The First Hunter
Chapter 144: Episode 144 - Disaster, Part II

Author: D-Dart

"To reiterate, the Vatican will have the right to use the relics on this list, and instead, you will pay forty percent of the monster stones of the monster that you kill with the aid of this relic to the Mac Guild."

The conversation between Kim Tae-hoon and John Gabriel ended easily and briefly. There was no reason for the conversation to be long or complicated since the winner and the loser had already been determined.

"This right is valid for one year, and if either party does not require a termination or change of the contract three months before the contract expires, the contract will be renewed automatically for another year."

But the real story was what came next. After the leaders had finished their conversation, the men who served them had to verify everything was practical and valid. It was troublesome and complicated in many ways. They had to check each sentence and word used in the contract and measure the merit of the contract.

"Now, sign it."

That role was, of course, Jang Sung-hoon's. In addition, Jang's role was not over at that point.

"Oh, and this is a personal request, but I'd like you to put this poster around the Vatican City State. It's not special, but I'm going to make a European branch of the Mac Guild, so I'd like to advertise it."

Jang immediately set out to work on creating a branch of the Mac Guild in Europe. It was part of their original plans.

"The good things are to be shared with you, of course."

Even if Kim Tae-hoon was so powerful, it was not easy to have a strong influence on the lands of Europe unless he settled there. Human history had proved it. If he wanted to rule a country, it was impossible unless he eventually won the help of the people in the country.

"Oh, anyone can join the Mac Guild, and there are no restrictions on race, religion, or nationality."

Of course, in the absence of any merits, the Mac Guild European branch would not put down roots properly. Naturally, Jang had prepared the merits.

"In addition, some of the relics that are not on this list will be rented to hunters in the Mac Guild European branch. It will be at a lower price, I will lend them to the hunters if I like. I am not sure if I've told you I'm interested in art, but certainly I told the head of the Vatican City State, haha!"

Some of the relics received from the Vatican in return for the fight would be held in the hands of hunters joining the Mac Guild European branch.

It would be the creation of something from nothing. It was crazy from the standpoint of the Vatican.

"I can give you an application if you want? For reference, if you sign up, I'll give you a cute Mac doll."

Arriving at this point, the Mac Guild European branch would build their force and get organized incredibly quickly.

"Oh, don't you care? I don't intend to push you. Huh? The boss? Are you asking where he is?"

It was his responsibility to represent the presence of the Mac Guild European branch, which began to be structured.

"The boss is in France now."

The Mac Guild Master, Kim Tae-hoon would definitely show Europe who they should choose to back in a world full of monsters. At the moment it happened, the ends of the Eurasian continent would be placed under a single name.

The movement of more powerful monsters greatly changed the map of territories claimed by lesser monsters. The Mac Guild had identified this in countless cases. Furthermore, the Mac Guild had also confirmed that when powerful monsters appeared, monsters did not just move, but showed different patterns of movements, according to their grades and characteristics.

For example, a blue grade monster that led a group of at least five hundred did not simply run away. As soon as possible, it explored its new territory, and when it found a suitable place, it used its full power to occupy the place. In the process, some clever individuals deliberately saved their prey, rather than kill them all, to keep them as an emergency food supply.

This was exactly the case for the Goblin King, the huge golden-skinned Goblin with blue eyes. It was originally located in Belgium. There, as its name suggested, it had reigned as king. But it boldly abandoned its territory as soon as the Giants came over the Baltic Sea to Germany. Furthermore, after abandoning a large number of the Goblins following him, it moved with only 5,000 elites. Its target was none other than the capital of France, Paris, where it made its new territory.


The entry of the Goblin King and the Goblin Corps into Paris, which began like that, was not hard.

Hundreds of thousands of survivors and troops residing in Paris failed to even fight properly against the Goblin Corps.

-Fuck, damn it!-

So far, the first reason was that the blue-grade monsters were hunted solely under the Vatican's initiative, and the second reason was that those with great talents and powerful relics residing in Paris had gone to Germany to fight the Huge Giant.

