The Trembling World
Chapter 98

Author: Ao Bi Ye
Source: Imported

ly with DuDu on the 89th floor, Zhang ShengNan was scolded by Liu Gan as dumb and stupid. She had lost all her pride. Even if Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong apologized to her and ShengLi slapped himself on the face, she couldn’t restore her pride. This was because she knew that these two men had always accommodated her, even if they didn’t share her viewpoint nor supported the things she did.

However, an opportunity was right in front of her. This was a chance to prove to them that she was right and Liu Gan was wrong. She wouldn’t miss this chance.

“ShengNan, DuDu said his mom put him inside the cage to protect him. Right now, there are two cages, so there’s no way two mothers would trap their kids inside cages. There is something suspicious going on!” Zhang ShengLi understood his sister’s competitiveness. He knew what she was thinking, so he had to remind her.

“Little girl, why are you trapped in there?” Zhang ShengNan ignored her brother, and she went straight to the cage to ask the girl a question.

“I was captured by them for their experiments, and they wouldn’t stop injecting me with medicine. I don’t know what they were doing. I’m scared…” The young girl said while she was sobbing.

“DuDu was definitely lying!” Zhang ShengLi said after hearing that. At that time, he nearly believed the story told by DuDu, luckily Liu Gan was able to see through the lies.

“Even if DuDu was lying, it was because he wanted to protect himself! He didn’t want to suffer from the hands of the perverted guy!” Zhang ShengNan immediately tried to refute what her brother had said.

“Please save me…” the young girl continued pleading from within the cage, and her expression made it difficult not to pity her.

“All this is very strange. It’s not as simple as you imagine it to be. It’s best if we went downstairs first and tell the situation to Brother Liu. This way he can come up, and we can listen to his advice.” Zhang ShengLi shook his head.

“Do you have a brain? Why do you seek his advice for everything? That person’s psychological state is incredibly dark! It is extremely perverted! Even if they are game NPCs, then so what? I think I know why that perverted guy won’t let us save them! It must be because this is one of the game’s secret mission! After finishing this secret mission, we can obtain a reward. He wants for us to go away, so he can hog the reward for himself!” Zhang ShengNan seemed to have thought up a valid theory to support her irrational thoughts about Liu Gan.

“Hidden mission? Ah, that might be possible.” Hu Rong said after listening to Zhang ShengNan. He didn’t think about it this way, but after what Zhang ShengNan said, everything suddenly made sense.

“We should try to talk with her. Maybe, she can reveal more clues.” Zhang ShengNan felt very happy that someone was finally supporting her from the bottom of their heart.

Zhang ShengLi didn’t say anything after that. His expressions revealed that he was concerned for his sister. Tonight was a strange night, and he felt like he couldn’t use enough of his brain.

“Young girl, how old are you? Zhang ShengNan asked the trapped girl.

“I am six.” says the girl shyly with tears in her eyes.

“Young girl, what is your name?” Hu Rong also asked the girl.

“I’m called LingLing.” the young girl replied to Hu Rong.

“If we release you from the cage, what benefits can you give us?” Hu Rong copying Liu gan from earlier.

“What are benefits?” asked LingLing.

“That is…. That would be&hell

“I know! I know there’s a location where you can find what you are talking about. I’ve seen them use it to kill monsters. Once they use it, the monster would fall to the ground to sleep…” said LingLing.

“I told you there might be a secret mission! Asking a few more questions revealed it! Liu Gan really wants to hog the reward to himself, so that’s why he won’t let us near DuDu. He lied to us about killing DuDu!” Zhang ShengNan said after hearing LingLing talk.

“She is lying. When we entered, did you see any zombies getting shot in the head?” Zhang ShengLi was trying to seek out flaws in her statement.

“LingLing, where is the thing that you mentioned that goes ‘bang!’ placed?” Zhang ShengNan ignored her brother and continued to ask the girl.

“It seems to… be… in the cabinet…” said the little girl after thinking for a little bit and pointing to a nearby cabinet along the wall.

Zhang ShengNan rolled her eyes at Zhang ShengLi. While holding the flashlight, she walked over to the cabinet. Right when she was about to open the cabinet door, she was supressed by Zhang ShengLi. Pushing aside ShengNan, Zhang ShengLi attempted to open the cabinet door slowly to see if they would be ambushed by any strange monster, before walking closer to look inside.

The cabinet did indeed have a handgun.

It wasn’t the type that shot bullets. It was the type that could shoot at a distance with drugs like anesthesia, so it wasn’t a real handgun. However, this only showed that LingLing wasn’t lying to them. Zhang ShengNan was very pleased with herself and started to take this opportunity to bash her brother verbally.

Zhang ShengLi was gloomy. He didn’t open his mouth to argue, but he felt something was oddly off about this place.

“What must I do to open this cage?” Zhang ShengNan asked while holding the tranquilizer gun. She walked over to LingLing.

“You just need to unlock the cage lock.” LingLing replied to Zhang ShengNan.

“Can we find a backup power source in the nearby room? It’s square shaped, and you can place the backup power source into the electrical socket. The cage nearby has an apparatus that can operate it. The monitor will ask for a code and after entering the code, the cage will unlock. Am I right?” Zhang ShengNan asked LingLing. She recalled the information from when DuDu told her that.

“Sounds like it.” LingLing nodded.

“How did you know how to unlock it?” Zhang ShengLi walked up to question LingLing. ly, DuDu said that it was his mom giving him instructions, but that was a lie.

“When they finished with the experiment, they would take me to eat and pee, so that was when they would unlock it.” LingLing looked quite scared at Zhang ShengLi.

“Hu Rong, you can go and bring the backup power source back over here.” Zhang ShengLi instructed Hu Rong.

“No, what happens if she attacks us the moment we release her?” Zhang ShengLi holding Hu Rong back.

The Trembling World
Chapter 98