The Duchess and the Devil
Chapter 19

Author: Mongsu
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WARNING: Very Slight NSFW NOTE: Kilton, the Emperor, will now be called, Killiton. I was brain dead and misread the hangul ;–;

Out of breath, Judith was barely able to move her chest from the enervated sensation that ran throughout her body. She didn’t easily recover her senses, which were fused with the lingering effects of her climax.

Unlike her, Derrick was sucking on Judith’s lips and was teasing her breasts without any indication of exhaustion at all. Judith pushed on his chest with weakened hands, but it was a futile attempt. Though she was the one who enticed him first with her words, asking him to make her pregnant, Judith was afraid of what type of fortune would be bestowed to her at this rate.

* * *

Her worries were not in vain at all. 

Derrick, who thoughtlessly unleashed his desire, which he had completely hid as he was worried that Judith would be scared of him and run away, thirsted for her without hesitation ever since. Whenever there was a sign that he would lose himself was shown, regardless if it was day or night, he would drag Judith and lead her to the bedroom.

At some point, it wasn’t the bedroom attached to the study, but Judith’s spacious bedroom which she used, that became the place where they took pleasure in their peculiar deeds.

“Ahhhh, I, heugh, I said, stop! Just……. Ahhng!”

The brilliant moonlight would radiantly illuminate her naked body at night. Her fair skin, which harmoniously suited any colours of dresses she wore, was bruised as though she had caught some illness.

From head to toe, there was no part of her body where she wasn’t tormented by him. In the past, he even bit the instep of her foot, and so he literally had her from the ‘tip’ of her head to the ‘tip’ of her feet.

Judith, who couldn’t withstand it anymore, twisted her body, trying to free herself from him, but her efforts went to waste as his hands wrapped around her waist.

‘Haa, where do you plan to keep going to…? I thought you said you wanted to have a child. So, if you’re going to do that, I’ll have to ram into you till you’re pregnant.’

He kept on holding onto the pregnancy that Judith had brought up, and never let it go. After being pinned down under him and gasping for nearly three days and nights, her lower parts felt like it was all worn out. Their conversation from the past, where she had been confident of her ‘perfect plan’, repeatedly came back to her as regret.

‘If you keep escaping, I’ll have to tie you up.’

‘Tie you up,’ the sentence, which had completely fallen out of subject, made Judith sink into an unfamiliar fear.

With his sadistic preferences, Judith already saw all that she could and couldn’t stand to see in bed.

From then on, her own honest body, which responded as much as it could at his hands during their first night, continued with their shameful and perverse acts, which was to the point that this was now at an insignificant level. However, despite that being the case, Derrick’s sexual level could not be satisfied and just kept increasing.

Once again, she was held by him and with her legs spread apart, her crotch was aggressively hammered until the time when dawn broke.

Chirp, chirp.

Judith opened her eyes upon hearing the birds chirping and felt the numbness and exceeding pain in her lower body, making a groan as it was too much for her strength.

T/N: Is it me or am I feeling a bit of Lucia vibes here?

As soon as she raised her upper body a little, the sharp pain returned, and every joint in her body ached. Judith let out a weak sigh and glanced around her surroundings. Somehow, her side felt lonely as though it was empty, and she found Derrick perched on the windowsill, wearing a light attire unlike her who remained naked.

She was now accustomed to this scene as well. Everytime she woke up, Derrick would read a letter that would have perhaps been delivered to him by Carmen, as he sat on the windowsill. Even today, as usual, he held a letter in his hand.

Derrick’s expression as he read the letter was serious and serene, quite different from when they were having sex.


Judith quietly called him. It was because he had no response at all, and she felt as though she was stealing a look at him, even though she was just staring at him.

Derrick turned his head to her without a look of surprise on him at all, as if he was a person who knew the fact that she had woken earlier and was merely looking towards him. As soon as their eyes met, the shape of his eyes bent smoothly.

Coming down from the windowsill, he swaggered towards the bed. And before she knew it, the letter, which was in his hand just a little while ago, could no longer be found.

Derrick, who put his knee on the bed, pushed her shoulder and laid her back down on the bed. Judith was startled, as his body formed a long shadow on his body with his back towards the sunlight, and put a stop to his approaching lips.

“Stop! I really cannot do it anymore.”

“I’m still not full, though.”

“Are you planning to kill me right now so that you can fill up your stomach?”

Judith couldn’t help but to show naturally a sensitive response at his shameless response. However, it seemed to be a warning that wouldn’t even work at all on Derrick. He chuckled as if he was looking at a small, aggressive animal, and gnawed on Judith’s fingers that had covered his mouth. Although they were only human teeth, she felt a cold shiver go down her spine as she had the illusion where she felt as if she was being chewed on by the canines of a beast.

“Ah, my wife even thinks she can die.”

In no time at all, his hand, which put the covers aside, grabbed Judith’s smooth thigh.

“I mean, perhaps she can, as it’s too good she’ll go mad.”

Whether it was day or night, he was an indecent man.

Judith tried to push him away by all means, and while Derrick was about to devour her in one gulp like last night and squabble with her, a knocking sound was heard from the door of the bedroom, where the husband and wife were. Judith smacked his thick arms as she didn’t want to be caught in a bizarre situation by a maid like last time in the office.

When he caught a glimpse of Judith’s pressing face, Derrick chuckled and got up from the bed, as if he was letting her go. At the same time, the large bedroom door slowly opened. 

