The Great Wild God
Chapter 195

Author: Geng Su
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As a direct disciple of Mount Qiyun, Wei Che had experienced countless experiences since he entered the Reincarnation Realm. He had experienced many storms and witnessed many strange things. However, there were actually 19 different Spirit Gathering restrictions embedded in the stone wall in front of him. He could hardly imagine his eyes and asked Wei Guan with stunned tongue,

"How is that possible? Which artifact forging grandmaster has eaten enough to make nineteen different Spirit Gathering Restrictions?"

"The truth is even more unbelievable than someone who is full," Wei Guan said. "Follow me."

After Wei Guan entered the half-collapsed stone hall, Wei Che saw countless array discs piled up in the corner of the side hall.

Wei Che stared blankly at everything in front of him.

These array discs were all abandoned by Chen Xun after he was crippled. Thinking that the purple-robed woman might return, he did not rush to deal with them. He did not expect that the development of the situation would suddenly turn straight down.

The purple-clothed woman told the disciples sent by the Divine Night Sect to capture them, and Chen Xun was unable to return to the Crippled Village. Naturally, all of these things would fall into the hands of Wei Guan, Wei Che, and the other disciples of Mount Qiyun.

The seal seal seals engraved on these discarded array discs were completely different from before due to the backlash of Spiritual Qi, but they were still barely recognizable.

Wei Che was not proficient in artifact forging, but he also knew that the array discs in front of him had a pile of forged profound talismans and bronze seals that came from the same source as the Spirit Gathering Array that was embedded in the stone wall to gather spiritual energy.

If Wei Che only saw the nineteen spirit gathering formations embedded in the stone wall outside, he would have thought that some artifact refiner had eaten enough to support himself and was showing off his artifact refining abilities here.

Seeing so many discarded spell formations piled up in the corner of the stone hall, Wei Che could only think of a possibility. Actually, artificers were hiding in this stone cave and constantly perfecting these Spirit Gathering Restrictions

This result was too stunning.

Anyone who could improve the restriction of formations, regardless of which sect, regardless of their cultivation realm, could be called a Grandmaster.

"Isn't it the Azure Flame Thunderbolt? It was also refined by this person?" Even though Wei Che knew that everything in front of him was pointing to the only possibility, he still found it hard to believe.

"That's right. ly, we only knew that the Azure Flame Lotus Explosion Talisman was not something that peak Heaven Essence cultivators were unable to draw. How could we have ever seen a small iron ball that could release such a powerful Azure Flame Lotus Explosion?" Wei Guan sighed emotionally.

"What exactly is the origin of this bitter slave?" Wei Che asked, puzzled.

Chang Xi came from the Divine Night Sect, and Li Yu was Ji Lie's senior brother from the Thousand Swords Sect. Neither of them was skilled in artifact forging. The only possibility was that these Spirit Gathering Arrays and Azure Flame Thunderbolts were refined by the mysterious bitter slave that hadn't been discovered in Crimson Maple Fort for half a year.

Wei Che remembered that when that bitter slave hid under the sand and killed him, After the six Cyan Flame Thunderbolts were thrown out, the explosion of the Cyan Flame Lotus Flame covering the heavens and the earth was stronger and more profound than the two Cyan Flame Thunderbolts Chang Xi had used to attack Crimson Maple Castle. This meant that the Cyan Flame Thunderbolt had also greatly improved in the hands of the mysterious bitter slave in just three to five months

To be able to improve the performance of two different magic tools in such a short period of time, to make them more powerful, and to make the Imperial Envoy more proficient, his talent in artifact forging could be described as world-shocking.

Most of the Dao Cultivators who hadn't advanced to Heaven's Essence spent most of their time cultivating their own cultivation.

There were also a few cultivators who didn't have any magical artifacts suitable for him to sacrifice in the sect. They would also try to refine them themselves, but they could only refine magical artifacts that matched their own Dao Arts and profound arts.

By doing so, apart from comprehending the Dao Art Profound Art better and more thoroughly without delaying cultivation, only those magic tools that could be used together could fully unleash the power of the Dao Art Profound Art.

Even so, these people were already considered talented within the sect. They were already considered the sect's elites, leaving behind brilliant footprints in the long river of history.

As their cultivation progressed, these characters would refine even more powerful magical artifacts. The surplus was either handed over to the sect or given to the disciples for use.

Most of Qiyun Mountain's magical artifacts were passed down from generation to generation.

It wasn't that there weren't many artificers who were truly proficient in refining many different magical artifacts, but they were extremely rare, requiring the sect to invest a large amount of resources to cultivate them.

Any restriction formation was not fundamentally different from the Dao Arts and Profound Arts.

Therefore, for every magical artifact to be refined, an artificer must not only be proficient in the art of escaping armor and smelting, but also be able to comprehend the profound Dao techniques contained within the restrictive formation.

And when it comes to refining magical artifacts and formations, what is the difference between the difficulty of refining magical artifacts and the difficulty of cultivating magical profound arts?

Anyone who could do this, regardless of their cultivation realm, could be called a Grandmaster.

At this moment, there were only three to five people in Qiyun Mountain, and they were all great figures of the Ancestral Master level of Qiyun Mountain.

It was hard to imagine the value of a forging system that could improve two types of restrictive magic tools in just three to five months.

Wei Che was in a trance for a long time before he regained his senses and asked, "What should we do?"

