Tempered into Immortal
Chapter 2

Author: Relief In Blessing
Source: Flying-Lines

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Being relegated to domestic slavery, Zheng Luo does not care; and he cares nothing about being the walking punching bag for Luo families, either. Even if the Great Nature Elixir that should belong to him is taken by Peiran Luo, he remains indifferent, too.

But not about his sister Yan Luo, who is his biggest weakness!

Yan Luo is the only hope of the Luo family's first class offspring, also because Yan Luo's talent is very high. At the age of 13 she was recruited by Qingyun school as the inner family member and left the Luo family, so she survived the family turmoil.

These two years, Zheng cannot gain any news of his younger sister because of the identity of slave. Hearing from Peiran's words now, he realizes that the circumstance of younger sister also seems very bad. He is trapped in endless worries suddenly.

He was so carried away that  he even forgets to dodge the beating of Luo's brothers and ends up getting several big hits. Only then does he realize the severe pain. At night, Zheng returns to the cellar with bruises all over the body.

"This is your medicine!" the house keeper contemptuously threw down a paper package and went out.

After all, human bodies are not steel bodies. If there were no medicine for healing, they would die within a few days due to the accumulation of internal wounds. Therefore, the Luo family would distribute the medicine for healing these human punching bags every day.

However, these wound medicines are just some common medicines, whose healing effect is not very good.

Zheng opens the package and finds that there is only one pill inside. His face becomes sullen and he cries angrily, "Mr. Fang! Why is there only one pill today?"

"Be content with what you can get! So what? Too little?" Says Fang steward spookily.

"Luo's daily distribution is three healing pills, but now there is clearly only one. You must covet them obviously. Don't you know that secret coveting is a felony in Luo Family? You don't fear death?" Zheng snapped with his eyes fixing on Fang.

"Eww! Of course I'm afraid of my master, but I'm not afraid of you! You, a little slave, want to rebel? I can't get used to your fucking attitude in which you that always think you're still a Lord. Pooh! Look at yourself in the mirror! Hahaha!" The housekeeper's voice rasped at Zheng's every nerve.

Hearing these words, Zheng instead calms down with the pair of clear eyes looking at him, but his eyes, as if looking at a dead man, a deep homicidal intent.

When Fang sees Zheng's face, he gets so scared that his hair stands on end. He comes forward and touches Zheng's chest with his hands. "Do you want to eat me alive when you look at me like this?"

Zheng's chest suddenly lets out a strong power and forces a great shock. Then, the power passes to Fang's body. Immediately he is shaken to a stagger and fell to the ground. "You... you just a slave, want to revolt? Fang climbs up from the ground, and face is full of the panic. Zheng suddenly takes two steps forwards, with his fingers pinching a bone with the sound of rubbing bones. He screams, "How dare you an obscure slave be so arrogant! Do you really think I dare not kill you?

Seeing this, Fang is not willing to stay here for a moment, so he flees to the outside and slams the iron door of the cellar.

"Monkey business!" Zheng sneers and wags his head. He is too busy to dispute with such people.

He sets down quietly, takes out the fire twist, lits the oil lamp, and hastily turns over a few pages of books. The most important thing is that he worries about sister Yan Luo, so he can't read because of his bad mood.

"I can't stay at the Luo's anymore! But my strength has just reached the Lianrou level. I even can't leave this cellar, let alone leave for Qingyun school!"

Zheng is in the quickstep in narrow cella, with his bosom rising and falling acutely, like a trapped animal struggling in the labyrinth. Strength! My strength is still too weak! Otherwise, just Luo family, how can you trap me?

But in this world, the practice is enhanced just step by step. I'm just a slave now, every day being a punching bag beaten by anyone. There is no time to practice, sooner or later I will be beaten to death

The more he thinks about it, the more anxious he is. The old book the Ultimate Laws of God lays quiet on the table.

"This kind of crap, a pile of fake principles. In fact these are useless, why do I have to read it?" Zheng picks up the book, and then burns it off under the lamp.

The tiny flame instantly ignites the book, sparks flaring up.

Looking at the gradually burned books, Zheng had a little regret in his heart. He complained why he should be angry at a book. What's wrong with a book that teaches people to be good and to be ashamed? What is wrong is that one is so weak that he is reduced to being pushed around and being the lamb to be slaughtered! But the fire was so fierce that the books were reduced to ashes.

In the midst of chagrin, Zheng saw a ray of gold in the ashes

"Eh? What's this?"

Zheng pulls away the ashes and picks out the golden ray, only to find a thin piece of gold foil.

The gold leaf was not found in the book before, which must have been hidden among the inter layers.

"Just a piece of gold foil, what can I do with it?"

In this world, there is no shortage of gold, especially in the Luo family, gold is as cheap as soil!

But when Zheng's eyes focus on the gold leaf, a wonder emerges suddenly.

On the gold leaf, the seal is engraved with tadpole-like characters, but Zheng knows none.

