The Great Wild God
Chapter 197

Author: Geng Su
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ly, Chen Xun was afraid of implicating the Thousand Swords Sect, so he wanted to barge into the depths of the Absolute Mountain Ridge with Li Yu and deal with the people sent by Mansion of Marquis Martial to hunt them down.

However, when they entered the Tushan Mountain Ridge, they discovered the existence of Blood Pills and Demonic Fiends in the bodies of the alienated Thorned Snakes and Sandwolves. Chen Xun and Li Yu both knew that if the spatial rift connecting with the Thousand Demon Realm really appeared in the depths of the Tushan Mountain Ridge, a large amount of Demonic Fiends leaking into the Tushan Mountain Ridge would most likely bring an unspeakable calamity to Cloud Continent.

Within Tu Shan, there were tens of millions of desolate beasts. No one knew how long the spatial rift that connected to the Thousand Devil Realm had appeared, how large it was, how much devil spiritual energy had leaked into Tu Shan from the spatial rift, or how many desolate beasts in Tu Shandong Ridge had been affected by the devil spiritual energy and dissimilated.

Judging from the fact that even low-level desolate beasts like the Thorned Snake could form a Blood Core, the situation was probably even worse than he had imagined.

Compared to the possibility that the Marquis Yuan's Manor would cause trouble for the Thousand Swords Sect, the true calamity was the invasion of the Thousand Devil Realm Demonic Fiend into Tu Mountain.

The Gushan Mountain where the Thousand Sword Sect's mountain gate was located was the remnant of the Tu Shandong Ridge. The Thousand Sword Sect's mountain gate was only two to three thousand kilometers away from the Tu Shandong Ridge in a straight line.

Apart from a dozen small and medium-sized sects, Gushan Prefecture also had tens of millions of commoners.

Once the desolate beasts were affected by the demon fiend, they would kill and devour all the other creatures in Tu Shan. In the end, they would leave the east of Tu Shan Mountain Ridge and enter Gushan, Yunzhong, Yuanwu and other counties. The first to bear the brunt would be tens of millions of civilians, including the Thousand Sword Sect and other sects.

In comparison, Cang Lan was located to the west of Tu Shan, and was blocked by Tu Shan's Heavenly Flames. Unless Tu Shanxi Ridge appeared at the same time a spatial crack connecting with the Thousand Devil Realm, the impact would be much smaller, and Chen Xun did not need to worry too much about it for the time being.

Naturally, Li Yu would not bring up the matter of returning to the sect with such an important matter.

Ten days later, Chen Xun and Li Yu returned to the Thousand Swords Sect.

Ji Lie was cultivating in the mountains, and upon hearing the news, he quickly returned to the sect.

After looking at the corpses of more than a dozen Thorned Snakes, Sandwolves, and eight Blood Pills, Ji Lie's eyebrows furrowed.

During the hundred years of chaos in the Thousand Sword Sect, the lost collection was enormous, but the records of the Thousand Devil Sect, Blood Core, and Devil Fiend were all well preserved.

The corpses of Thorned Snakes, Sand Wolves, and Blood Pills were exactly the same as the records in the ancient records.

"I will immediately write a letter and send someone to send a corpse of a thorn snake and a blood pill to the Marquis Manor of Yuan Dynasty. In addition, Senior Brother Li Yu, follow me to the Divine Night Sect with Chen Xun "

Ji Lie also knew that the situation was grave. Although the Thousand Sword Sect, Mount Qiyun, and Mansion of Marquis Martial had been entangled in grudges for hundreds of years, killing and injuring hundreds of their disciples, they had to work together to deal with such a grave situation.

Otherwise, with the current strength of the Thousand Swords Sect, they could only abandon the mountain gate and retreat to the hinterland of Cloud Continent.

The mountain gate was the foundation, how could he give up so easily?

Ji Lie gathered the sect elders and deacons together. Everyone was aware of the seriousness of the problem. If they were to entangle their past grudges, they would only cause the Thousand Swords Sect to be annihilated by the impending calamity.

He wasn't sure if any of the five black-armored cavalry would be able to escape back to the Marquis Yuan Manor, and if the Thousand Swords Sect wanted to calm down their battle with Mount Qiyun, they would also need to send people to report to the Marquis Yuan Manor.

The Divine Night Sect was the leader of the various sects in the Northwest Region, and was also one of the seven sects that supported the Jiang Clan's title of Emperor. Their status in Yunzhou was extraordinary, and they had to shoulder more responsibilities at the same time.

