The Devious First-Daughter
Chapter 135

Author: Lian Shuang
Source: TapRead

Screams also rang near the Lasting-fragrance Pavilion. The sharp screams attracted the attention of Ning Zu'an, who was wandering with Wen Xueran. Ning Zu'an frowned lightly. He followed the sound and made a turn. Just after a few steps, he saw a few maids and servants stand in front of the Lasting-fragrance Pavilion in mute amazement.

"What happened?" Ning Zu'an asked unpleasantly.

"Second, Second Young Lady, and, and Marquis of Ping'an are in..." Seeing Ning Zu'an, the servant could not even utter a whole sentence.

"That's nonsense. Second Sister is in her yard. How can she be here?" From another path, Ning Xueyan popped up with her maid. She was stunned a little after seeing the servant. Then she put up a cold face and reproached.

Seeing Ning Xueyan defend for Ning Yuling, Ning Zu'an nodded secretly in his heart.

"Fifth Young Lady, it is really Second Young Lady... with, with Marquis of Ping'an..." When she heard Ning Xueyan's words, the servant explained more, but her explanation darkened Ning Zu'an's face...

"Step aside. Let my father see it himself." The long and narrow eyebrows of Ning Xueyan slightly narrowed, and she unpleasantly interrupted the servant's words.

When the maids and servants that blocked the gate of the Lasting-fragrance Pavilion heard that Ning Zu'an was going to see the scene himself, all of them got out of the way. Then, in front of them, there appeared the half-dressed Ning Yuling, who was hugging tightly with a man.

"No... It's not me. Why? Why is it happen..." Just when Ning Yuling woke up, she didn't expect that a fat old man got fresh with her and hugged her tight. Before she could react, she screamed in terror subconsciously.

Before she figured out something wrong with her dizzy head, the few servants stayed there instantly screamed together with her, and then they rushed in. Ning Yuling could only be able to push Marquis of Ping'an far away in a hurry. Then, she fell to the ground and hurriedly pulled her opened clothes together.

"Ning Lingyun, it is Ning Lingyun... Father, it is that b*tch Ning Lingyun who cheated me into coming here." Looking at the stupid fat man aside, she screamed out in a panic.

At the side, Marquis of Ping'an was also shocked. Before he came, he repeatedly warned himself not to make any mistakes because of drinking, nor could he had anything to do with any women in Lord Protector's Manor. However, upon seeing the sleeping beauty as he walked here, he immediately forgot all the warnings he made to himself.

Such a beautiful lady lay there, almost motionless. He was already eager to do something dirty to her.

He went straight to the beauty and held her in his arms. He totally forgot everything else and directly put his hands on the body of the beauty. While he was busy in groping Ning Yuling, she suddenly woke up. Her screams scared him, and his limbs felt like jelly. The next moment, Ning Yuling pushed him, and both of them fell to the ground. Before they knew their situation, the people of Lord Protector's Manor rushed in.

Seeing that Ning Zu'an's face nearly burned with anger, Marquis of Ping'an shivered with a chill and woke up immediately. He recognized that a disaster was about to come and explained in a hurry. "Marquis, I, I just entered here to have a look. I, I didn't do anything."

He said that he did nothing. However, Ning Yuling was not appropriately dressed, and a flush stayed on her face just now. Evidently, there must be something going on between them.

"Second Sister, you... Why are you here?" Ning Xueyan asked in amazement.

Ning Xueyan's words reminded Ning Yuling, she screamed in a sharp voice. "Father... It is that little b*tch Ning Lingyun. Someone knocked me out when I just came in. It was that little b*tch who did all this to me!"

Ning Yuling was not really stupid. After she linked all things happened now, she immediately understood that it was Ning Lingyun who set her up. Now she just could not wait to tear Ning Lingyun up. Her beautiful face now became ferocious.

"Is it has something to do with Ning Lingyun?" Ning Zu'an remembered that he had seen Ning Lingyun and Ao Xian here in the morning. He could not help but feel a little suspicious.

While they were talking, a servant rushed over here. She yelled out loud before she came before Ning Zu'an. "Marquis, marquis, bad news. Fourth Young Lady is... with Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li. Together, they..."

