The Villain is Addicted to Farming
Chapter 1

Author: Instant Noodles
Source: KnoxT

Early in the morning, the sky was gray and dull, row upon row of houses loomed in the white fog, quaint and quiet.

After a while, the rooster crowed and the white mist gradually faded.

An ox cart slowly and leisurely drove out of the fog. The sound of its wheels was amplified in the deserted early morning, attracting sideway glances from people walking in the lane.

Driving the ox cart is a little Taoist with a hibiscus crown on her head, wearing a yellow and dark brown dress. She looked like she’s only twelve to thirteen years old. Her eyebrows and body haven’t fully grown, but her calm demeanor while driving the cart alone made her look like a small adult.

Although there are always many people who can’t survive this chaotic world and choose to become a monk, a girl walking through the market alone at her age was still rare.

The appearance of the little Taoist caused a discussion in the alleyway.

Zhong Qi Yuan, the person being discussed, didn’t care about it. She drove her ox cart slowly to an old house and asked, “Is it here?”

She seemed to be talking to herself, but in reality, a ray of fluorescent light flew out from her body and flickered in front of her, “Yes, this is the ancestral home of the Zhong family. The son of luck lives here!”

Zhong Qi Yuan got down from her ox cart, pulled up the rick of the door that had lost its luster, and knocked. Soong, a young voice came from inside, “Who’s looking for Yuanyuan?”

There was a crack on Zhong Qi Yuan’s face that hadn’t changed for thousands of years.

Human pups. You know they’re cute just by the sound of their voices!

There was the sound of the latch dragging behind the door, accompanied by that immature voice calling ‘hey’.

The door opened and a meter-tall little turnip head with two balls on its head popped out, looking at Zhong Qi Yuan with big round eyes, “Sister, are you looking for Yuanyuan?”

“It’s the son of luck!” The fluorescent light danced around the little turnip head, but the little turnip head didn’t see it, let alone hear its voice.

Knowing that the other party didn’t recognize her, but this name was sort of shouted right by mistake, Zhong Qi Yuan said, “Yes, this sister is looking for little Yuanyuan, but where’s your mother?”

The little turnip sucked his nose and said, “Mother is sick and sleeping.”

Zhong Qi Yuan knew that she had really come neither too early nor too late, just at the right time when Meng had not yet passed away due to her illness. She walked in and said, “I’ll take a look at her.”

The Zhong family’s old mansion wasn’t very big, but the entrance was a courtyard of more than 100 square meters with tiled houses on three sides, looking like a courtyard house. The courtyard was covered with dried vegetables that had lost moisture and wilted dried radishes. There was a stove in the corner with a medicine pot on it. There was a vague smell of herbal medicine.

The little turnip head followed behind. When Zhong Qi Yuan knocked on the door, she put up her index finger and whispered, “Hush. . . Mother is sleeping.”

Zhong Qi Yuan slightly smiled, and under the shocked gaze of the little turnip head, she pushed the door open and entered.

Inside the room, Meng heard some movement and sat up. She thought it was a neighbor who came, but when the door pushed open, she was startled, thinking that a robber had entered the house.

But the next moment, when she saw the figure coming in, she froze in place and asked with some uncertainty, “Is that you. . . Yuan?”

Upon hearing the words, the little turnip Zhong Chu Yuan ran to her side and answered, “Mother, it’s Yuanyuan!”

Meng, however, did not bother to look at the little turnip but instead looked at Zhong Qi Yuan who was slowly walking.

Although this eldest daughter had been in the Taoist temple since she was six years old and had only seen her a few times over the years, she could still tell. How could she not recognize her eldest daughter! Looking at her up close now, the more certain Meng was that she was her eldest daughter.

“Yuan’er, Yuan’er is back!” Meng’s eyes turned red and she was about to cry.

Zhong Qi Yuan supported her arm and said, “Mother, I’m back.”

Her face was neither joyful nor touched by the long-awaited reunion, but it wasn’t indifferent either. Meng only thought that she had been a Taoist priest for a long time, and her temperament had become a little bit lighter, learning how to restrain her emotions better.

Meng, who was immersed in the joy of her eldest daughter’s return, had no other thoughts and just wanted to hug her eldest daughter and cry bitterly.

This embarrassed Zhong Qi Yuan. Although she took the identity of someone’s daughter and her mission was to be Meng’s daughter, it was still difficult for her to adapt to the existence of familial affection for a while due to her being alone for thousands of years.

