The City of Terror
Chapter 450: Chapter 450 - Research Experiment

Author: Daoist Fierce Tiger

After parking the car, Wei Xiao Bei walked toward the valley.

Compared to other places, Wei Xiao Bei believed that the Feng Tou Mountain Valley was without a doubt the best place according to Feng Shui to breed creatures. If he had money in the future he was prepared to lease or buy the entire mountains.

Naturally, landscapes like these might not be buyable with just money. In many cases, money was not the only problem.

For now, Wei Xiao Bei tossed this idea to the back of his mind.

The most important thing was the pool that had a link with the Dust World. Eating the fish there could forcefully let someone enter the Dust World.

This was very important. On the other hand, the pool water was very clear and can be used for one phase of his plan.

After entering the valley, Wei Xiao Bei first activated [Response Search], he needed to inspect if there was anyone there. After all, the things he wanted to do would without a doubt look strange to normal people.

Compared to the Dust World, the valley in the mountains was not that big. Wei Xiao Bei's [Response Search] was able to grasp the entire valley's situation with ease.

There was nobody there other than a few nocturnal creatures. Some birds were building nests on a tree. The worms that had been preparing for winter had now dug deep into the ground.

After getting rid of his worries, Wei Xiao Bei quickly went to the poolside.

The pool was still clear, at the very least no evil brats had come to poop or pee in it.

Wei Xiao Bei measured the pool. The area of the pool was a bit small for Wei Xiao Bei. It was only around a thousand square meters.

Wei Xiao Bei climbed the wall beside the waterfall and continued to advance along the brook.

From then on, he continued to advance and entered the mountain ranges.

As previously mentioned, the Feng Tou mountain range was one of Sichuan province's four big mountain ranges. Within the scope of the mountain range, there was a large undeveloped forest with almost no signs of human habitation.

Even if one walks onshore, the road was rather difficult to walk. Moreover, the deeper one went into the environment, the viler it became.

Wei Xiao Bei even saw a python that was six meters long idly swimming in the lake. As he passed through the forest, leeches would fall from trees, giving him goosebumps.

Luckily, his reaction speed was fast. If those leeches wanted to suck his blood, the difficulty was very high. Before they could even approach him, they had already been shocked to death by electricity.

There was no doubt that even if it was winter, the humidity was high in these kinds of forests. It was also quite wide, allowing Wei Xiao Bei to shoot out lightning.

After moving deeper for almost thirty kilometers, Wei Xiao Bei finally found another pool.

This pool was not small it was about two-thirds of a hectare. The water was very clear and there were some small fishes.

The only thing Wei Xiao Bei was dissatisfied about was the pool's shape. Thus, he pulled out the Hard Metal Jian and got to work.

Every single rock that protruded from the pool shore, Wei Xiao Bei immediately smashed to pieces. On the other hand, crushed rocks were moved to the entrance where water flowed, stopping the water flow.

When the pool's shape became perfectly round, Wei Xiao Bei opened up a new river channel from the original entrance to the exit and used rocks as a path to isolate the pool.

In truth, doing so used up a lot of effort. If this job was given to others, they would need at least a hundred people in this kind of forest. They would also need to use dynamite for it.

However, Wei Xiao Bei alone only used up less than four hours to finish the project.

Compared to dynamite, the Hard Metal Jian was much more suited for this job.

When Wei Xiao Bei finished, the pool's area had widened a lot to about a fifteenth of a hectare.

, Wei Xiao Bei quickly returned to the parking lot and drove his car in.

After trudging in with great difficulty, the car finally reached the entrance of the valley. He couldn't continue advancing. The car would not be able to advance along the rocky river shore. Naturally, if chassis damage was ignored, he could try it.

After carrying a big bag on his back, Wei Xiao Bei took a few hemp sacks from the trunk of his car and hung them on his shoulders, then he returned to the pool.

If it was a normal person, just the sixty-kilometer round trip would be enough to make them collapse.

But for Wei Xiao Bei, this was simply a warm-up exercise.

After returning to the pool, Wei Xiao Bei busied himself. He first took out a chemical compound from his backpack.

It was a type of disinfectant used to clean pools of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The effect was very clear. After dumping it into the pool, Wei Xiao Bei pulled up a big tree. After removing the leaves and branches, Wei Xiao Bei used it as a stirring tool and stirred the pool. Fishes had flipped over and floated to the water surface.

