The Villain is Addicted to Farming

Cong Wan as the system auditor, the daily work is to evaluate the system and host. The industry evaluates her as professional, senior, and elite. In fact, she just wants to go fishing to get off work and lie down after work.

On this day, the lord god asked her to monitor the villain Zhong Qiyuan, who was once a villain who was too conscientious and caused the protagonist group to be wiped out, and was reemployed after four thousand years of labor reform.

Cong Wan thought that Zhong Qiyuan was a thorny head, but…
Zhai Douwen: The son of luck was deprived of love, and she was farming.
Campus article: The son of luck is being bullied, and she is farming again.
Doomsday: The son of luck is divorced, and she is still farming.

Cong Wan: I don’t allow anyone to fish better than me!

#At the Beginning#
Zhong Qiyuan: Why do you always follow me?
Cong Wan: My job is to stare at you!

# Later#
Zhong Qiyuan: Isn’t your job staring at me, why don’t you stare at me?
Cong Wan: How do I look at you when I sleep?

Zhong Qiyuan: Sleep together, work (night) and life.



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