If the depths of the Tushan Absolute Ridge truly contained a large number of demonic creatures affected by the Thousand Demon Realm demonic fiends, only the Divine Night Sect would have the power to join forces with the other sects to kill demonic creatures and seal off the might and strength of the Thousand Demon Realm.


In the plum valley of the Crimson Sun Peak, there were more than a hundred ancient plum branches that were slanted horizontally. Chang Xi could not see the charm of these ancient plums at all.

However, she was grounded here, and was forced to sit in Merlin for more than half a month to cultivate, feeling distracted.

If it weren't for the fact that these Gu Mei were Master's beloved items and had sent outer sect disciples to watch over them all year round, Chang Xi would have already wiped out all the plum trees in the valley with a single sword strike.

"Chang Xi!"

Hearing Xia Xiangyi push open the door and enter the courtyard, Chang Xi was not angry at all. She took out a sword art and a sword light could slash across it.

Xia Xiangyi was caught unprepared. Seeing that the sword light was a hundred feet wide and had the power to cut mountains and cut mountains, she could only use a bronze mirror to block it. However, the sword light scattered and shattered the bronze mirror as soon as it struck.

Xia Xiangyi thought that Chang Xi had calmed down. This sword light was only for fun. However, the scattered sword light turned into thousands of even more fragmentary sword lights and sword intent that swept towards Merlin. He was shocked. He didn't expect that Chang Xi's sneak attack on him was fake. He really wanted to use his hand to destroy Merlin.

Xia Xiangyi spat out her spirit essence and turned into a green dragon.

Although the azure dragon formed by Ling Yuan instantly gave birth to a hundred zhang, his movements were still half a beat slower. By the time the Ling Yuan dragon devoured the scattered sword light, nearly a hundred acres of Merlin had already been destroyed.

The two outer sect disciples who were guarding Plum Valley stared blankly at this scene and stood there with pale faces, not knowing what to do.

"Xia Xiangyi, you shattered the sword light I chopped out and destroyed Merlin like this. Let's see how you explain to Master " Chang Xi's face was cold as she coldly said. She glanced at the two outer sect disciples guarding Plum Valley with a cold gaze. This was to coerce them into being witnesses.

If she had known that Chang Xi would make him uneasy by handing over those two sand bandits, she would not have thought that she would really dare to destroy Master's beloved Merlin. Xia Xiangyi was also so angry that she could not laugh or cry. She asked, "What do you need to do to be willing to give up?"

Chang Xi smiled coldly and said, "Mansion of Marquis Martial offended me. I should have robbed him of so many treasures. Furthermore, Jiang said that you wouldn't get those things back. You insisted on being a bad person and taking the initiative to return them to Jiang Xingkong. What do you think I need to do before I'm willing to give up?"

Xia Xiangyi knew that Chang Xi's temper was obedient and she didn't care about those magical artifacts. She just used this excuse to make trouble, but he was speechless when facing Chang Xi's arrogance.

"If you give me the Heavenly Mirror, we won't owe each other anything." Chang Xi pointed at the bronze mirror in Xia Xiangyi's hand and said.

Xia Xiangyi's heart dripped with blood. This Heavenly Mirror was one of his most handy magic tools. However, when he thought of Chang Xi's endless torment, he mercilessly threw the Heavenly Mirror over and said, "Alright, alright, alright, I hope you can keep your word."

Chang Xi took the Heavenly Mirror and did not say that she would immediately erase the Soul Seal that Xia Xiangyi had attached to it and refine it again. Instead, she directly dripped a drop of her finger's blood onto the Heavenly Mirror.

This drop of finger blood quickly turned into a thin film of blood that was as thin as a cicada's wing and covered the mirror made of bronze. A river appeared on the mirror like a scroll of ink painting. On the river, there was a little spirit image flashing from west to east

Only then did Xia Xiangyi know that Chang Xi wanted his Heavenly Mirror. She really didn't want his magical artifact. Instead, she borrowed his Heavenly Mirror to probe for traces of people. She couldn't help but ask curiously, "You actually planted a 10,000 mile tracking talisman on those two sand bandits?"

The Ten Thousand Miles Tracking Talisman was also an extremely precious divine talisman in the Divine Night Sect. When used in conjunction with a Spirit Illuminating Magic Tool like the Heavenly Mirror, it could track people ten thousand kilometers away.

