The Daily Life of the Immortal King
Chapter 797: Zhen · Heavenly Dao Warrant

Author: Kuxuan

It was the shortest meeting of the Heavenly Dao Governing Committee in history.

Because since ancient times, there hadn't been anyone who dared attack clients on the Heavenly Dao white list…

The Heavenly Dao white list had initially been conceived and specially set up in response to a call by Dao Founder Dao Ancestor Wang. The number of people protected by the Heavenly Dao white list was extremely limited and could be counted on a person's fingers, Wang Ling being just one of them. But even so, his position on the white list was very special.

Wang Ling was a Heavenly Dao white list VIP client…

Strength Heavenly Dao had already mentioned this point earlier.

Since he was a VIP client, then he naturally had VIP privileges.

"Since everyone is more or less in agreement, the decision is to take disciplinary action. Then, what would be a fitting number of days the punishment should last for?" Strength Heavenly Dao asked.

The punishment should naturally fit the crime, while also taking into consideration the fact that Wang Zhen was Dao Ancestor Wang's descendant. If they confiscated the power of his Heavenly Dao, his strength would naturally be greatly reduced in the short term. If he ran into some sort of trouble during this time, however, that would be bad.

When Strength Heavenly Dao said this, the other Heavenly Dao fell into deep thought.

Spirit Heavenly Dao said, "How about eighty-one days?"

Space Heavenly Dao shook his head. "Isn't that a little too long?"

Spirit Heavenly Dao: "Attacking a white list VIP client is a death penalty – this is already showing him the greatest consideration."

Space Heavenly Dao: "But if we're too heavy-handed, we won't be able to justify it to Dao Ancestor Wang… If something really does happen to Wang Zhen, how are we supposed to explain it to His Eminence Dao Ancestor when we pay our respects annually at his Valor Palace? Hello, Your Eminence Dao Ancestor, we worked together to confiscate the Heavenly Dao from Wang Zhen, your descendant, and accidentally got him killed? Your Eminence Dao Ancestor, please forgive us?"


"Then how about forty-nine days?"

"No… forty-nine days is also a little long…"

Finally, Time Heavenly Dao sighed. "Then, seven days. Confiscate all his power of Heavenly Dao for seven days. Hopefully, he will reflect properly on himself during this time. Additionally, we have to send someone to explain the situation to Wang Zhen… If he attacks that Lord again, it won't be as simple as just seven days."

The Heavenly Dao all nodded. "Good, then that's what we'll do."


On the other side, in Wang Zhen's spirit field, tens of thousands of clones summoned through the "Great Separation Spell" packed the entire spirit space, surrounding Wang Ling thickly. These clones were all corporeal, and every punch would hit flesh. It wasn't going to be that easy to dodge them anymore.

Wang Ling frowned slightly as he pondered how he should respond in this situation.

But in the split second that Wang Zhen attacked him with a roar, golden light unexpectedly penetrated the spirit field and directly hit Wang Zhen.

With a bellow of pain, Wang Zhen was sent flying like a scarecrow. This golden light was very strange. It didn't seem to have broken through the space wall, but had actually directly crossed space to be independently produced in Wang Zhen's spirit space… furthermore, this golden light contained the aura of Heavenly Dao to the full.

While the golden light only appeared for a split second, Wang Ling firmly believed that he hadn't sensed wrong…

This was the power of Heavenly Dao.

When the golden light appeared and blew Wang Zhen away, he immediately knew something was wrong when he was hit. "Shit!"

The next moment, his spirit space split open!

Wang Zhen came back to his senses outside Midnight Dining Hall, his face full of astonishment. Through the glass door, he felt Wang Ling's aura inside, and his hands actually began to tremble involuntarily.

Wang Zhen was now feeling strange.

He actually felt the power inside his body slowly flow away like silt.

Wang Zhen was alarmed. "How is this possible…"

The next moment, he indeed felt it.

His power of Heavenly Dao…


Furthermore, it was a very thorough disappearance… not even dregs were left!

No way…

Why was it like this?

Wang Zhen clutched his head, unable to believe what was happening.

Why couldn't he use his skills?

Don't tell him the Heavenly Dao skills were on cooldown?


He recalled that Heavenly Dao spells could be cast instantly. When did they need to cool down?!

This despicable thief actually set him up!!

Inside the shop, because the Heavenly Dao golden light had torn apart Wang Zhen's spirit space, Wang Ling was forced to withdraw from it. He actually hadn't wanted to leave, and was initially going to take this great opportunity to ask Wang Zhen several questions. However, he never expected the Heavenly Dao to actually stop Wang Zhen… Just like that, the perfect opportunity to ask questions was ruined!

Wang Ling looked at the door a little glumly.

Tan Qian looked at the figure swaying outside the door and asked in a very low voice, "Why hasn't this boss come in yet? He's been at the door all this time."


Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal gestured for him to hush. "Can't you see? The boss is also a Dao expert. He looks like he's standing still at the door, but I bet he's sounding things out. Also, Brother Ling just happens to be here, so he's communing spiritually with this boss."

When it came to fights between experts, the crudest type was to start brawling as soon as you met, while the norm in a mid-level exchange was to rely on a battle of words to force the other side to make a move first. In a top-class encounter, nothing could surpass the current situation: there didn't seem to be any activity on either side, when in reality, they had already infiltrated each other's mind for "a friendly round of swapping notes."

Tan Qian suddenly saw the light. "So it's like that. As expected of Ling Zhenren!"

Wang Ling: "…"

Wang Ling didn't know about the Heavenly Dao white list, let alone the fact that the Heavenly Dao had ruled to confiscate Wang Zhen's Heavenly Dao, which was why they had been forced to leave the spirit space. All he saw was Wang Zhen freaking out outside the door after leaving the spirit space, as if his wife had been snatched…

Wang Ling assumed that this person had probably run into some kind of tricky problem all of a sudden.

Maybe he should go take a look?

Wang Ling got up and slowly walked over.

But Wang Zhen was so frightened by Wang Ling's movements that all his hair stood up.

He didn't know why he suddenly couldn't use the power of Heavenly Dao…

But he knew that it definitely had something to do with Wang Ling!

This man's strength was far more fearful than he had imagined!

To actually be able to restrict the power of Heavenly Dao…

If he was nothing more than a thief, how could this sort of thing happen?

As his thoughts raced, a storm stirred in Wang Zhen's heart despite himself.

Although he didn't want to accept the reality, Wang Zhen indeed had no choice but to reevaluate Wang Ling… He wondered if he had gotten the wrong person…

Perhaps, the senior inside wasn't the thief, and the thief… was someone else…

Just as Wang Zhen opened his mouth to speak with Wang Ling, dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky and thunder rumbled.

When Wang Zhen turned to look behind him, his expression changed dramatically.

"Stay away from him…"

It was as if he heard the voice of Great Dao from deep within, a sound that only he could hear.

The next moment, this sound of Great Dao turned into heavenly lightning that seemed to pierce his head.

This scene…

Wang Zhen couldn't be any more familiar with it.

Heavenly Dao lightning, plus his inability to use Heavenly Dao spells…

In that moment, Wang Zhen was finally sure that Heavenly Dao had passed judgment on him.

He didn't know the exact reason for it, but what Wang Zhen could be certain of was that Heavenly Dao had likely put out a Heavenly Dao warrant on him…

The Daily Life of the Immortal King
Chapter 797: Zhen · Heavenly Dao Warrant