The First Hunter
Chapter 124: Episode 124 - Dragon Slayer, Part III

Author: D-Dart

It fell like a meteor coming down.

Boom! It was like a bomb went off. A huge disaster struck the middle of Mt. Halla and the vast expanse of green grass. It was literally a disaster. The earth shook with the roar, and with the powerful shock, a huge dust-colored shock wave swept out.

Kukukuku! The world let out a wild scream. The identity of the disaster was revealed after the eerie scream that.

'Oh, my God.' And now the first witness of the disaster, Zhihong, was unable to shut his mouth at the sight that had unfolded before his eyes.

'Did you really kill it?' At the center of the disaster was the dragon, full of wounds. It was deeply wounded in its long neck, a huge wound passing right through it.

'Did he kill the dragon?' There was a dragon that had now become a corpse.

'What the hell…' The sight was incredible.

In fact, Zhihong did not believe what he saw and heard at this moment. At this moment, his body was the only thing he could trust. The fact that there was no more tremor was the true evidence that the dragon in front of him was a corpse.

'What the hell is this nonsense…' Even with such evidence, Zhihong was unable to move his feet easily at this moment.

Crack! It was only after he pounded his cheeks with his hands that he began to move. The intense sound of his face burning red at once changed his eyes. He had the same eyes as his first time here on Jeju Island.

'Confirmation is first.' He moved toward the body of the dragon, the trigger that would lead to death and despair for tens of millions of people who had survived in the Republic of Korea and Japan, and with the eyes of those who were willing to pull the trigger of a massacre that no slaughterer had done in human history.

'This may be an opportunity.' In the mind of Zhihong who changed his eyes, the calculation began immediately.

'No, it's a chance!' In fact, this moment was a lifetime opportunity for Zhihong. In a time when the body of a monster had more value than anything else, the body of a dragon was in front of him at such a time.

The chance of a life-change was in sight.

'If only I could eat the crystal of the dragon…' Above all, Zhihong had a mark on the back of his right hand, and he had the minimal qualifications to be the owner of the priceless treasure in front of him.

'Yes, I will eat it.' The only thing left for him was to remove his rival, who was only as qualified as he was. As soon as he thought of that, Zhihong began to search for something other than the dragon.

'… there he is.' And he found him. Over near the great crater the dragon's body had created, a man was lying on his back.

'Is he dead?' He was like a dragon as if he were not different from a corpse. The man was in such a terrible condition.

'He looks terrible.' All his clothes were torn to pieces, and the bare flesh that had been revealed was just a lump of flesh, even though the bruises that had been painted all over his body made it impossible to imagine what kind of shock he had. His left knee was also turned the wrong way, and his right arm was broken, its bone coming out through his skin.

'He is surely Kim Tae-hoon.' It was a corpse, no matter how he looked at it. So, without hesitation, Zhihong approached the body and turned the body over. Then he saw the man's face.

'Hahoetal.' The man was wearing a Hahoetal. On the other hand, it proved his identity.

'It is Kim Tae-hoon.' The only one who would be wearing a Hahoetal beside the dead dragon in this world would be Kim Tae-hoon. And as soon as he found out, Zhihong's heart began to throb violently with anticipation and joy.

'Once if I make sure he's dead…' Once he had confirmed life and death, if he found out that Kim was dead in front of him, everything here would be his!

With that expectation, Zhihong, whose heart swelled, lowered his posture and carefully brought his ears to Kim Tae-hoon's chest.

Pow! At that moment something caught Zhihong's neck.

"Ugh!" There was a breathless noise from his throat, and it was the last sound he would make.

Kim Tae-hoon's left hand, which had caught Zhihong's neck, ripped out his throat. Zhihong fell to the ground without even spitting out his last breath.

"Gasp! Gasp!" Kim Tae-hoon, who had fallen down, rose up. He was in danger. As soon as he got up, his body staggered again and again.

Even now, his left leg, which was no longer functioning as a leg, was stifling, but there was no sign of him calming down.

Thump! In the end, Kim fell to the side of Zhihong. He reached out and pulled out the pistol at the waist of the fallen Zhihong.

With one gunshot, Zhihong's struggle stopped.

"Hoo-oo." At the same time, a long sigh came from Kim's mouth.

'If he were a student of mine, I would be dead.'

Kim Tae-hoon did not put his ear to the enemy's chest to confirm the enemy's life and death, and he did not teach his men that kind of thing.

If Zhihong had been Kim's student, he would have pulled the trigger until the magazine was empty as soon as he saw Kim.

'I was lucky.' Kim was as lucky as he felt. He kept his life because of the inexperience of a man named Zhihong. And…

'I was so lucky.' The dragon who had become a dead body would save the life of Kim Tae-hoon, who was dying now. Literally.

Kim was dying now. His physical body and health had already bottomed out due to the long battle with the dragon, the Hahoetal which he wore in such a situation setting fire to his body, and the unsheathed Kusanagi from the sheath made the fire a short and strong explosion.