She is a task performer from the main god space. The main god space is the place where the main god who created thousands of small worlds stays. In layman’s terms, this is both a ‘production workshop’ that creates and produces small worlds and the ‘after-sales center’ that keeps the normal operation of the small world.

Task performers are employees of the ‘after-sales center’, also called ‘hosts’.

Zhong Qi Yuan is one of the hosts. However, she has been unemployed for more than four thousand years. It was not until the new Lord God took office and said that he would give her a chance and re-employ her again, binding her with the ‘Assist System 01’ and send aid to the children of luck in various small worlds. It was why she appeared here.

Zhong Qi Yuan glanced at the little turnip head beside her, who was looking at them with his head tilted. This is the ‘son of luck’ of this small world, the country’s future mother, Zhong Chu Yuan. And her identity as ‘Zong Qi Yuan’ is her sister.

The ‘son of luck’ is only six years old now, with two small balls tied to her head, having puffy cheeks, and a pink and snotty nose. Far from the image of being the mother of a nation.

Of course, if there is no accident, the small world will follow the original trajectory even without Zong Qi Yuan’s help. She will become the mother of a nation.

But if so, there would be nothing for Zong Qi Yuan to do.

The reason why she appeared here was because the small world derailed and a reborn person took everything that should belong to the ‘son of luck’.

The ‘son of luck’ also had an accident and became the villain who caused the collapse of the small world, the ‘evil concubine’.

The Lord God didn’t want to stand by and watch the small world collapse. So Zong Qi Yuan, who is undergoing labor reform, was given the task of assisting the ‘son of luck’ and turn her into an existence that everyone admires and praises, just like the mother of a nation. Have her continue to benefit the people of the world so that the small world can continue and remain stable.

“Send assists. . .” Zhong Qi Yuan’s ink-colored pupils reflected Zhong Chu Yuan’s figure, and the deeper she looked, the hazier her figure became. Like being pulled into the abyss by the mist that grew out of the darkness.

At this time, the system nervously reminded her, “I am the assist system, not the villain system, ah!”

Zhong Qi Yuan came back to her senses and said, “Oh,” there was even a hint of regret in her tone. 

‘Fluorescence’ wiped away its non-existent sweat and secretly thought, ‘So close, she almost turned over!’

God knows how reluctant it was when the Lord God asked it to bind with Zhong Qi Yuan.

Zhong QI Yuan was a famous host in the God Space and was once bound to the ‘villain system’ and became a villain. The original mission was to create difficult obstacles for the ‘children of luck’ so that they could climb to the top and become more and more courageous. But in the end, she ended up doing her job as a villain too well, resulting in the destruction of the protagonist’s group.

However, the amazing thing is that, despite what she did, the system still judged that she had completed the task. The small world did not collapse and operated normally for a period of time, and therefore was concealed from the main god space.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Lord God decided to check of the said small world on a whim, he might not have discovered that although the world she had stayed in hadn’t collapsed, the ‘children of luck’ still died and the direction of the small world’s operation was getting out of control.

The Lord God was angry and threw Zhong Qi Yuan to the barren space to reflect and reform – the barren place is a place of exile. There was nothing there, only numerous other pricks who were convicted and exiled – Zhong Qi Yuan stayed there for more than four thousand years.

When the assistant system heard that the new Lord God intended to hire her again and bound Zhong Qi Yuan to itself, the assistant system shivered with fear. It doesn’t want to become a second ‘villain system’ and be thrown back into the furnace by the Lord God.

The ‘son of luck’, Zhong Chu Yuan, did not notice fluorescence’s presence nor her sister’s abnormality. She went over and hugged Meng’s leg saying, ‘Mother, Yuan’er also wants a hug.”

Meng wiped her tears and wanted to bend down and pick her up, but her head suddenly became dizzy. Zhong Qi Yuan was quick to support her immediately while Meng stumbled twice to keep herself from falling to the ground.

“Mother, what’s the matter? I won’t hug you anymore, so don’t get sick.” Little turnip head became anxious that her eyes became wet with tears.

Meng weakly waved her hand and let Zhong Qi Yuan help her back to the bed and sit down. The little turnip head very understandingly carried the teapot and poured water into a bowl, “Mother, drink water.”

Zhong Qi Yuan took the bowl, “Give it to me!”

She took the bowl and fed Meng the water with one hand while the other was on her wrist, paying careful attention to the changes in her pulse.

When Meng finished drinking the water, Zhong Qi Yuan asked again, “What are the symptoms of Mother’s disease?”