For fishes in the real world, the disinfectant was without a doubt a highly toxic substance. After killing the bacteria and germs, he then removed all the fishes.

Wei Xiao Bei extended his left hand and the tendril shot out to the fishes, absorbing them into the Life Altar's flesh reserves. At the same time, he kept taking out chemical compounds from his backpack and poured them into the water.

These chemical compounds were objects that he had taken from Cui Hu University's biology department. Among them, there were various hormones and organic compounds.

In the end, Wei Xiao Bei opened the hemp sack and tossed the edible salt inside.

In short, Wei Xiao Bei was trying to make artificial amniotic fluid.

After amply stirring it, Wei Xiao Bei's head was filled with sweat.

If one wanted to stir a pool that was two-thirds hectares in size, the amount of power needed was quite considerable.

, Wei Xiao Bei used a test tube to take some water. Then he placed it inside a small analyzing apparatus to analyze the water content.

This time, the preparation he made had almost cleared out the money in his ATM account. Just buying the medicine cost him tens of thousands. Naturally, it was usable for a long time.

Additionally, the small analyzing apparatus cost him fifty thousand.

However, using up this much money was worth it.

After analyzing, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the composition of the water did not meet his requirements. He once again began to pour chemicals inside.

On the other hand, after pouring more chemical compounds, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that he had exceeded the amount. He had no choice but to open the closed entrance of the pool a bit to let new water come in, using it to adjust the composition.

Wei Xiao Bei had no choice about this. Although he followed the rules and activated [Precise Calculation], there was simply too much water in the pool and the shape was not the most optimal. If he wanted to control the amount properly, it would not be an easy thing to do.

After repeatedly trying this, Wei Xiao Bei finally nodded his head.

He extended his left hand on the pool and let the flesh tendrils shoot out, becoming a ball inside the pool.

Naturally, this was not the situation that Wei Xiao Bei wanted to see.

Under Wei Xiao Bei's control, the flesh ball's outer shell quickly dissolved into the water, leaving a bean sprout-sized embryo inside.

This was the Digging Pig's embryo.

After flesh was pushed into the embryo, the Digging Pig began to quickly expand.

Normally, when the Digging Pig comes out of the ball, it would be around 1.5 meters in size. After eating the meat ball's outer shell, it would grow to six meters.

Because of this, the ball's outer shell was becoming a limiter. The Digging Pig inside the water had already grown past the limit. From 1.5 meters it grew to two meters, three meters, four meters, five meters, six meters, and kept going.

It was now ten meters!

Seeing the faintly discernable giant embryo, Wei Xiao Bei became excited at the success!

This was the situation that he had imagined, drawing outside circumstances to make the foundational creature breakthrough the limit.

Just like that, Wei Xiao Bei could economize the evolution pints used for enhanced modulation.

Although the evolution points used for this were not much, if he repeatedly used enhanced modulation to increase the foundational creature's size, then the evolution point consumption would be huge.

Now, he only needed an ample amount of amniotic fluid and enough flesh to let the bred foundational creature grow bigger.

When the embryo reached fifteen meters, an accident happened.

Wei Xiao Bei suddenly felt that the growing embryo was having multiple organ failures. In the end, it had exploded in the amniotic fluid.

Naturally, the explosion was only how he would describe it. The embryo had cracked open as its blood continued to flow out, losing its life.

When Wei Xiao Bei jumped into the water to inspect the embryo, he noticed that the reason it died was simply due to the collapse of its body.

Although he did not have an electron microscope, Wei Xiao Bei's learning was not wasted. He activated his [Deductive Reasoning] and quickly judged that the reason the embryo collapsed was due to genetic collapse.

The most important reason was that its body began to dissolve by itself.

This kind of dissolution was not Wei Xiao Bei's command.

He had then urged the tendrils to eat back the pieces of meat and pondered for a bit.

When the embryo was completely eaten, Wei Xiao Bei once again began his experiment. The repeated experiment won't cost him any evolution points. The only cost he needed to put out was a bit of a decrease in the flesh that he could take back after the embryo exploded. It was negligible.

After repeated experiments, he had finally found a resolution to the problem of the embryo exploding after expanding to fifteen meters.

However, when it reached twenty meters, the embryo once again collapsed.

Each experiment used up quite a bit of time.

After using up eight hours, the morning sun rose up.

At this time, a Big Mac already occupied the pool.

The City of Terror
Chapter 450: Chapter 450 - Research Experiment