The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain
Chapter 3

Author: Punichan
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3: Healing magic specialist?


Sheila panicked with a loud shout by Rupika who seems to be an adult.

My own long ears … Is it rare for humans called elves? Everyone lives in Sheila’s village is an elf.

Elves are said to be tribes naturally loved and specialized in magic.

It seems that its existence was often seen long ago, but in recent years it has become impossible to confirm its existence at all. As Rupika says, most people think it’s fairy tale.

However, it is a story without evidence and lies that was spread by people who do not know the elves well.

The fact that the real elves were normal people and because of the legendary elixir that they drank and used ordinary water in their daily lives.

Elixir’s fountain quietly springing at the edge of the world.

Nearby there was a village without a name that Sheira was born and raised. A human being who grew up drinking and evolved to fully demonstrate the effect of Elixir.

That is an elf.

There are no documents that wrote it now, nor who knows the fact … ….

“Is that so unusual?”

“It is not something that can be put away by a simple word that is unusual…… Sheila-san.”

Sheila makes a bitter smile while touching his ear.

“But, my ears are long … … there are not any other things that have changed in particular?”

“Speaking of elves, that … … I’ve read on old literature as a healing magic specialist, maybe Sheila-san? ”


Timidly, Rupika asked.

It is hard to ask for help if there are people who can use curative magic because their colleagues are injured and serious.

Sheila makes a bitter smile, “I can use it little, but … …”.

“But I am not good at healing magic so much in the village, so I think that it would be better if a great saint looked at me.”

“I’m sorry, I …”

“Do not worry”

Certainly … just because of elves, the world’s strongest healing wizard! What seems so is not something that has been accumulated as a sealer that is not good at healing magic.

But Sheila thinks that he wanted to help his companion, even though he heard it with a feeling of straw. Sheila is not a child enough to show discomfort.

That is why I think that if you can use healing magic well like your brothers.

– My sister will make you resuscitate with healing magic if it’s less than five minutes even if the heart stops.

It is impossible for Sheila how to go.

Of course, if you train healing magic in earnest, the story may be different.

“But even if we can use healing magic, it’s amazing … … Sheila, how have you been to the kingdom?”

“No, it is the first time to go out from the village and go out”

Do not know anything, Sheila obediently tells me.

“Was that so? … … then I think that it would be better to hide the elves ears.”

“Oh, I see … I will cover the hood.”

If you look at the reaction of Rupika now, you can imagine that it would be better not to listen. It is cramped to suffer the hood all the time, but I do not want to continue watching forever with a rare scenery.

Sheila wants to travel by watching the world, because she is being troubled with wow and not wanting to be a spectacle.

“Yes, or a hat may be okay.”

“That’s right. City… … If i go to the kingdom, I also want cute clothes!”

“Sheila is pretty, so I think that there are plenty of dresses that suits you. At that time, please let me coordinate it by all means okay?”

“Realy? I’m happy!”

She makes a happy smile to Rupika’s proposal.

Fashion in the city, it can not beat on this word.

But to make it happen…… Sheila is scratching her head as to how much herb she should have.

In the village people who are good at preparing clothes made it to pick one cotton from the material, hunted the animal, and handed out a large amount of medicinal herbs to thank them. It is perfectly self-sufficiency.

The medicinal herb that he brought when Sheila left the village was 30 bundles.

I bought a bunch for Claus, the rest is 29 bunches. It makes me worried if it is enough. …… Worst, maybe you need to get replaced by Hi Elixir.

While worrying, Sheila mutters, “It might be difficult to get lots of … ….” Then, Rupika who heard it smiles with “It’s all right.”

“There are a lot of people who can use healing magic, there are many people who make adventure as a survivor for themselves, and injured people are constant, I think that it will not be a problem no matter where I am going to go for healing work.”

“It was true and it was a little uneasy because there are only a few medicinal herbs on hand.”

To work soon is very important in life.

I thought that it would not be a problem for the rice of the day, and Sheila is relieved. However, contrary to such Sheila, Rupika is surprised again and raises a voice.

“Huh, eh! Have you received such an important medicine!? And again in exchange for the way to the kingdom?”

“Oh, yes……”

Sheila thinks that if you can teach the way in exchange for medicinal herbs, it will be quite helpful. So, I bitter smile with not having to worry so much.

However, here in the deep woods.

I do not really care about Sheila, but in places where magical concentration is very high, medicinal herbs that you can immediately use normally are precious. If it is normal medicinal herbs, there is no problem, but giving a person with high magical concentration to a person at once will be poisonous if there is no tolerance.

Of course, scarce medicinal plants are growing.

But it is not a thing to use soon, it changes for the first time to a wonderful portion or item only after professionals are working firmly.

Rupika, who knew the current situation of Sheila, decided that it was not enough with the appointment with Kurrath and offered to add conditions.

“If you go to the kingdom, you  don’t have much money, so please let me pay for the medicinal herbs.”


“You don’t have a lot of money, do you?”


Sheila tilts his head as he listens to Rupika.

That should be it. In her village, there are neither other villages nor town of course. For that reason, it is still a custom of barter … … I do not know Rupika or the fact, and Sheila does not think of it as a doubt.

Sheila wants to go to the kingdom, so she wants to have herbs and clothes barter.

Claus came out from the tent when I tried asking about money.

“Sheila, that medicinal herb … it seemed pretty good, Maria thanked you.

“Is that so? Then I’m glad?’

She was pleased with Claus words, Sheila was relieved.

Medicinal herbs can be used as an auxiliary role, such as promoting recovery of curative magic. It was good that my medicinal herbs were useful.

to Sheila, Rupika is also relieved.

“The injury is still terrible? At least, I think that Alf’s consciousness should return.”

“Oh, It’s a wound that was given when we fight the demon king, it will not be easy to heal”

“That’s right …”

Even with medicinal herbs, Claus tells us that it is not a gentle scar that will cure soon.

She looks silent as she looks like she’s silent.

Is it okay if I stay in such a place forever? Because it is useless, I think that it would be better to listen to the way and get in the way.

– Or rather, what is the demon king?

That was the story of a fairy tale.

The village where Sheila lives is peaceful, I did not think that there is something like such a bad thing.

If anything, this forest is closer to the village. However, I have never heard that there is a demon king.

– If it was a wound damaged by the demon king, it seems tough to cure indeed.

Sheer can not imagine how cruel it is.

Perhaps, the prototype of the body may not be fixed. There are only the heart remaining, or the lower body is all blown off and there is only the upper body.

That’s why even a truly beautiful lady can not cure right away.

Even my older sister may not be able to cure it if it is a terrible injury.

It seems to be able to cure if it is a village lady, but since villagers have never been severe in the first place, there is no precedent.

Claus cheerfully speaks to Sheila who began to worry.

“Well, do you want supper for dinner? It’s already night, so how about with Sheila? You can use the tent when you go to bed.”

“Oh, that’s good! It’s so much saved! Thank you ~!”

“Oh, I got precious medicinal herbs, I do not care about that”

Is the tent safe as it is with Rupika? Claus will call out. There was somewhat of a sense of being one person at night, so Sheila decided to spare her words.

The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain
Chapter 3