As soon as he glances at it, it quickly disassembles into thousands of tiny flakes, each with a tadpole inside it. These tiny flakes are gluing to Zheng.

Face, eyes, neck, arms, body, legs......

Every part of Zheng's body is covered with this small gold foil.

The last piece of gold foil is shot straight into Zheng's brain. His whole body shakes violently as if he were hit by a big hammer. At the same time, the small gold foils on his body are shining brightly

When the golden light gradually fades, thousands of small gold foil in pieces quietly get into his body. But some of the memories appear in his mind as if coming out of thin air, which are not his own.

"The antediluvian method to forge the weapon..."

"The first class method to forge the weapon..."

"Use the body as a device, use inner-self as the spirit, temper yourself thoroughly, wash my body, the greatness will come..."

This is a formula of the mixer method?

Although Zheng is not good at refining, he knows that refining division is a hot profession. With the abundant financial resources like Luo family, they can't recruit one of the lowest level of refining technician, which indicates a refining technician is in hot demand.

But what does it mean to use the body as an instrument?

No away.....This method is to refine my body as a weapon?

This incredible speculation soon becomes a reality.

He suddenly finds that his body begins to continue to heat, like a bad fever and the temperature is rising rapidly. So hot! This way, the whole body will be cooked

In desperation, he rushes to a water tank in the end of the cellar, where Zheng gets his daily water.

Without any hesitation, he jumps into the tank.


Steam is billowing out of the tank, and not for a long moment, the whole tank of water has been evaporated by his body temperature and the whole cellar is misty everywhere.

So much water did not lower his temperature. Instead, it becomes higher and higher. His skin radiates a dark red light, just like a piece of hot iron.

At last he turns twice on the spot and falls down headlong in the foggy cellar.

In his mind, there is something incredible happening.

In his inner side, suddenly a huge furnace appears. It is dark blue in color, and on the walls are nine painted dragon images.

Each dragon's color is different: blue, black, white, purple... these dragons are lifelike with threatening gestures.

Their eyes are closed except for the blue dragon at the bottom, whose eyes are open, gazing closely at him. The eyes of the blue dragon seem to have deposited for thousands of years, or even billions of years. They lightly look at Zheng, which he finds intimidating.

Cackle cackle......

Zheng's soul is vibrating under the gaze of the dragon, and soon cracks appear in his soul, showing signs of collapse.

At the moment when his soul is about to collapse, from the mouth of the green dragon actually issues a dragon cry. Then the giant furnace is constantly rotating, and the fire in the stove is weirdly ignited.

It is a black flame!

In this world, actually there is this kind of color flame, as if to burn down all the world!

Zheng doesn't have time to marvel. The melting pot immediately turns down towards him, and the black flame wraps his soul just one second.

The pain of the soul being burned is beyond the endurance of ordinary people. However, Zheng is now in a state of soul and cannot even faint. So he has to gnaw his teeth to bear the pain

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"Ahhhhhhhh, let me die!"

At this moment, Zheng just wants to die to free himself from this pain

But for him, even death is a luxury. He is in the state of the soul and can not bite his tongue to suicide.

Whenever his soul cannot hold on and is about to break and be annihilated, this furnace suddenly will send out a colorful light, and immediately repairs his soul.

Burn, break, fix, burn, and break again, fix again......

Over and over, endlessly.

The pain of death lasts for so long time, but eventually stops.

"Finally get over." Zheng has a deep breath and thinks of the pain just now. He has a lingering fear, and at the same time he finds his soul is actually emitting a trace of gold.

After a long time, he breaks away from his mind and wakes up quietly.

In his mind, the great furnace has stopped working, but the black flame in it has not been extinguished, and the flames look less terrible in the end.

Zheng has understood that his soul and body have been tempered by that furnace.

It is a strange thing that in order to refine weapons some alchemists use weird methods. Some alchemists go to the great length to kill a lot to collect human blood and use it for quenching the evil weapons. Even some seal soul into their weapons, making them evil ones.

However, this practice is actually refining him into a magic weapon, which is unheard and really crazy.

Misfortune begets fortune. When the mood calms down, Zheng also understands that this kind of thing, which happened in his body, is not a bad thing.

This world's magic weapon is divided into five stages, which is Xuanqi, Lingqi, Lianqi, Shenqi, Hongmenglingbao. Each stage is also divided into the top and bottom level.

His body has just been refined into a magic weapon, which only belongs to the lowest level.

It is indeed a very strange thing to describe himself by the level of weapon. Zheng has a slightly bitter smile on his face.

Looked out from the only vent of the cellar, the sky is already slightly bright. Unknowingly, it lasts a night.

Strangely enough, after a sleepless night, he does not seem tired at all. Instead, he is in a wonderful mood.

At the same time, his mind is calm, and he doesn't have the restlessness of the night before. It was just as well said in the book that only when one calms down can he handle it well.

He cleans the ashes of the book carefully, and moves the water-jug back to its place, when there is noise from the cellar door. It is time for him to be beaten another day.

Tempered into Immortal
Chapter 2