The Villain is Addicted to Farming
Chapter 3

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Zhong Chu Yuan, the little turnip head who was fooled into taking over the important task of curing her mother, thought that this was her sister putting her trust in her. She wanted her mother to get well so she must work hard for that!

So when Zhong Qi Yuan went out to buy medicine, the little turnip head followed her, “Sister, how can I cure my mother?”

“I don’t know!” Zhong Qi Yuan had a leisurely look with her hands on her back.

The elder sister also doesn’t know, this worried the little turnip head.

When Zhong Qi Yuan was in the medicine store, the little turnip head listened to the conversation between Zhong Qi Yuan and the shopkeeper while silently writing down the words Huang Qi, Chen Pi, and Bai Zhu. When it was time to leave, she asked, “Sister, what are these?”

“Medicinal herbs.”

The little turnip’s eyes lit up, “Medicinal herbs, for mother’s cure?”

“Didn’t you say you want to cure mother, why are you asking me?” Zhong Qi Yuan asked rhetorically.

“Yes, but Yuanyuan doesn’t have any herbs to cure mother’s disease.” The little turnip head expression drooped.

The system couldn’t stand it anymore, “How can you bully the son of fortune? She looks so pitiful!”

Zhong Qi Yuan, “Oh, get used to it.”

The system recalled that when she was still a villain, her mission was to bully the protagonist group. It took a while to persuade her, “You try to change this habit!”

Not only did Zhong Qi Yuan not agree, she lowered her head and said to the little turnip head, “I bought the medicine but this was something you had to do, but I did it for you. So, you owe me, right?”

The little turnip head was stunned by her and nodded her little head, “Yuanyuan owes elder sister.”

“Well then, you have to remember that you have to pay it back later.”

“Yuanyuan remembers.”

“Also, mother is sick and can’t be bothered by these things, so you can’t tell her, got it?”

“Yuanyuan got it!”

System, “You promised not to bully the son of luck, why are you getting more and more excessive?!”

Zhong Qi Yuan sneered, “Meng is her own mother, not my mother. Why should I do my filial duty to her? Besides, I gave up my leisure and entertainment to come here and carry out my mission. I’m not even paid, so what’s wrong with a little benefit?”

The system was shocked.

Does the Lord God know that you’re such a calculating oddball?

It is reasonable to suspect that if there was nothing interesting for her in this small world, she would have bullied the son of luck until it collapsed, just as she did when she was a villain.

Hey, when the hell is the auditor coming?

Just as the system was sighing, Zhong Qi Yuan took Zong Chu Yuan back to the alley.

At this time, several donkey carts stopped in the middle of the lane, freezing the originally three or four-meter-wide alleyway, not to mention onlookers blocked the alleyway even more.

“So lively!” Zhong Chu Yuan curiously leaped into the crowd eagerly, not long after, she was able to squeeze to the front.

Seeing that she was almost at the doorstep of her home, she stopped. Zhong Qi Yuan wasn’t in a good mood and took out her whisk, about to force her way through the crowd. But before she could, someone at the other end dispersed the crowd with a loud voice, “Don’t scare my little lady, leave quickly!”

The donkey cart was taken away and the crows slowly dispersed. Zhong Qi Yuan saw the little turnip head holding a girl’s hand, chattering about something.

The girl looked less than ten years old, with red lips and white teeth, and wearing brocade clothes, necklace, and silver bracelets on her hands and feet. One could tell at a glance that she looked like a spoiled young lady from a big family.

She swept a glance at Zhong Qi Yuan without thinking before landing her gaze on Zhong Chu Yuan. The latter spotted the figure of her own sister and busily waved at her, “Sister!”

Shen Zhong Qi Yuan approached, Zhong Chu Yuan said, “Sister, this is a good friend I just met!”

Zhong Qi Yuan, “. . .”

Should I say that the son of luck is really worthy? Her social skills are first-class!

“This is my elder sister.” Zhong Chu Yuan introduced her to her little friend again. When she was done, she asked her friend, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Yun Cong Wan.” The girl replied.

“Yun Cong Wan?” Zhong Qi Yuan pondered in the back of her mind. She vaguely felt that this name was a little familiar, but couldn’t remember where she had heard it.

In addition to the first name, the surname ‘Yun’ also appears quite frequently in the original plot, after all, this is the surname of the sick second male lead, Yun Yi.

“If I remember correctly, Yun Yi’s father and Zhong Zao belong to the same hometown. In other words, is this Yun Cong Wan related to that Yun family?” She asked the system, “Did Yun Cong Wan appear in the original plot?”

The system already knew who Yun Cong Wan was. It was silent for a moment before saying, “She, she was a passerby whose name wasn’t even mentioned in the original plot and existed only in people’s mouths with a very weak presence.”

Zhong Qi Yuan tucked her hands into her broad sleeves, “It shouldn’t be. Judging from her relationship with the son of luck, she should be glorified as the son of luck’s best friend. How could her role be so small as to be a passer-by?”

The system wanted to inform her of Yun Cong Wan’s identity so that she can be more restrained when carrying out her mission and not be too prodigious. But on second thought, if Zhong Qi Yuan knew that the system auditor was here, she would definitely suspect who it was auditing. Not only would she not be cautious, but she would most likely pursue death. . .

“What’s your sister’s name?” Yun Cong Wan stared at Zhong Qi Yuan.