The person who entered the bedroom was none other than a maid.

“Madame. A letter has hastily arrived from the Imperial Palace.”

After the maid conveyed the business of her visit, she cautiously approached the bed. Judith immediately covered her body with the blanket and took the letter. 

While the maid, who was perched by the bed, put her hands neatly together, from the corner of her eyes, she took a good look at Derrick, who was playing with Judith’s knee.

As the relationship between the couple changed lately, the ambience surrounding the ducal residence had also changed. The Duke and the Duchess even went to the same bedroom and were blazingly passionate for each other so much that one would forget they were distant before.

Many servants expressed their doubts as the relationship suddenly altered. In fact, the conclusion they had arrived at in their minds was that Judith was deeply moved by her husband, who died and came back to life, and so changed her mind which had become twisted.

There was even the possibility for that because the Duke, who was miraculously revived just in the nick of time, had amnesia. When one considered it, it was only the Duchess who perfectly knew about the estrangement that happened between them.

But, even if one considered all these aspects, the relationship between the two had lately been so passionate as though they were lovers who had just caught fire. Almost everyday, once they entered their bedroom, they did not come out, so it was to the point that the servants blushed for no reason. Even now, the skin of the Madame, who was barely covered with a blanket, was spotted with red marks.

Derrick noticed the looks from the maid, who was observing him, and raised his head. As soon as their eyes met, the maid was startled and because of that, she left the bedroom hurriedly after bowing and giving her respects.

Derrick quietly stared at the place where the maid disappeared and slowly looked back at Judith. Not even knowing that she herself was being watched, she was completely engrossed on the letter that the maid had given her. Her complexion looked as though an unsettling matter took place.

“What’s in it that caused you to be so serious?”

His hand, which was caressing her knee, gently entered the blanket like a sly snake. Judith, who was still concentrated on her letter, was startled when a furtive hand came up on her calf. She hastily lowered the letter and confronted him. As soon as their eyes met, Judith couldn’t hold back and let out a sigh. As if the problematic matter in the letter she had been looking at was now written on her.

The conjecture wasn’t wrong. And the said problematic matter was related to him, Derrick. Judith felt that he, who was beaming at her without knowing her thoughts, just kept provoking her as much as he wanted.

“It is indeed serious.”

“What is it?”

“It is because in two days, I think you have to go to the Imperial Palace.”

“Imperial Palace?”

“I told you about it the other day, did I not? I have said that His Majesty the Emperor wishes to see you.”

A considerable amount of time had passed since the day she received the letter. That was why it was expected that the Emperor, who couldn’t wait for him any longer, would send an urgent letter. Since there seemed to be no indication that the ducal couple would visit him, Killiton appointed the date and invited them to the Imperial Palace.

From Judith’s perspective, it looked like a bolt came out of nowhere from the clear sky. If the date wasn’t appointed, she would have been able to postpone the visit until they were all ready, but postponing the date the Emperor chose himself could appear as disobedience of the imperial order.

The meeting of Derrick, who wasn’t human but a devil, and Killiton, the Emperor who knew her husband well, would be deeply embarrassing for Judith. More than anything else, she couldn’t help but be worried that he might behave unexpectedly in front of the Emperor.

“Derrick, do you have any memories of being my husband, by any chance?”

Even so, Judith raised a small hope, thinking that his memories would be shared since they were in the same body. Derrick, who took the letter she was reading and looked into it, shook his head without deeply worrying about it.

“Not at all.”

Judith’s hopes dispersed like that of a fog from his firm response.

What was the relationship between the Emperor and her husband like? What did they usually talk about the most? Despite having only that amount of information as she thought she would try to handle it somehow, the problem was that she didn’t even have those types of information.

Judith did not join them at the place where they often met, and for the devil Derrick, he didn’t have the memories of her dead husband at all. In other words, she couldn’t make out what kind of topics her husband and the emperor usually spend a good time on.

The reason why Judith was having a lot of difficulty was because the person whom he was going to face was none other than the Emperor. A powerful man who wielded absolute power in the Tireur Empire.

If, in case, Killton came to learn the fact that another person entered the body of Derrick, a close friend of his, he might detain Derrick immediately, throw him into the underground prison, and brutally torture him. If it would come to that, his position as the Head of the House, that Derrick had taken extreme care, would be in danger, and along with that, the foundation of the Duke could then be swayed. That was something that would also cause a crisis for Judith, the Duchess.

Even if she didn’t have to assume the worst situation like that, she had thought that it would be better not to show any suspicious actions to the Emperor. The Emperor was a person who would manipulate the nobles like knights laid on a chessboard. So, in the first place, it would have been better not to make things that still have value be seized upon them as a weakness from showing suspicious indications.

‘It seems that the only thing that we could assert is amnesia.’

Judith glanced up at him, whose tranquility was boundless unlike her who was a nervous mess, and said.

“Once you present yourself in front of His Majesty the Emperor, you will tell him that you are suffering from memory loss.”

“That excuse, is that what I’m going to use to the Emperor?”

“That is correct. I think His Majesty the Emperor… should not discover that you are not my husband. So, please cooperate with me.”

Derrick Vaisil, her former husband, was rather easier to deal with. Because, at least, he didn’t do unexpected things that were loose cannons like the devil before her.

‘… As I live on, there are also days where I end up missing that man.’

Although, of course, it wasn’t something that arose from the emotions of affection, such as loving him.

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The Duchess and the Devil
Chapter 19