The Devious First-Daughter
Chapter 136

Author: Lian Shuang
Source: TapRead

The door was closed, and suddenly they were cut off from the outside. Ning Xueyan stared steadily at Ning Lingyun with her eyes, which were as clear as water. Her mouth corners formed a slight sneer, and Ning Xueyan looked at Ning Lingyun as if she was looking at a clown.

"Fourth Sister, do you also want Mother to see your look now? Will she agree that someone else did all this to you?" Ning Xueyan lifted her lips. She gave Ning Lingyun an ice-cold smile.

"You... What do you mean?" Under her gaze, Ning Lingyun lost her temper from embarrassment. The delicate expression on her face was long gone, and she asked with hatred while grinding her teeth. Although Ning Lingyun did not know how Ning Xueyan escaped from the trap she set, she knew that her situation was not good. Ning Lingyun appeared strong outward, but she actually felt weak inward. Hence, in a fury, she could only shout out a question.

Caiyun was scared silly long ago since she saw Ning Xueyan.

"Fourth Sister, don't you want to see how Marquis of Ping'an and Second Sister are doing?" Ning Xueyan smiled slightly and sneered at the corner of her lips.

"You... what do you mean?" Her words made Ning Lingyun's flesh creep. "How can this matter have something to do with Ning Yuling? Was it Ning Yuling who had been with Marquis of Ping'an?" At the thought of that, she immediately felt dizzy and faint. Biting her teeth, she forced herself to ask the question word by word to make it sound clear.

"You know what I mean." Ning Xueyan smiled leisurely. Looking Ning Lingyun up and down, she didn't even try to cover up her sneer. "Fourth Sister, Second Sister will never forgive you."

"It is you, am I right? You are so proud of yourself to design all of this. You are so vicious that you care nothing about your sisters." All of a sudden, Ning Lingyun smiled wanly. Her voice was sharp and out of control.

"If you want Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li to know that you designed all of this, you are free to shout loud." Ning Xueyan didn't give a damn and warned her. Calmly, she turned back to sit on the chair on one side.

"Fourth Young Lady, Fourth Young Lady, what happened?" Outside, Ao Xian heard the sharp screams of Ning Lingyun inside. He became very anxious and rushed to knock the door. He knocked on the door with clangs as if he was going to rushing in.

"Nothing... It's nothing. I'm fine." Ning Lingyun was in a panic. Immediately, she lowered her voice and replied to him with a soft voice.

"Then that's okay. If you need anything, call me." After Ao Xian learned that Ning Lingyun was okay inside, he breathed a sigh of relief outside. He liked the Fifth Young Lady of Lord Protector's Manor very much, who was simply the official wife model in his heart now.

In Ao Xian's heart, she was such a beautiful lady with a gentle temper. Moreover, she was very affectionate toward him. Now, he only wanted to guard beside such a delicate but gentle lady.

"Well, do you have a crush on her?" Wen Xueran came up to Ao Xian. With a smile on his good-looking face, he narrowed his charming eyes and asked.

"She is a good girl! It is truly my fault today. I didn't make a sound, so she didn't know that I was inside!" Ao Xian sighed. At this time, he firmly believed that Ning Lingyun was all good and she would never do anything wrong. He only felt that it was him who hurt her today.

"Brother Ao Xian, you want to marry her. Aren't you afraid that Grandmother will become angry?" Wen Xueran's ears moved a little, and he vaguely asked with a significant smile.

"I am going to tell Grandmother that I will marry her as soon as I come back. That vixen Ning Yuling, bad things will happen to whoever marries her." As he said, Ao Xian turned around and took Wen Xueran's hands all of a sudden. He said sincerely, "Brother Xueran, be my witness and you must tell my Grandmother that I have ruined her reputation. As a man, I should shoulder the responsibility."

At this time, Ao Xian had long forgotten that compared with Ning Lingyun, Ning Yuling was the one who ruined the reputation for real. If Ning Yuling did not marry him, who would like to be her husband as she had already slept with someone else?

Of course, at this moment, Ao Xian thought Ning Lingyun was the best, and no one else could enter his heart.

