The City of Terror
Chapter 451: Chapter 451 - Intelligence Finally Increased!

Author: Daoist Fierce Tiger

A seventy meter Big Mac was in the amniotic water. Its body was oval and the surface of its body was the color of flesh. It appeared like a flesh mountain in the middle of the pool. It was only around ten meters away from the shore as this was the limit.

A portion of the pool water had already been pushed out by the Big Mac. Additionally, a portion had already been absorbed by the Big Mac when it grew.

If this experiment was brought to the real world, it would stun the field of biology.

An artificial life form that was more than seventy meters in size.

Wei Xiao Bei could probably obtain a Nobel Prize for this.

Naturally, this was only an assumption. If he truly got it, Wei Xiao Bei did not know if he might be dissected by those scientists or not.

However, for him, this was only the first step to success.

This Big Mac that was more than seventy meters in size did not have any fighting capability at all. It could not even move.

To be more accurate, it's body was made up of stem cells that had not yet split up.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei used the flesh strands to take back the Big Mac.

This could not be helped. Although the pool was small, it could not let the Big Mac split and become an actual creature.

It must be known that after stem cells split, they would rapidly grow. This can be seen at the speed in which unborn fetuses grow. In other words, the Big Mac would grow more than seventy meters in size once it becomes a complete creature. At the very least, its body would expand to ten times its size.

Let alone the size of the pool, Wei Xiao Bei could not provide that much flesh to support it.

Moreover, without fixing the problem of its weight, just lying down might cause its entire body to collapse on itself.

After all, before Wei Xiao Bei obtains the flesh of the Fire Dragon or the Citizen of Long Bo, he would not be able to learn how to fix such a problem.

Additionally, as it grows, Wei Xiao Bei would not be able to control its growth situation.

This was why Wei Xiao Bei was only testing the power of the reserves. If he meets the condition in the future, he could remove one step of the process.

Nest, Wei Xiao Bei now tried to breed a creature of only two meters.

And then he continously failed.

In truth, the flesh ball was a very important object when the Life Altar creates a creature. Wei Xiao Bei simply did not worry about the creature's growth, but after removing the outer shell, the bred creature needed Wei Xiao Bei to maintain constant adjustment to it.

The day passed by and it was now ten in the evening. Only then did he succeed.

He had now created a Digging Pig that was fifteen meters big.

However, after checking its status, Wei Xiao Bei was dissatisfied.

Its status did not reach the level of fifteen meters. In other words, under the same body size, a Digging Pig created from the ball would be a lot stronger compared to it.

Naturally, this was already not a bad result.

At the very least, in absolute power, the fifteen-meter big Digging Pig was already a lot stronger than the Digging Pig that was bred from the flesh ball.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei used the pool to breed more creatures. There were High-Temperature Birds, Persons, and Weakling Pigs.

Although the results were not that satisfactory, Wei Xiao Bei had gained a lot of data, deepening his understanding of biology. Moreover, he had gained a lot of insights concerning breeding creatures.

It was already five in the morning. It was about time as Wei Xiao Bei put away everything related to breeding creatures and began to return.

As for the pool water, the place was quite deserted so he did not need to empty it. He just left it like that so that he can use it in the future.

Wei Xiao Bei ran back the thirty kilometers wasting only a bit of time.

When Wei Xiao Bei returned to the dojo, Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun were both doing morning practice.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei, both of them immediately went to him and paid their respects. However, Huang Kun appeared to be unhappy.

Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and understood.

Even if it was another middle school second-year student, they would not be too happy about having a new father.

The worst part was that the new father was a foreigner. For Huang Kun, this was hard to accept.

"What's wrong? You still can't accept your new father?"

Wei Xiao Bei studied Huang Kun. His height had already exceeded his peers at 1.7 meters, closing in on 1.8 meters. His body was tall and sturdy. If it was not because of his childish look, he would already appear like an adult.

Huang Kun's mouth twitched as he did not speak.

"Could it be that he does not know Chinese and you don't know how to communicate with him?"

Wei Xiao Bei asked.

"He is even more fluent than me."

Wei Xiao Bei dispiritedly sighed.

Wei Xiao Bei had finally seen through the boy's Oedipus complex, discovering the reason why the boy was so dissatisfied with his mother marrying a foreigner.

"Right, how were your grades for the midterm?"

Wei Xiao Bei did not continue pursuing the matter and changed the subject.

Hearing this, Huang Kun became excited. He let Wei Xiao Bei wait as he returned to his room. Soon, he took out the exam papers.

