The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
Chapter 11: "Today Let's Show Them, What Is Known As 'the True Experts Are Amongst The Common Folk’!"

Author: Mo Shang Wang
Source: Webnovel

The staff girl holding the registration clipboard asked, "What is your phone number?"

Ji Zhiyao recited a string of numbers, and the girl verified it before passing the clipboard to him. "Please sign first."

Ji Zhiyao easily found his phone number amongst the five in the list and filled in the eight words "HasMelonRindBeenGayToday" under the username column.

After signing, he handed the clipboard back to the girl, completely unaware that her expression had suddenly become complex after looking at the list.

"You may enter now. The side with the blue wall background is the place for the leisure team; there are labels attached to every computer. Do find your own seat according to the labels."

The girl explained in detailed, and Ji Zhiyao thanked her after and walked towards the inside of the fences.

There were three males already seated before the blue wall while the red side was empty.

As of now, it was less than ten minutes before the tournament would start at 10:30 am.

As expected, the opposing team was a professional battleteam.

Ji Zhiyao criticized silently, yet not one bit of abnormality could be seen on his face as he walked towards the blue side with a smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click a href="" for visiting.

His temporary teammates were all really young, looking around 18 to 19 years old. One of them was quite handsome, and with a cold demeanor, he was the aloof type that most girls would like.

Ji Zhiyao glanced at the label on his computer, and there loomed the three letters 'adc.'

It was a carry position, but he was just not sure how good his handling skills were.

He drew out the chair and sat down.

Looking up, he met the calm gazes of two people left and right. Ji Zhiyao nodded to each as a form of greeting.

In response, the aloof male simply nodded and indifferently turned to look elsewhere. Whereas the boy playing mid-lane had a friendlier smile and even leaned forward. "Hey, nice to meet you."

Since he had thrown out an olive branch, Ji Zhiyao could not ignore it and smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"The competition is about to begin, yet our support is nowhere to be seen, as with the opponent team. How worrying." The mid-lane player sighed in a model manner and, following that, grew excited again. "This is my first time competing against a professional team! I would always see on social media about how professional teams look down on amateur players like us. Today, let's show them what is known as 'the true experts are amongst the common folk!'"

The mid-lane player's words were spoken with conviction, but he did not hear a reply from Ji Zhiyao and could not help but turn to ask. "Brother, am I right?"

Fi-god should see, this is then the true eighth-grade syndrome.

Ji Zhiyao did not reply, merely pointing his chin into the distance. "I think the support is here."

The mid-lane player was distracted as expected. "Where where where?"

From not too far away, a girl with two pigtails was carrying a little sling bag, skipping towards the competition stage.

Her height was even cuter than her two pigtails.

The mid-lane player was silenced.

Even the top-lane player and icy dude's glances were instantly frozen when they looked up.

Ji Zhiyao was the first to look away.

This support girl was quite familiar to him.

She was an internet broadcaster too and was on the same platform as him. Her skills in burst support 1 were superb.

As people say, 'Face of an angel, heart of a demon.'

The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
Chapter 11: "Today Let's Show Them, What Is Known As 'the True Experts Are Amongst The Common Folk’!"