The Magic Academy’s Romantic Circumstances
Chapter 29

Author: Kazuki Wataru
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Every single time, why am I clueless like this? Didn’t the magical history teacher tell me that it was an upperclassman who is “in a year level higher than third year” and “someone I am acquainted with”? I should have been able to guess since I only knew a few people less than the fingers of one hand.

“…Gilbert-senpai, are you on my team?”

“Yeah. But I don’t know if you can call a group of only two people as a team.”

While embracing me in his arms, Senpai nodded and gave me his best smile as he looked at my upturned face. When he asked me whether I am glad or not, of course I am glad. There’s not much time we can spend together since we are in a different year level. To be together in a formal event, it is a wish come true.

……But I think to be together like this is too much.

Although we just started dating, we are more or less, uhm . . . lovers. How did this strict academy bring the two of us together fairly?

Don’t tell me, Senpai used the connection of the Kralvane family?

I don’t want to put it like that but there’s a possibility. I closed my mouth instinctively…… but I received an unexpected answer.

“Don’t worry. His family is not involved in this matter. In the first place, the academy is not lenient as to accept a person’s intervention even if that person is from a noble family.”

It was a male voice that was different from Senpai’s. Getting away from him in a hurry, a person who appears to be a teacher approached us. He was lightly raising his hand in a friendly manner.

“You are…”

His blue hair is lighter than Senpai’s and his left eye is hidden  . . . his eye is golden like that of a cat. I think he’s in his mid-twenties. He is really familiar with that black and light gray robe he is wearing.

“That matter with Eliza, in the practical room…”

“Ah, right. I haven’t taught in your class. I am Barrett of the Science of Magical Arts and also the one in-charge of the practical/combat lessons.”

Although they have a different hair and eye color, Barrett-sensei reminds me of Xerxes Break from “Pandora Hearts”

He greeted me with an amicable smile and I lowered my head at the confusion. Barrett . . . Barrett-sensei? I think I’ve heard that name somewhere……

“That’s right. The strongest teacher in the academy that Monica mentioned!”

Yes, the teacher who I could approach “should I need a consultation about Senpai”. I thought he was much older but he was actually such a young man.

“Haha, being called the strongest is too much of a praise. Well, I think it proves to be helpful, so if you have any worries, please do not hesitate to rely on me.”

His only visible eye gently narrowed. Meanwhile, Senpai who seemed “to be in trouble” bitterly smiled as he raised both of his hands.

…I don’t have troubles anymore. Because I came to love Senpai.

Without saying those thoughts out loud, Senpai put his big hand on my waist and pulled me to him. Did he see my thoughts? Although I normally looked natural, it’s cunning of him to notice something like this.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be discussing about the day after tomorrow. Please flirt with each other after that.”

The loud sound of clapping put an end on the sweet atmosphere. Documents for two people are lined up on a

…Senpai openly made a disappointed expression and I can’t help but laugh.

“First, I am sorry for making you come to a far room. There was also that case you were involved in last time, so I pretty much called you here as a precaution.”

To make sure, he added that those girls are still on their mandatory leave of absence so I was slightly relieved. Since it is a test that would surely entail fighting, I absolutely need to keep my eyes on those kinds of people.

“Excuse me, about our partnership…?”

“Yes, this is my decision as the supervisor. Of course, please do not worry because I did not favor this because of Kralvane-kun’s family.”

I felt reassured at his clear explanation. Good, it seems that it was a partnership based on my grades as a poor student. I am happy to be with Senpai but I do not want him to abuse his authority just for my personal feelings.

“Let me explain about that as well. Please open the documents.”

After I checked about my situation, next, we were instructed to open the documents on hand. It seems that the several sheets of paper contained a record of something……

“This, This is Senpai’s—!”

“Gilbert Kralvane” was written in the upper right column. It’s no doubt with those letters and numbers finely written. It is the assessment chart of Senpai’s practical lessons.

“Eh, is it okay for me to see this?!”

“I don’t mind. I’m not troubled if others see it.”

Contrary to me who was flustered, Senpai was confused. Well, it was a document that the teacher presented so it is not a top secret but…

………But it should be fine if I see this.

When I looked at the characters again, it was mostly highly rated. His performance on attack magic is especially outstanding. All the numbers that are written side by side are something that only I could see. Then it is not troublesome if I see it.


Among his high scores, deduction points were also written here and there. Though it can’t be helped that he has no recovery magic because he doesn’t have an aptitude, deduction points were also given for his assistance magic and defense magic.

It was like . . . only his attack magic is admirable…?

“You noticed, right?”

“Err, Senpai’s grades . . . seems to be a little one-sided.”

“You’re right. His attack skills were truly amazing but except from that, the others are disappointing.”

I don’t think those deducted points given were disappointing. But Senpai seemed to be also aware so I nodded in agreement. By the way, I was told later after school that he was a “specialist of destruction”.

“Moving on to the next document. Ms. Foster, you recognize it, right?”

“! ! ! ! !”

Turning to the next sheet as instructed, a terrible thing appeared before my eyes. Despite having a similar format, the written contents were sparse. The amount is one third lesser than the one earlier.

…In other words, it is the assessment chart of my practical lessons.

“Meryl, this, err . . . Sorry, words. . .”

