The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love
Chapter 18 Part 8

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“Just like this …”

The gnome form is clearly physically weak but his attitude was very aggressive.

… A kiss.

After it was finished, the two of them were left panting. Xiu glanced at the doujinshi and seemed to be thinking of something. He said to Du Ze: “Yesterday I made some toys based on the drawings.”

So Du Ze watched as his family’s Moe Lord took out a lot of toys, presaging the impending fall of someone’s moral integrity.

The gnome’s child-like, pure, harmless appearance vs. his naughty actions …The contrast was quite wicked and shocking.

Du Ze was stunned.

The corners of Xiu’s mouth curved up, like a child who found a new toy and a little friend to play with: “Let’s have fun, okay?”

— Moe Lord, tell me you’re joking or this little student won’t be able to sleep tonight thinking of how the gnome race’s talent for forging was used for this!


The gnome blinked. “You said you would fulfill all my wishes today.”


R.I.P. in Peace, silly, cute reader.

Du Ze, with his hands crossed behind his back, watched Xiu tie him up with black leather belts of varying thickness.

“… I’m not going to struggle.” So don’t tie me up, okay?! QAQ

“This was what the drawing showed.” Xiu pointed at the doujinshi, like a good student who had studied hard.

Du Ze looked at the image of Xiu in the book and the Xiu outside of the book. The two images superimposed themselves in his mind and the fearless, daring image made his breath catch in his throat.

“This is next. And this … It won’t hurt.” Xiu’s voice was as sweet as honey. It was as though he was reassuring a child who was afraid of an injection. He kissed Du Ze’s forehead: “I won’t hurt you.”

Although, as Xiu had said, there was no pain at all, Du Ze felt it was more unbearable than any previous injury.

“Waaah …”

There was the feeling of being completely bound.

After he was finished, Xiu stared at his masterpiece. The black-haired youth’s colors were all black and white.

These two extremes of color contrasted with each other, making the other color seem more vivid and alive.

“It’s beautiful.”

Ahh …

Xiu stretched out his hand and caressed Du Ze. His skin was already showing the marks of the black belts. During the elf trial, he found that this person’s skin was very white and that the marks left on it would be an unusual and erotic color.

He still had some doubts about what he read in the book but now he fully understood that this type of temptation was hard to resist.

“Du Ze… “ Xiu sighed as though someone sinking into a dream. “You are truly wonderful.”

“Mmmph …”

The expression on that normally cold and impassive face was now bewitchingly charming.

Xiu smiled sweetly. His words were intimate and possessive. “You can only be satisfied by me.”


Overwhelming pleasure.


He untied the belt and embraced Du Ze whose skin was covered by red marks. Xiu laughed like a mischievous child who had gotten away with stealing food.

“Let’s continue playing.”

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The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love
Chapter 18 Part 8