Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change Shita to Shite.
Chapter 3 Part 1

Author: AIFUJI Yuu
Source: The Fiction Factory

“Why’d you suddenly want to make arrangements?”

 When asked by Fuuta, the girl replied bluntly. (EN: So, previous chapters I changed into first person. Given that these sentences in raw actually say Fuuta’s name, I am going to keep these as third-person from now on. Easier for me)

“Whether we call this fate or not. I’m wanting to try it.”


 The poetic wording was incomprehensible to Fuuta.

 Do the rich constantly use such wording as a hobby? With a mind that can only think like that, it was impossible to give a romantic return to her words.

It’s not that kind of [profession] either.

“I’ve made this request multiple times … but you were the only one who appeared before me.”

“It may be”

 Her fighting spirit becomes intimidating and oppresses the surroundings.

 Those who are sleeping around here will not even be able to breathe.

 Certainly, in that sense, if it wasn’t Fuuta who received the request, he might not even have been able to have a conversation like this.

“You had a hard time thanks to your [profession]. You visited this royal capital from a distant country …. You said that you could stand by your sword.”

 Sly, she pulled out a sword.

 Estock – a long-edged piercing sword called Konzesh.

 The girl turns her cutting edge toward Futa with a hot sigh.

“This was important to me. And I’m expecting your skills to be what I imagined.”


 There were no rewards mentioned, just more requests are made.

 The girl’s arms in front of her are probably comparable to the Colosseum heroes’.

 Then there is no reason to decline.

 Fuuta murmured with a small voice that she couldn’t even hear.

“For example, if I change jobs from a [champion] to [unemployed]-what I do is the same.”

 There is no audience.

 But I felt like I was going to fight the last battle. (EN: And the author appears to have made the change to first person. Idk, there’s no name or pronoun in the sentence, which pretty sure in Japanese implies first person. So, just leaving as is.)

 If this is the last and you can fight with your heart, you will never be happier.

“The only thing I can get is my spare.”

“That’s fine”

 Fuuta stands up in front of the un-sheathed Konzesh. (EN: And~~~ back to third person -_-)

“The specialty of the other party is my favorite weapon.”

 I don’t know. The moment Futa’s eyes switched to those of a swordsman.

 The girl shuddered under her hood. (EN: Sometimes I hate how japanese web novels are written. In my mind, the “I don’t know” shouldn’t be there, and this should be like a “paragraph” but it’s not and it is. So, keeping to the raw. Don’t blame me!)

“Is the other party’s specialty a weapon that you are good at?”

 Did you take it as a provocation?

 With her hood on, she exhaled hot air as she relaxed.

 It’s not my intention to make the client moody.

 Fuuta tried to apologize by lowering his eyebrows in an embarrassed manner, but she continued.

“… Good, that’s the line.”


“I want to say that, too. That’s cool.”

“Ha ha”

 I don’t really understand what the rich think. (EN: ………..damn author)

 The reason for the trouble has changed, and Fuuta still has his eyebrows lowered, but he shakes his Konzesh and changes his feelings. (EN: Alright, who wants to make a game out of this? See how many times the author switches perspectives? So far, I’m at 5)

“You win if the opponent says surrender, or they stop. I’m not going to hurt you. Also, don’t shout too much.”

“You don’t want to be loud?”

“… There are people here, let alone I don’t want the royal capital to know where I am.”

“I don’t really get it, but alright.”

“Huh~ you obey without knowing the reason. People who can do that are very desirable.”

 So let’s get started.

 So she said and took a light distance.

 The girl is ready. Fuuta held the same position.

“I will start.”

 The girl is about to start!

 She disappeared like a blur.

 There is a small noise of rubbing the stone pavement.

 A small breeze on the cheek.

 The sign is below.

 Fuuta reflexively holds the Konzesh in front of his throat.

 Spark. Metallic sound.

 Shortly after the clash, she was close to Fuuta.

 Continuous attack. The piercing that is delivered is accurate, and it rushes to the key points of the human body one after another.

 All of them are restrained by the same Konzesh deflecting.

 Prick and pull.

 The weakness of the movement is that it requires a breath, but the more you continue, the slower it becomes.

 The girl jumped down at once when she sensed that her attacks didn’t work.


“… Am I suitable in your mind?”

 Smile. Fuuta was aware.

 This is just a greeting.

 Play to find out how much a stranger can fight.

 Would you like to kill me inadvertently? (EN: 6)

 How far can the other party follow? It’s a conversation with a sword.

“Well, how about… It’s from now on.”


 Softly, the girl is wiped out like the wind.

 The next moment, a sign from the right-no, behind.

 Looking back with a dull sound, the girl draws an arc in her mouth.

“The charm of Konzesh is that it is a piercing sword, but it can also be wiped off with a long blade. It’s not as simple as snarling the opponent’s neck from behind.”

“I thought it would be great to avoid it, but do you take it after looking back? That’s it.”

 ――You can afford it.

Tatoeba Ore ga, Champion kara Oujo no Himo ni Job Change Shita to Shite.
Chapter 3 Part 1