Everything in Kim Tae-hoon was burned out. After that, his remaining body would not be intact, nothing but ashes in the wind. It was a weak, emaciated body which was staggering in the passing wind.

'I expected it, but…' And Kim was expecting this sight as well. He did not intend to hunt the dragon in a relaxed manner without burning everything. He was not so arrogant.

At the same time, Kim knew what would save him dying at this moment.

"Ugh!" Kim, who rose again to perform the method, moved toward the dragon, limping with his left leg, which had already become useless. His footsteps stopped in front of a huge hole in the neck of the dragon. Beyond the level of ripped flesh, there was a light beyond the hole that penetrated the dragon's neck.

'I can't say a word.' But what came into Kim's eyes was a sign of hope. Even in the situation of being stabbed by the Kusanagi, there was a sign that somehow it was trying to heal the wound.

If the power of the Kusanagi was insufficient, or if the dragon had any remaining ability to recover, he would have been passing through its throat at this moment, chopped into small pieces by its teeth.

At that moment, Kim put his body into the hole in its neck. When he pulled out himself again, he had a shiny jewel of dark-blue hue in his hand.

Kim put it in his mouth. Gulp! There was no hesitation in swallowing it.

Furthermore, he was not hesitant to use the power of the dragon that became his own from now on. It was quick. His body, which was colored with blood and bruises, began to regain its original color at an amazing rate.

Not long after Kim forced his left knee back to its original position, he was able to move his left knee at will, and the bone in his right arm was forced back to its original position. His whole body recovered its original state very quickly.

"Hoo!" The change was not the end of it.

Kim's normal arms began to change into the hide of a dragon, and his black Eyes began to split vertically. He looked at the back of his right hand, which looked like a dragon's hide now, with his dragon-like Eyes.

[Basic Abilities]

[Special Abilities]

[Achieved Abilities]

Draconian (Grade 2): You can open the dragon's power, but you can't use any special abilities with the dragon's power open.


The change was like a death sentence, a death sentence Kim had never passed. However, he did not make a bitter expression. He was very satisfied.

'With this power, it deserves to be a death sentence.'

The open power of the dragon was overwhelming beyond the level of attraction, even the death sentence seemed sweet. However, his appreciation of the power of the dragon was totally valid.

Kim turned his head and looked over at Zhihong's body. 'The Six Snakes must have figured out I started hunting the dragon.'

He expected the Six Snakes would use the dragon to play tricks. Anticipating it, he went on the dragon hunt. And now, when he had succeeded in hunting the dragon, there was one thing to do: make them pay for trying to play tricks.

'I will attack them before they prepare.'

The National Palace Museum in Taiwan...

The place, which was shining with golden light in front of the sunlight, regained its original colors as the sun went down. The spectacular scenery disappeared as if the plating had been peeled off, and scenery that seemed to be childish took its place.

A man was walking down the street in the landscape.

'He killed the dragon.' Mao felt a sense of crisis at this moment for the first time.

'The Codex Gigas clearly described the dragon as one of the strongest dark blue-grade monsters… but he killed it.'

It was the first time. Mao had never felt a sense of crisis in the first days when monsters appeared. The globe he had, the Globe of Behaim, and the Codex Gigas, called the Devil's Bible, made it possible. The Codex Gigas had information about the monsters that had appeared in the world, and the Globe of Behaim had information about the legendary relics, the only way to kill them. It was actually like an answer sheet. It was an answer sheet with answers to the problems mankind was now facing!

'He caught a monster we couldn't kill.'

But not anymore, he felt a sense of crisis. What he had dared not expect had happened.

'Goddammit! I have to give up on the plan I've been preparing for because of one human being.'

The problem that Mao had not had anywhere in the answer sheet was now beginning to threaten him. That was why he felt a sense of crisis. His first sense of crisis in the era of monsters shook him greatly.

'… but I can't help it.' Shaking, Mao was forced to make a decision. 'The size of the Six Snakes is too big. The bigger size makes me unable to escape or hide. I must reduce the size of the Six Snakes first.'

He needed to destroy everything he had made using the names of the Six Snakes.

'Survival is now a priority. If I am alive, I can make new plans.'

He was going to give up the plan in which the Six Snakes became saviors and created a new order in the world.

'I'll have to break the balance at the same time.' Of course, Mao did not intend to leave a balance in a world without the Six Snakes.

'Kim Tae-hoon, if you want to be a savior, be the only savior.' Mao intended to pass everything on to Kim about the huge chaos that began like that.

'Be the sole savior and die bravely.' When Mao thought up to there, he stopped walking.

"Soso!" Standing in place, he called someone's name and immediately a woman came from a long distance.

"Yes, sir."

"Tell Major Chinshan to destroy the Great Wall."


"Destroy the Great Wall."


"It is just as I say, tell Major Chinshan to destroy the Great Wall."

"Then the monsters will cross the continent…" The woman named Soso looked at Mao in surprise.

Mao said firmly, "That's why I'm telling you to break it. And one more thing… tell Major Chinshan to get ready to greet us."

The First Hunter
Chapter 124: Episode 124 - Dragon Slayer, Part III