She shouted so loud that all the people present heard her words clearly. Now that Ning Lingyun was with Ao Xian, and it seemed that they must have done some uncommon things together.

"What's the matter? Make it clear!" In anger, blue veins stood out on Ning Zu'an's forehead. He glared at the servant and questioned her with an ice-cold face.

It seemed that the servant didn't get Ning Zu'an's hint. She hurriedly added, "Fourth Young Lady was changing clothes, and Princely Heir also happened to change his. And they ran into each other. Now... Now that Fourth Young Lady wants to die to prove her innocent. She is, she is trying to kill herself."

"Not properly dressed, Ning Lingyun is now together with Ao Xian." Suddenly, Ning Zu'an felt cold in his heart, and his eyes became red because of angry!

"Father, I am going to see Fourth Sister," Ning Xueyan said.

"Just, just let her die!" Grinding his teeth, Ning Zu'an slowly dropped the words one by one. The thing that happened today must have something to do with Ning Lingyun. He asked Ao Xian to change his clothes in Ning Huaiyuan's house. How could Ning Lingyun happen to change hers there too? Moreover, Ning Zu'an had seen that the two of them leaned close to each other in the morning. Apparently, they had an affair.

As for the scene before him, how was it possible that the proud Ning Yuling like Marquis of Ping'an? She obviously fell into the trap set by someone. It had never occurred to Ning Zu'an that he actually had such a vicious daughter. How Ning Zu'an wished he could chock this shameless daughter to death right in front of him!

"Father, please calm down. Anyway, she is the Fourth Young Lady. It is not good if anyone spread the rumor out," Ning Xueyan lowered her voice and said.

Her words reminded Ning Zu'an. No matter what she had done, she was the daughter of Lord Protector's Manor. Getting angry was useless when such a thing happened. He had to find a solution.

"You... Go to see her. Let her stop threatening others with death by the way. If she really wants to die, find a place with no one around to kill herself." Ning Zu'an hated Ning Lingyun to the extreme. He cared Ning Ziyan and Ning Yuling the most. But now Ning Lingyun put Ning Yuling into such a terrible situation. How could he not be angry?

"Yes, father, I will go now." Ning Xueyan nodded. She cast a cold look at Ning Yuling aside with sarcasm hiding in her eyes.

"Ning Lingyun was indeed vicious once she launched the attack. She planned to marry Ao Xian and dragged me down at the same time. In order to please Madam Ling and her daughter, she wanted to ruin my future. But she must never have thought that I dragged Ning Yuling down instead. After I made Ning Yuling take my place in Ning Lingyun's plot, Ning Lingyun could not deny that she planned to change clothes together with Ao Xian and she only pretended to be the weak one.

No matter how innocent she looked at this time, Madam Ling and her daughter would not let her go.

Of course, Ning Xueyan would not let Ning Lingyun be destroyed. Because with Ning Lingyun blocking others attacks in front, it would be much better for her!

"I will go with Fifth Young Lady to see Ao Xian." Wen Xueran, who was watching the drama nearby, suddenly began to speak.

Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li brought Ao Xian here. Now that something bad happened to Ao Xian. Though Ning Zu'an didn't want him to see the skeleton in the closet of his family, he had no choice but to let him see it. Hence, he had to nod with a cold face.

Wen Xueran did not care at all. After he said goodbye to Ning Zu'an, he went to the courtyard of Ning Huaiyuan with Ning Xueyan.

"Fifth Young Lady, do you think that there is something weird about this matter?" Wen Xueran went two steps forward. Rolling his charming and pretty eyes, he squinted at Ning Xueyan and asked with a smile.

"Please keep this matter a secret, Princely Heir," Ning Xueyan said indifferently and coldly.

"Keep it a secret! There are so many secrets in this Lord Protector's Manor!" It seemed that Wen Xueran said this on purpose.

Ning Xueyan narrowed her pupils. A deep and inexplicable vigilance suddenly appeared in her jet-black eyes.

But she didn't reveal her feeling. She said calmly, "Every manor has its secrets. Sorry to make ourselves a joke!"

By saying like this, she directly stopped him from talking about this topic. The look on her face showed that she didn't want to discuss anything with him. Faint coldness emerged on her exquisite facial features. Quietly, she moved aside, a little bit further away from Wen Xueran.