Wei Xiao Bei took it and had a bit of new respect for Huang Kun.

The major subjects were all above 85 and the minor subjects were 90.

With his understanding of Huang Kun, being able to reach this score was already not bad.

After half an hour, Wei Xiao Bei became suspicious.

* Could this boy have used his beyond normal status to cheat?*

Thinking about this, it was a very possible situation. After all, with Huang Kun's strength, the proctors would not be able to catch him cheating.

"Master, what kind of expression is that? Could you be suspecting that I cheated?"

Huang Kun had experienced a lot and was not an idiot. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei's expression, he immediately understood what he was thinking.

Wei Xiao Bei did not think too much and used [Status Appraisal] on Huang Kun.

Name: Huang Kun

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Creature Rank: 2-Star Elite


Strength: 23

Agility: 16

Vitality: 24

Intelligence: 10

Awareness: 9

Charm: 9

Skills: Language: Chinese (Conversational), Danish (Conversational), English (Conversational), Driving (Advanced), Bajiquan (Master)

Special Skill:

Fantasy Willpower (Inactive. This ability activates when the host reaches 18 years old. This ability would also activate when willpower, courage, and persuasiveness reaches 20 points), Ice Power, Elementary Power Burst, Quick Recovery.

** Evolution Points: X (Unable to accumulate Evolution Points)**

Items on hand: Reserves Flash Drive (This item was mutated when Huang Kun brought a flash drive into the Dust World. This item compresses food, water, and a few other objects into data and store inside the flash drive. Upgrade condition unknown.)


Compared to before, his strength had increased a lot. Moreover, other than the Ice Power, the abilities that normally appeared at 20 points finally appeared.

There was no need to mention [Elementary Power Burst], as for [Quick Recovery] Wei Xiao Bei decided to take a look at its description. It was an ability that appeared when vitality increased to 24 points. It could increase the recovery speed of the body and be similar to his [Elementary Regeneration].

The most important point was that Huang Kun's intelligence had reached 10. In other words, Huang Kun's exam score was truly his ability.

"Master sees that you have profited. I am quite happy. Right, to celebrate your good grades, let me give you a gift."

After being scanned with [Status Aprpaisal] Huang Kun had been silenced, but after hearing Wei Xiao Bei's chuckle, he immediately became happy and watched Wei Xiao Bei's hand.

Wei Xiao Bei had taken out the Small Holding Bag from his storage bracelet and gave it to Huang Kun.

"Isn't this senior apprentice sister's Small Holding Bag?"

Huang Kun was not an idiot as he recognized the bag.

Wei Xiao Bei awkwardly smiled, and unhappily asked, "If you don't want it, then your master will give it to someone else."

Hearing this, Huang Kun did not dare hesitate and snatched the Small Holding Bag, "I want it, I want it. Only an idiot would not want it!"

Although Huang Kun did not know how to level up his Reserves Flash Drive, it could store food and water. However, the amount was small in the end, it was simply inferior to the Small Holding Bag.

With the Small Holding Bag, his experience in the Dust World would be a lot more relaxed. At the very least, he did not need to carry a backpack anymore.

The next day, everyone rode the limousine that Zhou Rong had sent to bring them to Cui Hu International Airport.

Zhou Rong had already gone to Denmark half a month ago and went to prepare the engagement ceremony with that Gustav person.

For relatives and close friends like Wei Xiao Bei, they only left when it was almost time for the ceremony. Naturally, even if that was so, it was still three days before. If something unexpected happened, it could still be settled at that time.

Compared to Wei Xiao Bei, this was the first time had Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun rode a plane and left the country. They were rather excited.

Zhu Xin Yi was a bit more earnest. She only used a wondering face to observe the surroundings. Huang Kun, on the other hand, was like a monkey that was about to receive an injection to its butt as he could not sit still.

In the end, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but display his might to pacify the little monkey.

When they reached Denmark and got off the plane, Wei Xiao Bie could feel the places that were different from Cui Hu City.

Although Denmark had a temperate maritime climate, a bone-chilling coldness could still be felt in the capital city Copenhagen. The water content in the air was a lot more abundant compared to Cui Hu City.

Wei Xiao Bei was experienced and knowledgable. Although he had vomited after leaving the plane, he was amazed at the art and ambiance of the city, but he would not show it on his face.

By contrast, Zhu Xin Yi was more steady on the plane, but when she saw the buildings in amazement, she would happen to open her mouth from time to time. There was no doubt that she was a lot more sensitive to these things as a girl.

The City of Terror
Chapter 451: Chapter 451 - Intelligence Finally Increased!