Unlike Ao Xian, who knew nothing about the truth, Wen Xueran had almost learned everything. Besides, he was not a weak bookish person. Although Ning Xueyan and Ning Lingyun said the few sentences very lightly, he caught all their words. He slightly lifted his mouth corners and pulled Ao Xian a few steps back.

"Brother Ao Xian, let's wait here. She is changing clothes inside. No matter how anxious you are, you should not stay so close." Anyway, Wen Xueran was free and at leisure now. He could just watch the fun. "It seems that ladies in Lord Protector's Manor are all not weak. Each of them is adept at scheming." Wen Xueran thought.

It was so rare that Ao Xian flushed after hearing his words. Obediently, he stood far away from the room with Wen Xueran.

Inside the room, Ning Xueyan looked at Ning Lingyun, mockingly. "You took Second Sister's husband and made her and Marquis of Ping'an a couple with a trick. I don't know whether Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li can keep you safe or not. You should know that in Lord Protector's Manor, you are never the favorite daughter."

Her words made Ning Lingyun's face ghostly pale. The favorite daughter in this manor certainly should be Ning Yuling. Compared with Ning Yuling, Ning Lingyun was even no better than a maid beside her. In previous, she was active in doing errands for Ning Yuling. She wanted Madam Ling to marry her into a good family when Madam Ling considered that she had been treated Ning Yuling so respectfully.

Now that she found someone to marry, but she also brought a disaster to Ning Yuling. At this point, the vicious Madam Ling as well as the brutal and fierce Ning Yuling would never let her go.

"Ning Xueyan did all of this to me, right?" Ning Lingyun thought.

"It was you... It was you, right? You... How can you harm us like this? We are your sisters! You are the one to blame. I will tell everything to Mother and Second Sister." Although Ning Lingyun said these words in a low voice, she vehemently rushed over to Ning Xueyan and stretched out to catch her.

Ning Xueyan leaned slightly aside to avoid her. Her pale lips formed a sharp sneer with sarcasm. "What you said sounds really nice. You said that I don't care about the feelings between sisters and I am the one to blame. But it was you who made this plot. You viciously planned to put Marquis of Ping'an and me together, and then I would marry into Marquis of Ping'an's Manor instead of you. Don't you forget that? For your future, you planned to sacrifice me. You are the one who has the heart of a devil! But now you actually blamed me for being injustice, which is so ridiculous!"

"In Lord Protector's Manor, there are so many women as vicious as snakes and scorpions. Ning Ziyan, Ning Yuling, and Ning Lingyun, all of them are like this. When they tried to frame me, they were sinister and ruthless. But when their plans failed, they were shameless enough to blame me. They even consider themselves as noble ones. How ridiculous they are!"

"You... I have never planned to harm you. It, it has nothing to do with me!" Ning Lingyun argued. Ning Lingyun felt afraid and guilty because Ning Xueyan figured out her secret plan.

"Does it have nothing to do with you? Since you refused to admit your errors, then I will not ask you anymore. Anyhow, Second Sister will definitely not blame me for this later on." With a cold smile hanging on her mouth corners, Ning Xueyan cast an indifferent look at Ning Lingyun. Suddenly, she turned around and pressed her hand on the door. It seemed that she was going to pull the door open.

But in Ning Xueyan's heart, she thought. "As long as Ning Lingyun is not helplessly stupid, she will ask me to stay."

"No, please help me!" Sure enough, seeing her leaving, Ning Lingyun begged with an anxious look.

"Oh, I don't dare to help you, Fourth Sister. Perhaps, don't know when you will betray me again." Ning Xueyan did not look back. Smiling coldly, she said word by word.

"No, no, I won't, really. If you help me through the crisis this time, I can do anything you want me to do in the future!" Ning Lingyun asked for her pardon and a chance. Now she was as restless as ants on a hot pan. As long as Ning Lingyun thought that Madam Ling and Ning Yuling would take revenge on her, all her pride would turn into fear.

Even if Commandery Prince Li's Manor accepted her, she couldn't possibly marry into the manor within a short time. As long as she was in Lord Protector's Manor, Ning Yuling and Madam Ling were absolutely capable of killing her. Although it was a cold day today, sweat actually began to break out on her forehead. At this time, if Ning Xueyan asked her to do something, she would say yes immediately. In fact, Ning Lingyun was willing to do anything Ning Xueyan wanted her to do.

