The Leftover Woman’s Big Marriage, the CEO’s Favorite Darling
Chapter 1

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“You’re Lin Xihe?”

Lin Xihe looked at the unfamiliar woman in front of her with confusion. She was dressed messily but remained extremely arrogant, the look in her eyes capable of making other people feel very uncomfortable.

“I’m Lin Xihe. Excuse me, may I ask who you are?”


The response to Lin Xihe’s question was a slap she couldn’t resist.

“You bitch. Son of a bitch! You dare seduce my husband, see if I don’t beat you to death! I’ll kill you, you whore. Son of…”

The woman didn’t give Lin Xihe another chance to react. After another slap in the face, she rushed up to tear Lin Xihe’s clothes and hair, cursing incessantly.

Lin Xihe, who was wearing high heels, quickly tumbled onto the floor after the woman’s shove.

The woman sat on top of her waist, ruthlessly ripping at her hair with more strength and yanked her face upwards. “Slut, whore. Son of a bitch huo…”

When the security guard came to pull the woman away, the woman still held a handful of Lin Xihe’s hair in her hands, and Lin Xihe’s flesh and blood remained underneath her fingernails.

Lin Xihe was in shambles: Her face scratched up, hair pulled into a hideous mess, and the buttons of her blouse were stretched taught, revealing the black bra inside…

The most embarrassing thing is the looks and words of disdain being directed towards her!

“Seducer. Leading on someone else’s husband. Son of a bitch, worn-out goods…..”

Being held back by two security guards, the woman fiercely struggled, still wanting to attack Lin Xihe.


“Xihe, you have to hear me out!” Jiang Junxun stopped Lin Xihe and pleaded she listen to his own difficulties.

Lin Xihe didn’t even glance at him.

“I have nothing to say to you.”

She never anticipated that a melodramatic scene like this, something out of a soap opera, would unexpectedly happen to her!

After three years of love, they were going to talk about marriage, only now does she learn he’s a married man!

“Xihe, I didn’t mean to lie to you! Besides, I really will divorce her!”

Junxun held her back and refused to let go.

Lin Xihe couldn’t struggle free of his grasp, so she could only coldly stare at him, the corner of her mouth revealing a sneer.

“But you’re still a married man! Jiang Junxun, I hate being deceived by others the most! And then, you lie to my feelings?! That’s even more despicable!

“Xihe, I’m very sincere in my feelings for you! These years we’ve been together have been happy, right?”

“It’s really not what you think! I have no affection for that woman at all, I was pressured into getting married to her. I’ve also wanted to divorce her, it’s just that-”

“Enough!” Lin Xihe coldly rebuked, her eyes unable to cover up the disgust within.

“Jiang Junxun, I’m afraid every cheating bastard has said these lines before. Did you think I’d be convinced with just those words? Even If I can believe it, this doesn’t change the fact that the feelings between us were bullsh*t-“

“-Did you know that the more you try to justify your actions, the more you disgust me? It makes me sick to think I used to treat other people’s food as a delicacy.”

“Xihe, I —”

Lin Xihe stomped the top of his foot, taking advantage of his pain to free herself of his grasp, and without warning, took a few steps backward.

“Don’t show your face in front of me again! I’m sick of seeing you!”

“Xihe, please trust me! I’ve never really wanted to lie to you. I love you!”

Jiang Junxun was unwilling to give up, once again approaching her. He really loved her.

“Get lost!”

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The Leftover Woman’s Big Marriage, the CEO’s Favorite Darling
Chapter 1