The Princess Wants to Die Comfortably

I now possess the body of Ophelia, the villainess in the story ‘The Crown Prince Returns’.
And just like the protagonists in the other reincarnated novels, I thought I would fare well.

I died by getting guillotined the first time, the second time was getting my limbs torn apart, third was suicide by poison, and by the fourth time, I was struck with arrows atop the throne.

And by the fifth restart, even if I tried to stray from the original storyline, I would still be doomed to die.

“Concoct a poison for me. Not one that’s painful, but one that’ll kill me slowly.”

Therefore, this time, with all my heart and soul, I wished to die properly for once.

“After I ascend the throne, are you leaving me behind?”
“I sincerely hope that her highness survives, no matter what.”
“Your Highness, I wish to get to know you better.”

All these people surrounding aren’t letting me die off easily!



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