Meng froze and told her condition.

Zhong Qi Yuan suddenly realized.

Meng was suffering from low blood pressure. She was often dizzy, sometimes lost her appetite, and fatigue, which led to sudden dizziness when working. This also made her unable to do some hard labor, so she can only often make use of her womanly charms to exchange for money and support the family.

But despite this, she will suddenly die of illness in the near future.

Zhong Qi Yuan guessed that it might be because of her long-term low blood pressure that her sudden death was caused by cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction.

There is no terminology for ‘hypertension’ in Chinese medicine, but there are related terms such as ‘qi deficiency’ and ‘blood deficiency’.

In the absence of modern treatments, the only way to improve health is to take medicine according to the methods of Chinese medicine to improve the physical condition.

“Is the host planning to save Meng?” The system curiously asked.

This mission was its first contact with Zhong Qi Yuan and it was their first time to work together, so its impression towards her is only at the level of ‘she’s a big villain who loves to make trouble,’ and as a big villain, she shouldn’t take the initiative to save an unimportant person.

According to the system’s judgment, Meng is an insignificant character who plays no decisive role in the promotion and development of the plot.

“The system’s judgment is that there is no need to save her?” Zhong Qi Yuan asked back.

“The most optimal way to complete the mission given by the system is to start with the reborn person and prevent her from conspiring against the Son of Luck.”

Zhong Qi Yuan nodded, “And then what?”

The system answered, “Let the son of luck continue her original life, be with her childhood sweetheart, the male protagonist, Shi Xuanwei, marry him, help him when he’s fighting the world and guard his back, and when Shi Xuanwei encounters pressure from his father and brother, guide him to kill his brother and father to seize the throne. Finally, the son of luck will become the mother of the nation and the world. Under her guidance, Shi Xuanwei will become a wise ruler and the world will flourish under his governance. The people will live in peace and happiness, and the small world will not collapse.”

A weird smile appeared on Zhong Qi Yuan’s face, “Instead of saying that the son of luck is Zhong Chu Yuan, don’t you think it’s better to say that it’s Shi Xuanwei?”

System, “. . . But Shi Xuanwei is the male lead.”

“So, the system believes that no matter how good the son of luck is, she can’t do much without the male lead. So she, instead, will be head over heels for the male lead and be reduced as his subordinate?” Zhong Qi Yuan’s expression became cold, “Tch, how about getting rid of all of them, leaving only the male lead and the son of luck?”

System, “ . . .”

The system was as quiet as a chicken.

It recalled what happened to Zhong Qi Yuan’s previous system, the ‘villain system’, and was afraid that Zhong Qi Yuan would continue to cause trouble and wipe out the protagonist group, so it urgently contacted the main god.

After listening to the system’s report, the Lord God first calmed it down and then said, “I lacked consideration. How could I re-employ her again without considering the risks she brings? I will send an auditor to assist you.”

The system auditor, as the name suggests, is a professional who is responsible for evaluating and auditing the newly produced systems and intern hosts when they go about their tasks. Whether or not the system needs to be rebuilt and whether or not the intern host can be converted, all depends on the auditor’s evaluation.

The system doesn’t have the power to stop the host’s behavior. They only have the ability to judge whether the task is completed and to give rewards, so it cannot prevent Zhong Qi Yuan’s dangerous behavior.

But the auditor is different. Once the auditor discovers something unusual about Zhong Qi Yuan during the monitoring process, he can stop her dangerous behavior at any time and even has the power to bring her back to the main god space.

The system was relieved.

At the same time, in the main god space, Cong Wan had just submitted an assessment when she received a call invitation from the Lord God.

Before answering, she checked herself up to make sure that she looked smart and competent before calmly pressing the answer button.

“Good morning, Lord God!”

“Good morning, auditor. I just received the evaluation you submitted. Well done.” Facing this gold medal system auditor, the Lord God did not hold back his words of praise.

Cong Wan was about to say a few polite words when Lord God continued, “It stands to reason that you will have a vacation after completing a task, but I have a difficult task here that I urgently need you to complete. So, I’ll have to put your vacation on hold.” Routinely, he asked, “I wonder, what do you think?”

“Can I refuse?”

“No. Do you have any other ideas?”

Cong Wan, ‘My idea is to knock Nima, you hear me?’

Social animals can’t ‘bad mouth’ their boss, so Cong Wan smiled, “It would be my pleasure. I wonder what the task is?

The Villain is Addicted to Farming
Chapter 1