Ning Lingyun looked at Ning Xueyan's indifferent thin back. Each word Ning Xueyan said hit right at the Achilles' heel of Ning Lingyun and made her feel scared. Now, feeling panic and frightened, she was a total mess.

Ning Lingyun secretly thought. "Or I was wrong to deal with Ning Xueyan from the beginning. Madam Ling and Ning Yuling hated Ning Xueyan so much, but they asked her to help them instead in the end. She must get quite a few tricks. Can I really deal with her?"

"She destroyed my plan simply by dragging Ning Yuling into it. In addition to that, she let me bear all the accusations." Ning Lingyun was horrified. This fear crushed her from inside. At this time, she would do whatever Ning Xueyan told her to do.

She didn't even dare to bargain with Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan sensed that the high defensive wall Ning Lingyun built was broken. She turned back and looked at Ning Lingyun coldly. "Do you want to marry Princely Heir of Commandery Prince Li?"

"Yes! I don't want to marry that disgusting old man." Every time Ning Lingyun thought about that disgusting old man, she would grit his teeth in hatred.

"So now, Second Sister has to marry Marquis of Ping'an." Ning Xueyan calmly stated this fact with ice-cold eyes.

"Then... What should we do?" Ning Lingyun was a little intimidated by Ning Xueyan's imposing manner. She gulped and murmured, "But I suppose that people in the Lord Protector's Manor will not let Second Sister marry Marquis of Ping'an."

What she said was the truth. What was the identity of Ning Yuling? She was the superior daughter of the official wife. She was even qualified to marry a prince and be his wife. How could she lower herself to be the next wife of Marquis of Ping'an, who was a useless old man? According to Ning Zu'an's character, he would rather lock Ning Yuling up than marry Ning Yuling to Marquis of Ping'an.

"You know that people in our manor will never marry Second Sister to Marquis of Ping'an. But does Second Sister know it?" Ning Xueyan slightly raised her eyebrows. Her cold eyes sneered.

"Then, then what?" Ning Lingyun said with a trembling voice. She felt as if she was a strain of little grass shivering in the wind. Ning Xueyan had gained full control over her, but she could not resist a bit.

"Are you now afraid that Mother and Second Sister will make great efforts to deal with you? But what if they fight against each other?" Outside, it was still cloudy. Inside, the room was very dark. Beams of light fell on Ning Xueyan's pale face, which looked gloomy and cold, without a trace of warm.

Subconsciously, Ning Lingyun shivered. She only thought that in front of her, Ning Xueyan was more like a demon from Asura's Hell. Otherwise, as a girl who was younger than her, how could she do things in such a vicious and ruthless way?

"Since such a bad thing happened to her, Second Sister will come to you. If you can make Mother take the blame, you will have a slim chance of survival. Or..." Ning Lingyun understood what Ning Xueyan meant even before she finished speaking. Looking at the delicate and gorgeous as well as ruthless and cold face, Ning Lingyun felt that even her heart started to shake.

How could she scheme against such a person?

"Okay, I, I will do as you told..." At this time, Ning Lingyun could not even try to do anything against Ning Xueyan's will. She even could not look directly at that exceedingly beautiful but cold face.

"Now, it is the right time." Ning Xueyan smiled a little. She leaned forward and whispered a few words in Ning Lingyun's ear. Ning Lingyun nodded repeatedly. In the end, she cast a horrified look at Ning Xueyan and hurriedly took Caiyun to the room inside to change clothes.

Ning Xueyan opened the door, and Ao Xian, who waited outside, rushed in. He asked anxiously, "How is she? Is she fine?"

"She is fine. Fourth Sister is resting now. I hope that you can keep your words in mind. Or else, my Fourth Sister has to take the road that leads to death." Ning Xueyan raised her eyes to look at him and said gently.

"Of course, I will shoulder the responsibility!" Once again, Ao Xian promised, patting his chest. At this moment, he loved Ning Lingyun, sincerely and wholeheartedly. He thought that he would never let such a nice woman fall to the ground.

The Devious First-Daughter
Chapter 136