The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
Chapter 12: Who Are They Looking Down On Now?

Author: Mo Shang Wang
Source: Webnovel

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When Ji Zhiyao lifted his head once more, the support girl had already bounced onto the stage and was standing less than a meter away from him, examining him with her head tilted.

The manner in which the remaining people were looking at him was a little weird.

Ji Zhiyao rubbed his head feebly, stood up, and shook his arm. "Super loli, what a coincidence."

"It's really you." The girl's voice was also cutesy. "I thought I got the wrong person."

She swept a look at the other three males. "Are there any other broadcasters among you three? Two of the five famous broadcasters from the platform are standing here. What's up, are we trying to clobber W.J. into muggles?"

Ji Zhiyao was baited by her mouthful of coarse words that he could not help but revealed his true personality. "I think Silver Throne has something against W.J. that they intentionally hired us a bunch of actors, hoping to hold them down on the floor and ruffle them up."

The girl waved her hand sturdily, speaking as she walked next to her seat. "Getting arrogant yeah. We should at least give them some face. By the way, the competition is starting in two minutes, why isn't W.J. here yet? Are they waiting for us to bring a palanquin with eight carriers to go fetch them?"

Ji Zhiyao said, "I guess Silver Place spent quite a lot just on inviting this lucky treasure. If they haven't relished enough themselves, how would they bear to let them out without creating some suspense and anticipation first?"

"You're not wrong. Still, I heard that W.J. has not played a single practice match this summer, so this tournament is probably just a warm-up for them."

Ji Zhiyao responded with a sneer and was just about to say something when he realized in hindsight that their three temporary teammates were staring at them baffled. He coughed lightly and swallowed back the obscenities, cheering dully. "All the best, let's thrash them."

The girl let out a seemingly mocking laugh.

"Here they come."

Ji Zhiyao turned to look to the front to see an uneven row of people in short red sleeves with hands in their pockets, yawning and sauntering up the stage. As they went past the amateur team, there were even sneering and muted remarks.

Currently, it was three minutes later than the set timing for the tournament.

Ji Zhiyao tugged the corner of his lips.

Who are they looking down on now?

The people in W.J. team dropped into their seats still with uninterested and frivolous behaviors.

The emcee in a suit and leather shoes walked on stage with a mic and gave a succinct introduction. "These are the amateur team formed from an audition and the professional team W.J. The tournament officially begins. The matches are divided into three modes of 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Playing for the best two out of three modes, it begins now."

The large screen behind lighted up, and the valley where champions battled appeared on the screen.

Just as everyone in the amateur team was preparing to put on their ear-mics, a voice not too loud nor too soft came from W.J.'s side. "Even with subsidiary accounts 1 we would bash them anytime. Let's just use our second accounts. The standard of this tournament is so low, so let's finish quickly and find a place for lunch. I'm dying of hunger."

The one who spoke was a man with green hair and was around 22 years old. As he spoke, he did not forget to send provocative looks towards everyone before the blue wall.

Both the top-lane and mid-lane youths instantly turned red, and the support girl was about to roll up her sleeves in fury to beat someone up. Even the aloof male was no longer calm.

Ji Zhiyao placed his ear-mic back into its original spot with narrowed eyes. The smile on his lips was filled with a callousness inconsistent with his age.

"Big brother, if your second account isn't a Challenger-ranked one, then don't use it. I'm afraid it would hurt our eyes and should you accidentally mishandle your operations, people would think you are intentionally throwing the game."

Everyone was silent, and as the green-haired man was about to open his mouth to speak, Ji Zhiyao continued while absentmindedly playing with the ear-mic's wire. " time you have such an event, remember to eat before you come. I am such a kind person. Not only am I worried while face of yours that is soon to be retired about how many long more you can keep your identity of a professional player but I'm also worried whether you will have the appetite to eat after losing terribly."

The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!
Chapter 12: Who Are They Looking Down On Now?