The Ultimate Business Lady
Chapter 2

Author: 懒玫瑰 Lan Mei Gui
Source: TUBL

"Mother Lin, miss is still in coma, what should we do? The master and mistress got into an accident, the Yun family still her to support!" Yun Ling Xuan feels that it is very noisy, but she should had been executed, why she can still hear noises?

Did she not die?

"Miss is still a ten year old girl, she hasn't reach marriageable age yet, you let her take care of Yun family's wealth, isn't this forcing her not to have a good future?" One very familiar voice sounded in her ear, then her fingers start to move a little.

This person, Mother Lin, is someone who had accompanied her since the day she was born. She is also the one her mother brought over from the Shang Guan family.

"Miss, you are awake?" Cha-er saw her eyes rolling underneath her eyelid, knowing that her miss is going to wake up soon, she cried as she cheer saying, "Wu wu.... Miss, you are finally awake!"

"Cha-er?" When she saw the small figure in front of her crying uncontrollably, Yun Ling Xuan is really in shocked!

Cha-er is her personal maid. She is the most loyal person that accompanied her all the way to Don Yan's imperial palace, but in the end due to Shang Guan Yan Lan's cunning actions, she was sold out of the imperial palace and no one knows what happen to her after that. But now, how come she is beside her? Did she save her?

"Wu wu...." Cha-er sees that her miss is alright, she finally feels relieve and couldn't stop crying. Mother Lin who is beside her started scolding her, "Why are you crying? Miss wake up is a good thing. The way you cry is as though you are cursing the miss."

Yun Ling Xuan set her gaze upon the one with a strict face, Mother Lin, feeling very curious. After looking for a long time, she suddenly realise where is not right.

Cha-er become smaller, Mother Lin become younger, how about herself? She suddenly think of something and stand up and realise that the hands and legs that are suppose to be grown up have become smaller, and the place in front of her... She blinked her eyes, she found out this house is the house she went to stay when she was ten years old.

And this scene is so familiar...

This is when she arrive in Jiang Nan and shortly after receive the news of her parents' death. After that she fell into a coma for two days... Is it now????

"Mother Lin, where are my father and mother?" The shivering voice in Mother Lin's eyes, sounded like being strong, no different from the past.

"Miss, you must stay strong. Although master and mistress got into an accident, you still have Yun family and young master. You must take good care of your body." Mother Lin try to persuade her, as she shows the duty of an elderly person.

"Yes, miss, you must take good care of yourself." Cha-er is persuading her with her red swollen eyes, it can be seen that she had been crying a lot.

Yun Ling Xuan still cannot accept that she had return to more than ten years ago when she is still at Jiang Nan. What had really happened to her? She is still alive, Cha-er is still around, Mother Lin is still here, does this means that the Yun family is still the same as before?

As long as Yun family is still the same, in this lifetime, she definitely will use everything to protect everyone and not let anything happen to them.

"Miss, you are wake is really fortunate! You still need to deal with master and mistress's wake, let's quickly go back to the capital. It is not good to go back late." Mother Lin suggested as she sees that miss can sit up and seems fine.

"Mother Lin! Miss just wake up and the journey back is very long. How can she handle it?" Cha-er rebutted unsatisfactorily.

"That is master and mistress's funeral. Now young master is missing, miss don't go back, you want Old Madam to come and handle it? If that is the case, we won't know how the old Madam will disrespect our mistress. Do you want to let the old Madam humiliate our mistress?" Mother Lin look at Cha-er, asking in a stern voice.

"This...." Cha-er move her lips, do not know how to answer her.

Whole of Yun family knows that Old Madam don't like mistress. If the miss don't go back, maybe the old Madam will say something bad about the mistress. So she look at miss and waiting for her reply.


The Ultimate Business Lady
Chapter 2