The Leftover Woman’s Big Marriage, the CEO’s Favorite Darling
Chapter 3

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The visitor had eyes which shone like cold stars with two curved eyebrows which almost looked almost as if the were painted on. This, alongside a tall nose and thin lips.

His appearance was breath-taking, his imposing manner even more so.

It was Pei Yi’s youngest son, Pei Yiheng.

Pei Yiheng was an illegitimate child. After Pe Yi’s original partner, Li Yuan died, Pei Yiheng’s mother married into the Pei family. Pei Yiheng was an illegitimate child. 

With his outstanding talent, courage, and boldness, he quickly became Pe Yi’s favorite son.

However, he’s not the the only young master of the Pei family, therefore the battle for the position of ‘head of household’ has been raging like a wildfire.

Lin Xihe and Pei Yiheng have met each other before, but they didn’t have a deep relationship. It’s difficult for two people with the same cold temperament to become friends.

“Yiheng, this is your uncle Lin’s eldest daughter, Lin Xihe, remember?”

Pei Yi intends to make these two youngsters a happily married couple.

Pei Yiheng’s sword-like brows slightly rose. Looking towards Lin Xihe, he said: “The number one beauty in Yangcheng? Of course, I remember.”

Lin Xihe couldn’t tell whether his words were sarcastic or sincere, so she didn’t respond to them. She just nodded her head lightly as a greeting.

“Uncle Pei, I’ve also made an appointment with a friend today. I’ll come again later to see you.”

“An appointment with a friend? At what time? If it’s not too soon, why not join us for dinner?”

It’s rare for the two young people to meet with each other, Pei Yi just hopes they get along well and can swiftly cultivate feelings for one another.

“No. My friend is already waiting for me. time.”

Pei Yiheng suddenly said: “To leave as soon as I arrive, could it be that beauty Lin has a problem with me?”

Lin Xihe looked at him, those eyes of his glittered like stars within the depths of an ocean.

“You misunderstand me, I really have a date with a friend today. Uncle Pei, sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Come and play often when you have time. Yiheng, give Xihe a ride.”

Lin Xihe hastily refused. “Uncle Pei, you need not trouble yourself.”

“It’s not convenient to take a taxi here, so let Yiheng give you a ride. I haven’t been in good health these past couple days, otherwise, I’d drive you myself.”

Speaking of this, it would rude if Lin Xihe continued to refuse. “Then, I’ll be troubling you.”

“It’s my pleasure.” He smiled faintly, both graceful and poised.

Pei Yiheng’s vehicle is a black Cayenne. The contours are smooth and sleek, extremely dazzling; a perfect match for the owner’s temperment.

Lin Xihe didn’t want to get too close to Pei Yiheng, but as he was personally giving her a ride, she sat down in the passenger seat.

“Where’s the date with your friend?” When she buckled her seatbelt, Pei Yiheng asked, starting the car.

“Pedestrian street. But, dropping me off at Huilong center is also fine. Thanks.”

The Pei family’s residence is near the suburbs, so it isn’t easy to hail a taxi. The Huilong center is close to the city, so there ought to be dozens of taxis. 

Pei Yiheng faintly glanced at her, his eyes deep and unmeasurable. “Are you afraid of me? Or is it that you’re afraid of your boyfriend misunderstanding?”

“Mr. Pei worries too much. But Mr. Pei must be very busy, I’m embarrassed to have caused you so much trouble.” The word “boyfriend” still made Lin Xihe feel a prickling pain in her heart, but her face did not show it.

The corners of Pei Yiheng’s mouth raised upwards, but he didn’t answer. Nevertheless, he continued sending her to pedestrian street. 

“Thank you!” Lin Xihe gave a small smile, before opening the car to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

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The Leftover Woman’s Big Marriage, the CEO’s Favorite Darling
Chapter 3