The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I’m Pretending to be a B
Chapter 1

Author: Payaso
Source: Chrysanthemum Garden

“Baby, have you finished prepping? Breakfast is ready.” Elina knocked on the door of Ning An’s room and then realised it wasn’t locked. “Baby, I’m coming in.”

“Mum, I don’t want to go to military school.” Sitting on the bed, Ning An’s head was hanging low. His hair was in a complete mess and still had tufts of hair sticking up. yCzI85

He was throwing a little tantrum again. From the bedside cabinet, Elina picked up a comb and sat beside Ning An to help brush his hair. “What’s wrong? Baby, tell mother why you don’t want to go to military school.”

“In military school, it’s practically all Alphas. The things they learn are all very difficult.” Ning An was so miserable he wanted to cry. “I also don’t want to wake up every morning at half past six to go for a run. Plus, there’s that body training. Mum, I’m going to die.”

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“Baby, it can’t be that exaggerated.” Elina persisted in pressing down the strands of hair sticking up on Ning An’s head. “In military school, there are also a lot of Betas like you. Everyone’s life in the school is very good. Plus, my baby is so smart. Homework would definitely just be a trivial matter. Mother believes that you can also do it. Let those Alphas experience a Beta’s might! Ning Meng would also be very proud of you.”

“It’s all dad’s stinking fault……” Ning An didn’t feel good at all. If it weren’t for Ning Xin Bo changing his aspirations, he would now be in business school discussing how to get rich with his classmates. However, if he delayed any longer, Ning Meng would also be late for her school welcoming ceremony. Ning An had no other choice but to unwillingly follow Elina downstairs and take his time eating breakfast. He then dawdled around as long as possible before getting in the car. lwNCR

On the road, although he kept praying that some big explosion would suddenly destroy the military school, the Ning family’s car was nevertheless unimpeded all the way to the grand entrance of the school. With a bitter expression on his face, Ning An hugged and bid farewell to his family. He hugged Ning Meng for a long time without letting go.

“Brother, you can stop hugging me now.” Ning Meng didn’t expect that her older brother would care for her this much. She felt slightly pleased. “We can usually just video chat.”

“It’s not that. I’m just picking up a bit of your pheromones. Who knows, maybe the physical examination doctor would think that I’m an Omega and reject my admission.” Ning An was still making his final act of resistance. “Let me hug you for a while.”

“You’re simply spouting nonsense.” dBM8m9

Facts proved that Ning Meng’s words were correct. The military school doctor was not as easy to fool as Ning An had expected. All the components of the physical examination were rigorous and complied with regulations.

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In the end, Ning An carried his small suitcase into his allocated four person dorm, B705. There was someone who came early and was already sorting out his things. Seeing Ning An come in, he still reached out his hand and said, “Hello. My name is He Xin.”

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“Nfgs qifjrfv ab wffa sbe abb. Ojafg bc, kf’ii jii yf gbbwwjafr. Uifjrf ajxf mjgf bo wf.” m7Hrc0

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He Xin initially didn’t think he would be able to get into military school. At this moment, his entire being was still in a state of excitement. After he finished cleaning the dorm, he took a rest and then started to find things to do again. He walked a full circle around the dorm before setting his sights on his roommate who was sitting on the bed.

“Hello. My name is He Xin. Very pleased to meet you.”

When Ning An heard this all too familiar self-introduction, he was quite speechless. Seeing that He Xin had extended his hand towards him, he said, “Didn’t we already introduce ourselves to each other?” J2rGg

“Haha, sorry. I’m a little too excited.” He Xin awkwardly laughed, withdrawing his hand and scratching his head. “You are Ning An. Let’s also add each other in our terminals.”

“Are you very happy?” Fortunately, He Xin didn’t remember his name incorrectly. Ning An opened his terminal and received He Xin’s friend request. After pressing ‘confirm’, he saw a notification saying ‘you have one new message’. It was from Ning Meng.

“Is it that obvious?” He Xin looked very surprised.

“En……” Brother, there’s no one more obvious than you. Silently pointing this out, Ning An considered whether he should look at what Ning Meng sent him. 1mwv5l

“This is because I have always dreamed of being a soldier. Initially, I had still believed that it was impossible for me to get in.” He Xin still remembered how happy his parents were when he received the military school admission notice, and also how excited he himself was. Up until arriving in the military school dorm, he still felt like he was dreaming. “I’m so happy I got accepted!”

