The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain
Chapter 4

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4: I love meat


 Warm soup, baked meat.

 Today’s cooking duty seemed to be assigned Klaus, and he was cooking dinner. Sheila was hungry because she was walking all the way out of the village.


 Klaus takes the dishes, and Sheila receives it. It has a delicious smell, very appetizing.


“Hey, it’s delicious”

“Thank you!”


 But as soon as Sheila received the plate, Rupika panicked and tried to stop it.


“Ahh! Claus !!”



 Looking at the rushed condition of Rupika, Sheila and Klaus tilt their heads to see what happened. Then, Rupika returned with his head tilted, “Ehh, It’s okay?”


“No, no, Inviting Sheila for dinner …”

“That’s not it!”


 You, to your childhood friend you say such a miserable thing? It was written on Klaus’ face.

 Rupika shakes his head in a hurry and denies again “Wrong!”

 I saw Sheila with the meal in his hand and told me it was “meat.”


“Sheila, can you eat meat? That, if you are a vegetarian, just prepare vegetables or something other than meat Please do not be afraid to say something.”


“Is it true, is it not?”


 To Rupika ‘s words, Sheila and Claus are surprised at the same time. Claus apologizes by saying “I did something wrong,” but Sheila does not understand the translation and it was blank.


“… … … …?”


 - You have not told me you cannot eat meat.


 Why is Rupika making such a misunderstanding?

 There is no fact that meat cannot be eaten, and meat is a favorite category because it is rather nutritious. I wonder why they thought such a thing might not be eaten.

 Then Rupika moved next to Sheila. Secretly teaching me the reason why not to hear Klaus.


“Sheila, elves, I heard that the elves do not eat meat because they live with the forest … ….”

“Lies! That’s not right. Everyone loves meat”

“Is, is that so!? It’s a big discovery.”

“What big discovery …”


 In the story of Rupika, I smiled wryly.

 There was no rule in the village where I lived.

 We also have drinks and banquets, and if we catch a big prey we bake and eat. Rather, there is no one who dislikes meat in the village.

 We thanked for the grace of the forest and get it.


“Why, why are you two whispering … about, Sheila, you, that long ears.”


“Oh, I forgot about wearing a hood”


 As it is now, Sheila put the hood that he had lowered.

 Rupika kept secretly telling me about meat, I forgot to hide my ear, which was a totally a landmark, I can be admired.

 Claus is an ally, a musclebrain, it is a fool … … Although it will not be said that it is an elf, I think about somewhat rude things.


“What, were you worried? I’m sorry, I will not say it here.

“Thank you”


 As expected of Rupika, Claus did not reach the idea that Sheila was an elf. It is an elf that was said to be absent now, so even if it does not rush at all, it is … obvious.


“In the meantime, I will bring soup to Maria, after that, I will keep on looking like this, so please take a good rest you two.”

“Yes, thanks, Claus”


 She had soup and disappeared into the tent, and she saw Selah and Rupika at dinner.




 ◇ ◇ ◇



 Since Klaus finishes meals, Sheila and Rupika enter the tent to rest.

 I did not understand it from a distance, but the tent that I saw near was given fine embroidery. Such a nice tent is for the first time and I have noticed it carefully in my immediate surroundings.


 I get even more surprised when I go inside.


“Wow, it is amazing … there are lots of things I’ve never seen before.”

“Yes? You can see as you like.”


 In a wider room than I had expected, the mouth that opened unconsciously.

 As soon as entering a space and take off shoes, and a fluffy rug is laid. I Crouching and stroking the fluffiness with my hands.

 Hugging the cushion on it, it is very soft. The cloth is dyed in Vermillion, and the appearance is gorgeous.


“Fluffy, fluffy, there is not such a fluffy thing in the village, even though the fabric is also hemp, it is quite daring … ….” [TN: hemp is a type of plant like a straw maybe]


 - ―- Such a wonderful thing, the village did not have.


 The expectation of city is getting better for Sheila.

 Hugging it tight and place cheek on the cushion.


“Besides, it’s first time taking off your shoes, I did not take off my shoes even at home.”

“We often fight, so when we take a rest we take off your shoes and massage it and rest your legs. Sheila, please sit here. “



 Rupika showed us a two-seat sofa.

 I sat down with the cushion and the nodded, Rupika brought in a tub and place at the corner.



“Yes, put your feet … OK, {Water} !”


 Rupika uses magic water, is not normal water, but hot water.


“Uh~aahh, feels good”


 My feet, which I had been walking all day today, warmed up and I felt very comfortable. Sheila loosening her facial expression, while wrapped in comfort.

 Looking at such a form it’s funny, Rupika massages Sheila’s feet slowly.


“Waa, Rupika-san! Such a thing …!”


 I walked a lot, so my feet are dirty. I try to stop in a hurry, but Rupika moves her hand without worrying about it…


“It’s okay, is it feels good to massage your feet?”

“I, I see … fu oo ~tsu !?”

“By the way, there are things called foot points on the feet, but if it hurts, I’m sure your body is bad -“

“It just ticklish, there is no pain at all”


 There is no pain, mysterious comfort and a slight tickle rule dominate Sheila.

 Rupika pushes the acupuncture point of Sheila without mercy and grin, but it seems that Sheila does not hurt any of them. It may be evidence of being healthy, but it is rare.


“It’s amazing, normal should be painful, but ….”


 Rupika tells me that he saw the person who does not hurt even when pushing a point.

 And at the same time, a little mischievous heart that springs up in Rpika.



“Pi a~tsu !, N no, ticklish …… Hahaha~tsu!”


 If the points are not effective, get tickled all the way!

 Rupika so concluded that he tickles the sole of her patch and sealer. Points did not work, but tickling was extraordinary.


“Sheila-san, cute”

“Noo noo, don’t, hahaha too ticklish, mouu~ … …!!”

“I am sorry, I did not plan to do this … … Sheila’s reaction is too cute.”


 I want to tickle more and say what Rupika is unforgivable.


“No, nn oooo. . . . . . . . h iyaaaaa~!”


 Looking at the wrong Sheila, Rupika gets more and more fun. When I got tickled as much as I could, both of them were exhausted.


“Ha aa, ha aa … ….”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t stop”

“Uuu u, I’ll return it back to Rupika someday!”


 Sheila fell into tears and sunk into the sofa.

 Because Sheila’s reaction is cute so it’s fun ……that, Rupika said.

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The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain
Chapter 4