She’s taller than the little turnip head, but only half a head shorter than Zhong Qi Yuan. Her eyelids were slightly raised and her eyes appeared to be big and round.

“Zhong. . .” Zhong Qi Yuan smiled, “ Qi Yuan.”

She said to the system, “I think I know who she is.”

The system was taken aback.

“She’s the system auditor!”

If the system had a face, it would’ve shaken into a sieve, “Why, why do you say that?”

“When an auditor assesses an intern host, they like to start with the details. For example, asking the inter host’s name first by surprise. If the host accidentally tells their real name, points will be deducted. In order to reduce the number of such low-level mistakes by intern hosts, this aspect of the assessment is particularly strict.”

System, “. . .”

It had forgotten that this host was an old demon.

The system was able to contact the auditor and immediately told the truth about Zhong Qi Yuan already knowing her identity.

Yun Cong Wan, “. . .”

I just politely asked a casual question. Why does this person think so much? Although she’s right, isn’t she using her brain too much?

Yun Cong Wan habitually prepared to write an assessment log, but she paused. The task given to her by the Lord God was just to observe Qi Yuan by the hour and don’t let her collapse the small world. In this case, why should she do something outside her job?!

Finally finding a chance to touch the fish, Yun Cong Wan was happy all over.

Why work hard when you can immediately touch the fish?

Her vacation was canceled by the annoying Lord God, forcing her to work overtime without overtime pay. She already considered herself a professional when she didn’t blow the head of the Lord God. Why does she have to work hard for overtime here?

The happy-hearted Yun Cong Wan neatly put away the evaluation log and gave Zhong Qi Yuan a commercial smile, “Sister Zhong’s name is very nice!”

Zhong Qi Yuan returned with a fake smile then pressed the head of the little turnip, “Let’s go, mother is still waiting for us at home!”

The little turnip nodded with difficulty and then turned her head to say goodbye to Yun Cong Wan with difficulty, “Sister Yun, I’ll come to play with you another day!”

“Be sure to come!”

Yung Cong Wan’s attitude towards the son of luck was very amiable, which made Zhong Qi Yuan even more sure of her identity. The host will more or less bring some subjective emotions towards the son of luck, but the host will not. They’re the most loyal staff of the main god space and they’re naturally very friendly to the Lord God’s darling, ‘The son of fortune.’

The system let her know what Zhong Qi Yuan’s take was from Yun Cong Wan’s polite move, she was silent, “. . .”

The Lord God told her that the host was a prick, but they didn’t tell her that she was an addle-brained emperor!

On the way home with the little turnip head, Zhong Qi Yuan asked the system, “Did you relay what I told you to the auditor?”

The system replied smoothly, “Relayed. . .”

Realizing what it was saying, it was so scared that its ‘soul’ was about to fly away and quickly changed its words, “Retelling what?”

Isn’t the host saying those things on purpose so that it would inform the auditor and then observe the auditor’s response to determine whether the other party was the auditor or not?

Zhong Qi Yuan showed the system the very essence of an ‘evil smile’, “It seems that she really is an auditor.”

System, “You’re fishing for law enforcement!”

“Isn’t it normal for the Lord God to send auditors to watch me? I am, after all, a dangerous person.”

The system said, “You’re quite self-aware.”

Zhong Qi Yuan’s attitude suddenly turned a hundred and eighty degrees and her voice went cold, “You admit she’s an auditor and admitted that you requested her here.”

System, “. . .”

Are you f**cking playing Melaleuca?!

This old demon has a dirty heart!

Zhong Qi Yuan, “Don’t think that I don’t know you’re cursing me. If you curse me again, I will kill the son of luck and let you go back to the furnace and be rebuilt.”

The system became silent and threw out a kneeling and hugging its thigh emoticon: dad think twice.jpg [1]

Returning to the old Zhong family residence, Zhong Qi Yuan’s thoughts were interrupted by Meng chopping wood. She went over and stopped Meng, saying, “Mother, I said you can’t exert yourself. Why are you still doing this kind of rough work?”

Meng’s heart steeled, but her mouth said, “How can this work be considered tiring? You’re the one who just came back and you’re working hard for me. It hurts my heart to see you.”

Zhong Qi Yuan’s body felt like it was being bitten by ants all over. She didn’t say anything, She went to the fire to make medicine, letting the little turnip head watch the fire as she rolled up her sleeves to help Meng chop wood.

The skinny thirteen-year-old girl was just an illusion. The real Zhong Qi Yuan is dead. Before her body was found, Zhong Qi Yuan buried her first and then had the system transform herself into her appearance. Zhong Qi Yuan used her powerful physique to chop wood like she was cutting tofu.

The trunk of a waist-thick tree was split in half as she brought down the ax she had raised with her hand.

Both Zhong Chu Yuan and Meng were dumbfounded.

Zhong Chu Yuan wasn’t sure what this meant but she only knew that her sister was amazing!

But Meng, on the other hand, was amazed at how her daughter’s strength was greater than that of a strong man.

Zhong Qi Yuan chopped a bundle of firewood and said, “When I was in the Taoist temple, in addition to my daily practice of physical fitness, my master taught me a technique that allows me to exert the strength of a thousand pounds! From tomorrow onwards, Yuanyuan and mother will practice with me!”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “Yes, Yuanyuan wants to learn!”

Meng, “. . .”


[1] 爸爸三思.Jpg – I honestly don’t know what this is but when I looked for it, this is what I found, so yeah.

The Villain is Addicted to Farming
Chapter 3