The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain
Chapter 5

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5: My Friend Injury …


Sheila couldn’t sleep, while the nocturnal bird’s monster crow with low voice.

She was wrapped in fluffy futon with Rupika, it’s not surprising if she experiences happiness from drowsiness. Wanting to sleep until morning.

– But, such a soft futon it’s the first timesss!

Yes, Sheila was nervous due to the unfamiliar softness and could not sleep.

Though it makes me laugh, there were no such mysterious fluffy beddings in the village. Most of them were made from hemp or from cotton.

Looking next to me, Rupika is sleeping comfortably with a nightcap. I was tickling her’s feet a while ago, I wonder if she is laughing and sleeping comfortably.

“I like it because it feels good … but …”

I’m not used to it.

I would be happy if I got used to it, Sheila who absolutely wanted to get it when into gone the kingdom.

“Wake up.”


Even if I close my eyes, my sleep does not come. The body is supposed to be tired, but by traveling I know that I am in high tension and excited.

I think that it is like a child, but in reality, it is inevitable because it is a fifteen-year-old girl.

She slipped secretly out of the futon, Sheila decided to feel the outside wind.

Besides the main room, this tent became a living room, this tent has two rooms. It’s too wide!? She was surprised that Rupika told Sheila that this is a magical item.

It is surprising to say that this tent it’s portable.

Sheila also wanted to travel with it though that of course wanted it, but got disappointed hearing that it was so rare and exclusive that it was impossible to obtain even  at auction.

One of the three rooms is a bedroom where Sheila and Rupika slept until now.

The other one is the bedroom of the saint Maria, now is used to treat Alf.

Claus said the bedroom is in the next tent. Because it is divided between men and women, we have two tents.

– Saint, are you OK?

I worry about seeing the entrance of the room that goes from the living room of the tent to the back.

Dinner was supposed to be the only soup brought by Claus. Excessive healing magic gathers fatigue in the body, and even those who are injured, but I also worry about the saint.

“……That’s it!”

Sheila looks in her luggage in the living room, takes out a water bottle and medicinal herbs, and candy that her elder sister gave me.

“As medicinal herbs are slightly bitter as it is, I grind together with my sister’s special candy …!”

Put the candy into a bag and hit it with a small hammer. Confirm that it has broken in the bag and put it in a bowl. Put medicinal herbs in it and mix the two.

Although it seems to be considerable strength, the potion that I make with this is pretty good performance. Sheila’s secret boast, but in reality, her medicinal herbs and plants have plenty of energy to recover injury, so its benefits are also quite large.

Pour water bottle water – in fact, it’s an elixir into the cup, and mix it and add a small amount of honey and mix it.

Sheila calls this “special energy drink.” At first glance, it seems the same as High Elixir, but because the High Elixir has been working with much time and effort, the effect is uneven.

“If you drink this, surely the saint will also be fine”

Sheila goes to the front of the room where Maria will be and hears a voice.

“Saint Maria, Umm, It’s Sheira. May I come in?”

While wavering, I wait for a reply, but there is no response from inside.

……that’s strange? Sheila tilted his neck and worried about what happened. And soon it gets exhausted and it reaches the conclusion that it fell to the saint!

If so, it may be a considerable emergency. I thought it was a problem, and I turned inside the cloth of the entrance leading to the room.

“Are you okay, Saint-san !! If you drink this, you will be fine?”

There is no saint.

At last, sheila’s motion stops.

“Well, because there no response from inside … … It’s embarrassing misunderstanding!”

Put her hands on the hot cheeks, crouch down. I want to bury myself in holes, But fortunately, I decided to think lightly that it is good because it is not seen by anyone.

If you ask Claus who is on guard watch, you will know where the saint is. So when I trying to remember, a small groan reaches Sheira’s ears.

“… … Uh”


When I look closely at the dim room, a person in the back bed slept alone.

I immediately notice that he is an injured Alf. Even with the power of the saint, it should have been severe enough that can’t be cure.

“I’m sure … … the terrible injury that done by the demon king, right?”

Sheila has never met the demon king, so she does not know its strength, but she can easily imagine that long stories told by Claus that they were quite a strong opponent.

She wants to help. However, there is nothing she can do for Sheila who is not good at healing magic. If it is a high Elixir who brought it, it may be completely cured, but it can not be cured even by a holy sever. High Elixir may not be effective either.

– But, how much is the injury?

The fact that I heard a groan he should have a mouth.

“……Excuse me”

While thinking that it’s bad to enter without Saint and Claus permission, Sheila goes inside and goes to the front of the bed.

What lay down there was a boy aged 16 years old.

Dye thin, yellowish green soft hair. The body seems to be trained, and the muscles are strong even though it is slender.

Sheila keeps observing the sleeping boy.

While I taking a glance there no problem anywhere.

“There is a face, there is a neck, there is also an upper body … … then there is no leg?”

I turned over the sheets.

“That? There are also have legs. ”

I wonder if even with the power of the holy woman, it was not so much serious injury that it was difficult to cure.

There is a scratch in the body, a bandage is wrapped around the head and chest, but … it is not wide to that extent. Because you are breathing by yourselves, The internal organs are crushed…… The possibility is also low.

Sheila looks at the boy again and tilts his head.

“It’s not serious at all”

The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain
Chapter 5