Normally speaking, only people above the Divine Night Sect's direct disciples would have a 10,000-mile tracking talisman with them, so that the sect could keep track of their safety at any time.

Xia Xiangyi did not expect that Chang Xi would actually use such a precious divine talisman on the Sand Pirates.

The main reason why Master ordered him to leave the mountain and chase Chang Xi back was because he had this Heavenly Mirror. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to find Chang Xi's shadow if he were any other senior brothers.

When Chang Xi heard Xia Xiangyi shouting in her ear, she looked at him with contempt. She smiled in her heart and said, "Wait until you know that fellow's ability, then you'll know if it's worth a 10,000 mile tracking talisman."

But when she thought of Chen Xun, Chang Xi's teeth itched with hatred. She didn't expect this brat to be unwilling to join the Divine Night Sect with her. She smiled in her heart and said, "Do you think you escaped from this old mother's palm?"

Xia Xiangyi did not know what Chang Xi was thinking in her heart, but seeing the smile on her face, her heart felt a little cold. In the next moment, she saw that the scroll of mountains and rivers revealed by the Heavenly Mirror was extremely familiar. She said in surprise,

"Is this asking Mei Du?"

Chang Xi was also puzzled. Chen Xun should be doing everything in his power to avoid the pursuit of the Marquis of Yuan Dynasty. Why did he come all the way to Wen Meidu, who was outside Divine Night Mountain?

Could it be that something unexpected happened to Chen Xun? Li Yu brought Chen Xun all the way to the Divine Night Sect and asked for help from her?

Chang Xi only planted a 10,000 mile tracking talisman on Chen Xun's body, so she was unable to reveal the whereabouts of others. She didn't know if anyone was chasing after Chen Xun, but when she put the Heavenly Mirror into her pocket, she turned into a flowing shadow and rushed out of the mountain.

"Master ordered you to be grounded in Plum Valley for three years, and you went down the mountain without permission. Aren't you afraid that Master will punish you?" Xia Xiangyi saw Chang Xi directly run out of the mountain gate, and the outer sect disciples guarding Chang Xi didn't dare to stop him, so he could only fly after him and shout.

"I will save him and return to Plum Valley. If you don't complain, how will Master know?" Chang Xi Xing's eyes widened in anger. She drew out a sword art with her fingers and stepped out of the green lotus with her bare jade feet. If Xia Xiangyi did not give way, she would not show mercy.

Seeing the murderous aura in Chang Xi's beautiful eyes, Xia Xiangyi felt bitter in her heart. She could only say, "As long as you return to Plum Valley afterwards, I will accompany you there "

Chang Xi's face was cold and she didn't say a word. She followed the obvious tracks of the Heavenly Mirror and flew towards the mountain gate. However, when she saw Chen Xun in front of the mountain gate, Li Yu stood down the mountain with a middle-aged man. He didn't seem to be in the slightest bit of danger or coerced.

The middle-aged man was dressed in a long robe. He looked ordinary, carrying a long sword behind him. However, his aura merged into the mountains and valleys, causing Chang Xi to be unable to see through the depths.

At this moment, a rainbow silhouette came from the sky and landed in front of the mountain gate. It crossed its arms and folded its whisk, saluting the middle-aged man, "The Sect Leader knows that Sect Master Ji has arrived and is already respectfully welcoming you at the Crimson Sun Palace "

Only then did Chang Xi know that the middle-aged man in front of her was the Thousand Sword Sect's Sect Master, Xiaoyao Sword Ji Lie, and the person who came out of the sect to welcome him was the inner sect elder of the Divine Night Sect, Gu Wentian.

Xia Xiangyi hurriedly went forward to salute Ji Lie, "Under the Divine Night Valley's Yang Peak, Xia Xiangyi greets Sect Leader Ji "

After Qianjian Lie's decline, he was no longer a major sect in the Northwest Region. However, Ji Lie had comprehended the Great Freedom Sword Intent. In his sixties, he had refined the Origin Pill and became a Origin Pill Taoist. His fame was far beyond that of Xia Xiangyi.

Even though Divine Night Sect was one of the seven sects and ranked first among the sects in the Northwest Region, and there were many Origin Pill Taoist in the sect, which one of them didn't cultivate for more than a hundred years to achieve such a feat?

However, he did not understand why Ji Lie had brought the two Sand Pirates to the Divine Night Sect.

The Great Wild God
Chapter 197