"Are you afraid of me, Fifth Young Lady?" Looking at her movements, Wen Xueran raised his handsome face and could not help laughing.

"Princely Heir, gossip is a fearful thing," Ning Xueyan said with an indifferent expression. After that, she said nothing more and focused on walking only.

But the strange thing was that Wen Xueran didn't pump her about the case. He walked behind Ning Xueyan on his initiative. He deliberately kept a few steps away from her, but he still followed her, only not in a hurry.

The scene in Ning Huaiyuan's courtyard was a mess. Ning Lingyun kept crying. From time to time, she pretended to try to suicide. Caiyun and a few maids dragged her with all their effort as if they very afraid that she indeed took this thing to heart and would hit the wall to kill herself.

On the other side, Ao Xian also kept apologizing. He repeatedly promised that he will be responsible for Ning Lingyun and would never betray her.

Up until now, Ning Lingyun made all things develop in the direction she had planned. Although Ning Lingyun still grasped her handkerchief and cried, she could not help smiling under the handkerchief. "At this time, they must have also caught Ning Xueyan and Marquis of Ping'an on the spot. Now that they have caught such a shameless couple dating in private, I certainly deserved more sympathy as an accidental 'victim'."

"Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li has such a good impression on me, plus he feels guilty. Marquis of Ping'an will no longer be a problem. As long as Ao Xian is determined to marry me, my father will not say anything."

"As for the Ning Yuling, she may thank me for she no longer needs to marry Commandery Prince Li after all the things. Besides, I set Ning Xueyan up, which is a big gift I sent her!"

Of course, Ning Lingyun did not know that Ning Yuling already had sex with Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li long ago. Now that she had successfully tricked Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li into the trap, she would only become his concubine in the end if nothing else happened.

When she was enjoying the joy of her victory and felt proud of herself, suddenly she heard someone outside said, "Fourth Young Lady and Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Min are coming."

Involuntarily, Ning Lingyun was stunned a little. Then she lowered her crying voice and pricked up her ears because she wanted to know if someone sent her a wrong message. "It cannot be Ning Xueyan. That little b*tch has been caught dating with Marquis of Ping'an. She can never explain everything clearly. In the end, she will have no other choices but to marry the old and lecherous man."

"Fourth Sister, are you alright?" Ning Lingyun heard someone whisper in her ear. "But the gentle and low voice belongs to Ning Xueyan, doesn't it?"

Ning Lingyun shivered subconsciously. Her intuition was telling her that there was an ice-cold chill in Ning Xueyan's voice. It felt like that a piece of sharp ice pricked her heart and gave her penetrating coolness. Suddenly, Ning Lingyun's eyes greatly widened.

"Why is Ning Xueyan here? How is it possible that she is here?"

"Brother Xueran, you come just in time. You see, I really didn't mean it. I don't know how I have offended Fourth Young Lady. It's... Anyway, it's my fault. I have to be responsible for what I have done. I should not let Fourth Young Lady be wronged." Now Ao Xian got an eyeful of Ning Lingyun and her delicately pretty figure. He thought that Ning Lingyun really was going to hit the wall. She was a gentle and amiable as well as delicate and pretty lady. How could he let such a lady die in front of him? So he promised to take the responsibility again and again.

As long as the beauty didn't cry or try to kill herself, he would like to shoulder any responsibilities!

Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li thought in his heart. "Where else can I find such an ideal beauty?"

"Fourth Sister, how about changing your clothes first? You cannot always be like this. Just now, I have asked someone to take your clothes here." After glancing at Ning Lingyun's shivering body, which was wrapped in wet clothes, Ning Xueyan smiled and said.

"I, I will change my clothes now." When Ning Lingyun heard Ning Xueyan's words, she jumped up immediately. Greatly frightened, she nervously stammered.

"Princely Heir, can you go out first?" Ning Xueyan turned to look at Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li.

"Brother, Ao Xian. Let's go out." Wen Xueran nodded. Ao Xian was unwilling to part from Ning Lingyun, so Wen Xueran pulled him out. The others went out with them, and someone closed the door.

The Devious First-Daughter
Chapter 135