

“… What?”

 I started talking about how I came to this country.

 Being banished from the country because of work.

 Then I got lost on the road and couldn’t take any job because I was [unemployed].

 Finally, I arrived in this distant country.

[Unemployed]… I see.”

 The words of the little girl who muttered did not reach Fuuta.

“What kind of work did you do before you were kicked out?”

“I’m a swordsman. I had confidence in my arm.”

“Since you were kicked out, you didn’t even get a job that could make the most of your skills?”

“Yes. There is an [occupation] screening in the qualifications-well, there aren’t many people who are [unemployed] and have trained only their sword arms so far.”


 The girl kept silent and looked down.

” Unwanted [occupation] …”

“……is there something wrong?”

“Oh no”

 The muttered line did not reach Fuuta’s ears.

 I won’t bother to listen again and make the client uncomfortable.

 With that in mind, she murmured.

 Then she raised her face and stood up.

“–It may have been a good opportunity.”

 I didn’t know what that meant.

 The girl looks back at me, who can only look up at the girl who stood up vaguely.

“Would you like to make arrangements? Let’s pay the reward separately.”

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Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change Shita to Shite.
Chapter 2