“Please don’t say it. I am fully aware!”


Well, if Senpai’s assessment chart is here, naturally mine will also be here!!

Compared to his grades, the difference of our grades is like heaven and earth, exactly a poor student!! That what the contents are implying. Some even have the word “unsuitable”. I want to die.

“……Oh, is that so? So that’s the case.”

“You also noticed, right?”

As if trying to console me who fell prostrate, Senpai pointed to me the assessment charts. The only added points were evaluation for recovery magic and . . . assistance magic. It doesn’t look bad if you only look at that part. Except from that, all else are catastrophic.

“We are truly opposite.”


I felt relieved with those kind words. It’s just like a piece of a puzzle. Points deducted from Senpai’s chart overlapped with my only evaluated points.

“So that’s the reason for this partnership. We are really compatible, Meryl.”


Certainly, it is best if we stay together and compensate each other’s weak points. The burden on Senpai’s shoulders is obviously heavy but considering the difference between the top year level and the elementary course level, this combination seems possible.

I secretly stretched out my hand under the desk and took his hand. Well, I might be able to compensate for the things he lacked. Thinking about that, I felt my hand being grasped more strongly, warming my heart. Perhaps Senpai felt the same because he flashed me a soft smile in return.

“Hey, hey, like I said, please flirt with each other after I’m gone, okay~!”

“I-I’m sorry!”

…Another sweet atmosphere was interrupted by another person’s voice.

Not good. Whenever I am with Senpai, I am drunk with happiness. I am the poor student, so I have to be self-conscious and observant.

“…Well, based on those facts, I partnered him with Ms. Foster, though . . .”


This time, it was us who tilted our heads in confusion. When we asked for further explanation, Sensei smiled and pointed his finger on the third document.

Practical Exam Records?

The third one is another assessment chart of Senpai.

Although the assessment of the “Practical” which was recently conducted was written, the words “Caution Needed” was attached at the end of the long sentence.

“That was the record of the ‘Two-Person Practical Exam’ that occurred the other day. The contents are as written.”


His scores are not bad. He was highly rated like in his previous practical exams, and they wrote quite good things, especially on his attack magic.

“The last one, what is this?”

“It is what is written. He is an excellent magician when he fights alone but when he has a teammate, it was decided that he “requires caution”.

…It seems that Senpai also has some things to consider. I felt my hands slightly tremble.

“That exam was conducted to assess if one can fight while being attentive to his surroundings. If they could complement each other, then magicians can fight much better than when they are alone.”

That’s true. In order to use big magic, a procedure called “casting” is necessary in most cases, and during that time there will be some gaps. Therefore, it is preferable to have at least two people in case of emergency. That way, the magicians can complement each other and buy the others some time. Naturally, those who can be attentive to their surroundings are truly excellent magicians.

“That day, he was partnered with his close friend. However, he did not care about his partner at all and continued on attacking by himself.


This time, it was Senpai who grasped my hand tighter. Like an affirmation.

“Originally, his fighting style is already dangerous. He neglected their safety and attacked a lot. Even if it is a practical, or ‘training’, of course there is danger.”


I said in a reproachful voice. He looked at me and instantly laughed at me. Although there is nothing to laugh about.

“Even if he said he was the decoy, they were surrounded by enemies. There’s a limit to the number of people that can be attracted. And, the student who was partnered with him will be taken alone. And Kralvane-kun’s partner is ‘a student who is good other than attacking’, right?”


I see. This time it is I, who is the same as “that kind of person”. Isn’t it fatal?

“Why did you do such thing, Senpai?”

“Sorry, it’s just . . .”

If I put myself in his shoes, I can understand how frightening it is to be abandoned. Rather, it is impossible. If it’s me, I would surrender immediately.

As I looked at him with scolding eyes, Senpai murmured, “I’m sorry,” and lowered his head… Like a dog with downcast ears and tail. Yes, he should reflect on it a lot.

“Well, we can say that he is strong, but it is not enough if he has little awareness of his surroundings. However, it might be different if his partner is his lover.”

Senpai kept nodding his head. His hand that was connected to mine grasped it firmly.

“I am expecting, Kralvane-kun. Ms. Foster, you are not inferior as what you believed. You might be anxious as an elementary course student, but please support him. You can surely do it.”


When his cat eye softly narrowed, I nodded back at him. I don’t want to be left behind but I can become Senpai’s strength, I will do my best.

Whether he was satisfied with our reply or not, the teacher rose slowly from his seat, and walked with his one hand raised. “Misconduct inside the academy is strictly prohibited, but if it is flirting, go ahead~♪” he said as he kept on laughing.

At the same time the door was closed, I was drawn into Senpai’s arms again.

“…I will do my best. So please, don’t leave me behind. Okay?”

“That’s pretty obvious. Should I release you?”

My lover who was whispering and snuggled closer to me is really cute. (T/N: Ehh~ So innocent.) It seems that he also realized what I’ve done so maybe I shouldn’t worry. I am grateful with all my heart to Barrett-sensei for finding reasons in order to pair us.

“I’ll definitely protect you, Meryl.”

“Yes, I look forward to it.”

I am afraid to fight but for your sake, I will do my best.

Two more days before the troublesome test.

The Magic Academy’s Romantic Circumstances
Chapter 29