"Take these things back to Mount Qiyun immediately. When Sect Master sees these things, he will naturally know what to do." Wei Guan said.

Wei Che nodded, knowing what Wei Guan meant.

Of course, they could send a message back to the sect to explain everything here.

However, all of this was too suspicious, and the sect might not really take it seriously. They might even think that they were exaggerating.

Only by bringing these Spirit Gathering Array Disks back to the sect and seeing them with their own eyes would Master truly understand. If possible, he should be invited to Qiyun Mountain at all costs.

"Jiang Xingkong's three subordinates were killed by this person, and they will never let it go." Wei Che thought of something, "What should we do?"

Wei Guan said, "Should we inform Mansion of Marquis Martial about this matter? It's not up to you and me to make a decision. However, I think that this person can hide in Crimson Maple Fort for half a year without revealing a trace. Even if Jiang Xingkong personally takes action, it won't be easy to kill him. I'm even more worried about whether Divine Night Sect will come out and beg for help "

Who could have imagined that a mere Early Reincarnation Realm cultivator would be able to kill three black-armored cavalry generals in the blink of an eye? Wei Che thought to himself, Jiang Xingkong wanted to take back the Eight Desolate Flag first, and then return the treasures that Chang Xi robbed back to the Yuanwu Marquis Manor. In a short period of time, it would be difficult for him to send many people to hunt down Li Yu and that bitter slave.

The Divine Night Sect was indeed the biggest variable, and even in the Divine Night Sect, such a talent in artifact forging was something that could be encountered but could not be sought.

"Chang Xi's temperament is obedient. She was forcefully escorted back to the sect by Xia Xiangyi for her misdeeds this time. She has a deep resentment in her heart. She might not be able to tell the truth about the Divine Night Sect, right?" Wei Che said, "Otherwise, you can tell Xia Xiangyi about this in person. If Xia Xiangyi really wants to take Slave Ku and Li Yu away, can Jiang Xingkong stop him?"

"Who can figure out what this female devil is thinking!" Wei Guan remembered what Chang Xi had done and couldn't help but smile bitterly.


Chen Xun's sword cut off the ferocious head of the Thorn Snake. He sweated profusely as he looked at the dozen or so Thorn Snakes lying in the valley covered in black scales. He didn't expect that killing these dozen or so Thorn Snakes would be so painstaking. The black scales on these Thorn Snakes were comparable to Demon Scales Armor. They moved like the wind, and their strength was boundless. They could bite the hardest diamond Rock in a single bite.

After this battle, Chen Xun was completely exhausted. Li Yu was also riddled with wounds, and a piece of black gold armor was bitten like a rag.

Apart from the fact that the black scales were hard and powerful, the dozen or so Thorn Snakes could also spit out a type of black mist flame.

Chen Xun began to use the Thunder Sound Sword to slash down the Thorn Snake. However, when the black mist sprayed out, his Spiritual Sense's sensitivity to the Thunder Meteorite Sword abruptly weakened.

If he hadn't retracted the Thunder Meteorite Sword in time, the only Earth-ranked magic sword in his hand would have fallen off the cliff.

After retrieving the Thunder Meteorite Sword, he discovered that the Thunder Meteorite Sword itself had not been damaged, but the spiritual aura he refined attached to the Thunder Meteorite Sword had been corroded to the point of seven to eight.

This black mist flame not only did great damage to the divine soul's spiritual sense; The shield formed from Spiritual Energy would soon be corroded by the black mist flames. After a fierce battle, the surface of Chen Xun's large shield made of scarlet black gold was also corroded by the black mist flames.

If he couldn't use his sword to kill the enemy, and if he had to guard against being sprayed with black mist flames that would injure his soul and vitality, this battle would be exceptionally difficult.

After battling back, more than a dozen kilometers deep valleys were beaten to pieces, and it was only then that the dozen or so Thorn Snakes that had drilled out of the cave were finally annihilated.

Seeing that Li Yu wasn't too busy bandaging his injuries and was squatting on the ground studying the dead Thorn Snakes, Chen Xun walked over and asked, "Have you ever seen such a Thorn Snake before, or is it a mutant unique to the depths of the Tu Shandong Ridge?"

"Thorned snakes are not uncommon in Wuteng and Gushan. The sand snakes we killed before were all varieties of Thorned snakes. However, these dozen or so Thorned snakes are truly too rare." Li Yu knitted his brows tightly as he struggled to remove a piece of snake scale and handed it to Chen Xun.

Chen Xun had just experienced such a hard snake scale. He held the Thunder Meteorite Sword in his hand and slashed it with all his might. It might not even be able to break it with a single slash. This was the first time Chen Xun had seen such a hard scale.

If that was the case, he would be able to swing it with all his might, at least 20,000 to 30,000 jin of strength. Even if it was an inch thick plate made of scarlet black gold, he would still be able to swing it in half.

If it weren't for Li Yu's incredibly powerful physical body and his extraordinary swordsmanship, the two of them would have been bitten to death by the dozen or so Thorn Snakes in the valley long ago.

Such a fierce battle, the valley was filled with traces of intense battles. It was not suitable to stay here for long. Chen Xun and Li Yu packed the corpses of these thorns into the Little Cosmos Pouch and moved along the ridge towards the North Mountain

The Great Wild God
Chapter 195

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