The third reason was the people left in Paris. The survivors of Paris, as they had done so far, went to war, believing that God would take care of them in any crisis and hardship. Of course, proper combat was not possible.

Virtually all of them were made useless by the fear of the Goblin King, and the neutralized men were nothing, but plentiful food for the Goblins that the Goblin King had selected. On the street of Champs-Elysees, under the Eiffel Tower, under the Arc de Triomphe, the sound of chewing flesh was heard.

"Goddamn it..."

That's why Leo LeRoy was watching hell now.

"Damn it! Damn it, damn it!"

But at this moment Leo couldn't escape from this hellish landscape.

-I need to save Catherine.-

She was too frightened to run away even when he saw her being dragged to the Bois de Boulogne after being beaten indiscriminately by a group of Goblins. That was why he felt more desperate.

-Find a way somehow, Leo! Find a way somehow! I can't lose even her!-

In the situation where he had to save his lover, the fact that even if he risked his own life, there was nothing to be changed, put Leo into the deepest despair.

-If I go to the Vatican and ask for help…-

The Vatican was the only place that he could think of at this moment. The blue-grade monster was an evil thing that only the Vatican could punish, and saving the world from the monsters was also a miracle that only the Vatican could perform.

-Damn it, it can't be true...-

But in this situation, it was difficult to get even get out of Paris right now. The distance from Paris to Vatican City, a thousand kilometers away, was too far.

Even if he ran the whole distance to the Vatican, even if the Vatican showed him the mercy of God, there was no guarantee that his lover would be alive when he came back.


In the face of this reality, a sense of misery flowed through Leo's tight lips.


"I'll ask you a question."

The sudden penetrating voice made his clenched jaw drop.


Leo turned his head, frightened. Looking behind, he saw an Asian man there. The man with the two swords on his back was impressive. Leo pointed at the man with a gun in his hand reflexively.

"Who, who is it?"

"Can you speak English?"

In front of the gun, the Asian spoke stilted French calmly. Leo shook his head reflexively as he listened to the French.

The Asian man clicked his tongue briefly.

Then, Leo looked at the Asian man and asked, "Korean?"

Leo spoke awkward Korean, and the fact put the Asian man in a good mood. "You speak Korean?"

"I lived in Korea for five years."

"I want to understand the current situation in Paris. Anything is good, whether it's about monsters, survivors, or relics."

Leo paused at the sudden and inexplicable man's request. But his concern was not long. The man in front of him was not a man hunting a human, but monsters. Most of all, he didn't think he could do anything about the guy even if he pulled the trigger.

"Hoo!" Leo lowered his gun, calmed himself down, and then slowly continued, remembering the words in Korean after a moment. "Paris is now occupied by the Goblin King. There is the camp of the Goblin King. People are being captured. The Parisian army has retreated. No survivors have been identified. All the survivors have scattered."

The man's eyes went black during the explanation in Korean, which was awkward but enough to understand the general meaning.

Leo stumbled back, surprised, but the man looked at the Bois de Boulogne, the castle of the Goblin King, with his black Eyes, unconcerned. It was a very long distance, not visible to the naked eyes, but in the eyes of the man, the Goblins moving through the forest park constantly came in.

"Kkii, kkikki! Kkiii!" He could hear the distant sounds that a Goblin was threatening another Goblin with, as it was about to bite the arm of a living human, as well as the bizarre sound of the other Goblins.

The man, who had checked the situation, turned his black eyes back to their original color and said to Leo, "My name is Kim Tae-hoon, master of the Mac Guild, a hunter guild hunting monsters." The man walked forward with the brief explanation.

Leo shouted, surprised at the sight. "Goblins are dangerous!"

Kyaah! As soon as the words were finished, five Goblins, who had heard the conversation and sneaked in to ambush them, appeared and flew at the man with open jaws, intending to wet their dry throats with fresh blood.

Thunk! However, the ground was promptly soaked with blood from the sides of their heads. The man, Kim Tae-hoon, walked toward the forest without looking at the fallen dead bodies.

Leo's mind as he looked at the scene was stamped with the words, "The master of the Mac Guild, Kim Tae-hoon."

