The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
Chapter 10: It's Bright Daylight, Some Drama Queens Ought To Wake Up, Stop Dreaming.

Author: Mo Shang Wang
Source: Webnovel

With a flip, he laid on his back and gazed at the ceiling, but what appeared before his eyes was a short video he had chanced upon a year ago.

The protagonist was a very young man, very good-looking and dressed simply.

The man held a microphone, speaking in a deep voice. "In China, eSports 1 is a newly rising sports event, currently still unaccepted by a small group of people. It cannot be denied that our talents in the aspect of eSports are considered to be lagging behind those of other countries. Yet, I believe that there will come a day where an all-Chinese team will be wearing the red flag with five stars, standing on the highest spot on the podium for the international league, with all eyes fixed upon them, filled with glory."

The man's eyes were shining, and his lips tugged up in a small smile.

That was Ji Zhiyao's very first time seeing Fi-god and also the initial reason for him to drop into the pit known as Heroes.

Bringing the red flag with five stars to the highest point of the podium, these words were already enough to set one's blood on fire.

Although he was currently a gaming broadcaster with totally no relation to these words, Fi-god… should not be used by this sort of almost unknown influencer to gain attention.

Though the influencer's post was not read by many people, there too were many people on the Internet who did not know the truth. The public opinion might be entrenched as such. Together with Almighty Fi's almost dead Weibo account, if there was no proper explanation, it was not known what might happen in the future.

Ji Zhiyao lowered his gaze to read the post again and suddenly sat up, getting off the bed to switch on the computer.

A minute later, several game effects sounded.

Ji Zhiyao logged on, found the match history's record, took a screenshot, and sent it to his phone.

Another minute passed.

[IndefiniteFutureV: Met Fi-god in a matchup in the morning three days ago and was totally trashed. Actually didn't want to share this, but I'm participating in a tournament today and decided to put out a part of my dark history to entertain you guys and accumulate some credit score 2 . Also, it's bright daylight, some drama queens ought to wake up, stop dreaming. [image] ]

After posting on Weibo, Ji Zhiyao felt much better.

Downing half a glass of water, he unknowingly tapped to enter the homepage of user 'Mix.FiV.'

Thirty seconds later, 'IndefiniteFutureV's following count went from 39 to 40.

After everything was done, Ji Zhiyao intentionally avoided looking at his comments and direct messages. Instead, he looked up to check the wall clock.

The hour hand was about to reach the number 10, and he grabbed his phone and went out the door, going straight to Silver Throne Shopping Center.

The sun was harsh as usual. Its rays were blinding, making it hard to open one's eyes.

Ji Zhiyao did not like heat and walked very quickly. Even so, when he arrived at the entrance of the shopping center, the black hair above his forehead was already wet from his perspiration. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click a href="" for visiting.

He casually swept his hair and took large steps into the shopping center

Indoors and outdoors were two entirely different worlds.

Ji Zhiyao saw in a glance the large stage on the first level that was directly facing the entrance. Probably due to the fact that a professional team had been invited, not only was the event space almost two times larger than the area used previously, but fences were also surrounding all around.

The audience here to watch the match should only sit on the few rows of benches outside of the fences, watching the large LCD screen placed right in the center of the stage.

Arranging the place as such in a short period of time was not an easy task, and it was evident that some thought had gone into it.

Ji Zhiyao went straight to the entrance, stopping before a staff. His slightly smiling eyes were very friendly. "Hi, I am here to participate in the tournament."

The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
Chapter 10: It's Bright Daylight, Some Drama Queens Ought To Wake Up, Stop Dreaming.