“En……” Ning An felt that He Xin’s entire being was emitting a kind of dazzling light. He avoided He Xin’s pair of glistening eyes and opened the message Ning Meng sent him. Unsurprisingly, it was to congratulate him on becoming a military school student. Ning An simply closed his terminal.

At this moment, He Xin also felt that his roommate seemed a little unhappy. “What’s wrong?” He Xin’s home planet was on a remote planet called Nong Mu Star. He remembered that before he came to the Capital Star, his parents had warned him to pay a little more attention to what he said. “Did I say something wrong?”

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“It’s fine. It’s nothing. My little sister sent me a message to pissed me off.” Ning An waved his hands, afraid that He Xin misunderstood. “She’s a silly girl.” GF5sdU

“Your sister surely looks a lot like you. She must be a very beautiful person.” When He Xin first saw Ning An, he thought that this roommate was really good looking. Ning An even looked better than the school belles in his previous school. Without thinking, He Xin said, “Ning An, you’re even more beautiful than an Omega. Ai.”

Regarding a male Beta, this wasn’t quite an appropriate description. The dorm suddenly sank into an awkward silence.

He Xin also realised he seemed to have said something wrong. “I wasn’t……”

“What’s the use of looking better than them? I actually really want to be an omega.” Ning An got off the bed and patted He Xin’s shoulder. “However, it’s best not to mention this kind of thing again in the future.” BNqgoQ

“En. En.” He Xin nodded his head and silently labelled Ning An as someone easy to talk to. “I will take note of this in the future. However, Ning An, you really are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

“Flattering me like this, I really feel embarrassed.” Ning An thought that his roommate was pretty interesting. His mood even became better when talking to him. “There are a lot of beauties in the Capital Star. You’ll be able to see them later on. Where’s your home planet?”

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“My home planet is Nong Mu star. It’s very far from here. In the holidays, do you want to come visit my house?”

“Nong Mu Star ah……” In Ning An’s understanding, Nong Mu Star = agriculture and livestock breeding developments = a lot of land = can develop a livestock breeding business. This aligned with his previous earnestly mapped out plan to get rich. He very intimately patted He Xin’s shoulder and said, “Okay. Then we’re now good brothers.” ZkMENW

“Ai, ai. Good brothers.” He Xin smiled, revealing a set of white and even teeth. He really hoped that his other roommates were also easy to get along with.

“Why don’t we first go out and familiarise ourselves with the campus. We can avoid getting lost later on.” Ning An was a person with a very poor sense of direction. Even when he opened the navigation system, he would still often find himself somewhere else. Initially, he had given up all hope when he came to the military academy and thought that if he got lost, then so be it. Now, having been infected with He Xin’s enthusiasm, since he couldn’t do anything about this situation, he may as well accept it. It was still better for him to first familiarise himself with the campus.

“Right. Our school is so big.” He Xin said as he opened his terminal and called up the school map. At the same time, he opened the navigation system.

After successfully reaching an agreement, the two of them quickly left the dorms. With directions from the navigation system, they familiarised themselves with the campus, happily chatting with each other as they walked. JPk5j6

“…… Yes mother. I have already arrived at school. I’m now about to head to the dorms. Mother, please don’t worry.” Fu Ke was using the terminal to chat with his mother while also pulling his suitcase along, following the directions from the navigation to head to the dorms. He momentarily didn’t pay attention to where he was walking and bumped into Ning An, who had also been chatting and wasn’t looking in front of him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Sorry.” The two people practically blurted out an apology at the same time. They then smiled and passed by each other.

“What’s wrong?” Not hearing her son’s reply, Fu Lan was a little puzzled.

“It’s nothing, mother.” Fu Ke straightened out his clothes that had become slightly creased from the interaction. He keenly caught onto a sweet scent floating in the air and abruptly turned his head. However, he discovered that he couldn’t find the person he had just bumped into. Could it be that he’s an Omega? Uqno8d

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Today, my mood isn’t good so I wrote a sand sculpture brain hole text to be happier.

Hello! Shuyu here! Welcome to this omegaverse corner! Please enjoy this short and fluffy novel~ h4CN3

The A in the Opposite Dorm Always Thinks I’m Pretending to be a B
Chapter 1