"Ma, Master! Help, help! Please help!"


It was a city in the southeast of England. Few outsiders knew the name of this coastal city, which was located overlooking the Strait of Dover. But to the UK, the value of the city of Folkston was unbelievably high.

Folkston was valuable because of the Channel Tunnel, a submerged tunnel across the Strait of Dover between England and Europe.

However, the scenery of such Folkston was both horrific and bizarre. The roads, mountains, and fields were filled with cars, as if all the cars in England had gathered here. But with so many cars, there was no indication of any people being around.

A deep silence! There was a man standing alone in this graveyard silence. The man standing alone between the ownerless cars was looking at his palm with his head down.

The man's palms were full of the ashes left behind after something was burned.

The man looking at the ashes was silent.


Then a cry which was clearly from a monster began to vibrate through the cars.

Finally, a Giant Tiger with two heads appeared, leaping over the roof of a car. The body of the monster, which flashed yellow eyes, was all skin and bone, in spite of its huge size. It hadn't eaten properly for a long time. Perhaps that's why the bloodthirstiness that flashed in its yellow eyes was more intense than ever.

Naturally, the hungry monster threw itself at the man without any hesitation.

At that moment, a spear showed up out of nowhere and cut through the monster's necks. The headless body fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry." The man who immediately apologized was none other than Major Chinshan. "I'm just…"

The man receiving the apology was Mao Spencer. "They are all dead."


"Everyone left in Germany to kill the Huge Giant was killed, including the Lin sisters." With those words, Mao Spencer began to dust off the ashes in his palms. The black ashes crumbled and soon disappeared.

Major Chinshan tensed up when he heard that. "What do you mean..." The words coming from the stunned Chinshan were quite weak.

Mao did not answer his question. Instead, he looked at his palms, which were now empty. At that moment, a weird laugh burst out of Mao's mouth.

In front of the laughter that he could not help but call insanity, Chinshan closed his mouth.

Mao's laughter filled the quiet space for a long time. When the laughter stopped, Mao looked again at his palms with the words. "I made the Six Snakes in the hope of dominating six continents, and I lost all of them."

"Mr. Mao, for now..."

"Empty hands and naked fists."

Mao grabbed his fist. Empty hands and naked fists were everything he had now. But he was not about to cry. Instead, he only laughed bitterly.

Major Chinshan spoke carefully again in front of Mao. "Then what are you going to do?"

"We'll leave."

"To leave..."

"The Eurasian continent has left our hands, there is no reason to stay here anymore."

"Then where are you going?"

There was no answer to that question. Instead of answering, Mao looked at the end of the Channel Tunnel, toward France, beyond the Strait of Dover.

"The good news is that we can earn enough time thanks to the prepared nuclear bombs." Mao turned his head in the opposite direction after he finished his low-pitched talking to himself. "We will go to Stonehenge first, and then we are going to the United States."

At the answer "the United States," Chinshan appealed to Mao with tears in his eyes, "If we go to America, the Pentagon will never follow Mr. Mao. If they know Mr. Mao is in trouble… Why not go to Egypt, where you still have influence and power?"

"Egypt is too close. We will be caught if we go there."

"But the United States..."

"The person who is in need should lower his head, and if the Pentagon won't follow me, I'll just lower my head and go underneath them."

Major Chinshan closed his mouth at the teeth-grinding sound at the end of Mao's words. There was no way he did not know Mao's character.

Mao felt it was a great humiliation to serve underneath someone who was once his equal. Nevertheless, he had to accept the humiliation.

Perseverance! Mao was willing to compromise with humiliation for the future. The bitter smile at his lips began to turn into a little bloody smile as he determined to make the compromise.

"I wonder if he can stop the army of the Orc Khan, and..." That was the end of what Mao had said. He moved his chin without finishing his words.

Chinshan checked the direction of the chin and nodded. He shouted, "We are going to Stonehenge!"

Shortly after the cry, the entrance to the Channel Tunnel collapsed with a loud explosion.

The First Hunter
Chapter 144: Episode 144 - Disaster, Part II