Tonari no Seki no Satou-San
Chapter 2

Author: Morisaki Yuruka
Source: OniontoOsananajimi

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The Person Who Sits to Me and Chocolates

In the still busy classroom, I heard a noise, like something had fell. It came from the desk to my left.

Looking at what the noise was from, Satou-san’s desk was littered with small pieces of individually-wrapped chocolate. It was the kind of cheap ones you’d find at a store. The culprit, Satou-san, had gone into a pose with chocolates in her hand, with a face that said “I messed up”. She looked at me with an embarrassed smile. “Sorry, was it loud?” (Satou) “Yeah, it definitely was a bit.” I responded with a bitter smile. Lunch break was about to end, what were you going to do with those sweets on your desk?

“I didn’t mean to drop them, but I’m sorry if it surprised you.” (Satou) While saying that, Satou-san started to gather the chocolates again. “It’s no big deal.” I answer simply. It actually doesn’t matter. Whatever Satou-san does, it’s not my problem. She’s always been clumsy, so she has to be noisy in order for me to pay attention.

I can’t handle Satou-san, who sits left of me, very well. She’s not that smart, she’s slow, clumsy, and can’t keep up in conversations. She doesn’t understand what people are saying, and can’t keep up with the tempo of the conversation. And yet she’s oddly nice, and so I am always left confused.

“Hey, Yamaguchi-kun, do you like chocolate?” Satou-san asked me that after finally gathering all of the chocolates. “I do, why?” I answer while looking at my watch so I don’t meet her eyes. It’s almost time for the bell to ring, and I’ll need to bring out my textbook. “Then, I’ll give this to you.” (S) Satou-san’s hand, holding the candies in her palm, entered from the edge of my vision. Four small pieces of square chocolate wrapped in a transparent film are placed on the small hand that was held out. “What are these for?” I asked while looking sideways.

I’m not sure why she would bring sweets to school, and I don’t get the meaning of giving them to me. Of course, 200-yen chocolate from a supermarket shouldn’t have a deeper meaning anyway.

“I was eating them with a friend after lunch a little while ago.” (S) Satou-san said with a bouncy tone. The same tone as the giddy girls in class had during lunch break. “There was some left, so I thought about giving Yamaguchi-kun some.” (S) “I’m happy, but is it really okay for me to take them?” (Y) Saying something I didn’t really mean, I opened a textbook. There’s no way I would be happy. From something like this, that you could get anywhere and everywhere. How do you even accept a cheap thing that won’t even melt in your mouth? “It’s fine. You see, Yumaguchi-kun is always looking after me.” (S) When she said those words, I flipped through the textbook. The complicated mathematical formulas in the book that I’m not even interested in of course didn’t stay in my head. “Also, today is Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?” (S) Satou-san says, adding it on like it’s nothing special.

Because of that, I look up from the text and over to the desk next to me. In the seat to the left of me, the girl is giving out chocolate with a smile. Someone like Satou-san of course wouldn’t think there’s a deeper meaning behind it. I had thought that I wouldn’t be interested in Valentine’s Day. To buy chocolate and then give them to a guy you don’t even get along with, something must be wrong with her. “Here you go.” (S) Satou-san smiles normally, naturally. Something completely against my awkwardness, that even I was aware of.

Eventually I close the textbook and reach out for her palm. I did it with a clumsiness that could be worse than even her’s. “Thank you.” (Y) After I had expressed thanks, Satou-san whispered something to me. “You’re welcome. Ah, and you don’t have to get me anything back for White Day, okay?” [1] She said in a joking tone. “…I see.” (Y) Satou-san smiles at me, even though I can’t be happy at all. “Yeah, don’t worry about it.” (S) I couldn’t say anything in response, so I looked at the four chocolates that are now in my hands.

The cheap chocolate was strangely hard and didn’t seem to melt even on my palm. Hard chocolate that doesn’t melt, it’s kind of like our relationship. Awkward, stubborn, and didn’t look delicious at all. If I wanted to get something for her next month, would she refuse it? If that girl hadn’t said anything about Valentine’s Day, I would have eaten it without worrying about next month.

I don’t match well with Satou-san. No matter what it is, I still won’t.

TL Notes:

[1] – White Day in Japan is the boy’s version of Valentine’s Day, where the boy buys sweets to give back to girls who gave them stuff for Valentine’s. It’s an event loaded with meanings, because different sweets can mean different things too.

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Tonari no Seki no Satou-San
Chapter 2