Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 12 Part 2

Author: 雾下菘
Source: Otaku translation


   Gu Yayan hadn't reacted yet, she stared at the young man's back and asked, "You guys used to know each other, is he your relative?"

  "So handsome." She peeked at Qin Si's back and whispered in Lu Nian's ear.

   The cardamom years are just when the little girl's love begins, she will naturally start to pay attention to the appearance of the boys around her.

    It was the first time Lu Nian heard this kind of praise from others, but she was shocked and quickly relieved.

   Others also have eyes, and of course they can see that she should hope that more people will like Qin Si.

    "Yeah." She said, "He was very good-looking when he was a kid..."


   The two little girls bit their ears and whispered all the way.

    Qin Si sent her downstairs, "On the third floor, you can go straight up the stairs."


   Seeing that everything was fine with him, she opened the matter again. Lu Nian was in a good mood now, and said goodbye to him happily.

    Afterwards, she walked into the classroom relaxedly.

    The boy stopped downstairs, caught off guard, a little head poked out upstairs and waved at him, "Are you going to do something tonight? Wait for me."

    Lu Nian thought, for the last time, she was still a little worried about his current life.


   Qin Si now uses his spare time to do a lot of part-time jobs. He is still young, but fortunately he is very smart. He has had too many childhood experiences. He is familiar with the world, cold and cruel. With these characteristics, how can a mixed society be able to do so. There is no difference between them, and he doesn't pick, basically he can make money, it doesn't matter if he is a little bit tired, he can do everything.


   Brother Ming has made a small fortune with his Internet cafe in recent years. He wants to do investment and financial management, but his elementary school mathematics is not clear. These are all Qin Si helping him. The investment results are unexpectedly very good. Brother Ming now basically  have to habitually ask him to listen to opinions about everything he do.


  So there are so many people who have come down to maintain their livelihoods.


  However, the price paid was that he basically went to bed after 12 o'clock every night, and never took a rest on weekends, winter and summer vacations, let alone come to school to study at night when he was free.


   "Qin Si, are you lying to me, you are not staying at all now?" Lu Nian was heartbroken.


   He didn't lie to her before.


   She didn't know what Qin Si was doing to make money, because she knew that the future might develop. She was especially afraid that he would go wrong and do illegal activities to make money. She remembered the terrible adult Qin Si in the original book. His IQ is too high, this kind of person, once they become agitated and walk crookedly, they are far more terrifying than ordinary people.

    "It's just an ordinary part-time job." The young man pursed his lips, "I didn't do what you thought."

    Lu Nian breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately mentioned it again, "Then you said, what did you do."

     Qin Si would have turned his face when ordinary people forced him like this, but he couldn't say anything to her, so he could only remain silent.

    The two were in a stalemate, and a pair of boys and girls walking side by side came to face each other, looking one or two years older than her.

    Lu Nian found that the girl was very familiar.

    Su Qingyou, with long hair in a shawl, looked like a young girl, and standing beside her was a strange tall boy with a handsome face.

    She stayed, "Why is she here..." she murmured, she had almost forgotten that the original heroine existed in the past few years.

    "Listen to the original." Lu Nian heard Su Qingyou talking to the boy next to him, with a soft voice, chatting with him about the results of the last monthly exam.

     Tingyuan... Zhao Tingyuan.

    The name was so familiar, Lu Nian suddenly remembered, isn't it the name of the male lead in the original novel? No wonder the two seem to have such a good relationship, so they knew each other at this time?

    However, Lu Nian did not know the two on the bright side, nor did they know Lu Nian. Just when Lu Nian thought they were going to pass like this, Su Qingyou was surprised to see them, "Qin Si?"

    Zhao Tingyuan also looked here. They all seemed to know Qin Si, and they were obviously surprised when they saw him standing with a little girl.

     Qin Si frowned without answering.

    Lu Nian also knows well about the male lead of the original book. Zhao Ting was originally a very gentle and elegant person. For the children of the rich family, his personality is very good, but how to say, his personality is good, but it is of no use.

    It's just useless in the literal sense. He has no specialties or ability.

  In the past, Lu Nian even complained about this male protagonist and set the template of being tall, rich and handsome, but according to the things he did in the book, it only reflects the gentleness and incompetence, relying on a handsome prince charming face to be the hero.

    Lu Nian remembered that he seemed to have a younger brother. In the original book, most of the Zhao family was supported by his younger brother. However, the two brothers didn't seem to be in harmony afterwards, and his brother seemed to have won the title of No. 2 villain in the book.

    However, Su Qingyou and Zhao Tingyuan in front of them are still half-year-olds, only fifteen years old.

    She stared at Zhao Tingyuan blankly and attracted his attention.

    "Little sister, are you a new classmate?" Zhao Tingyuan said hello to her with a smile, "Or did you come to school to find brothers and sisters to play?"

    Lu Nian is short, yet another doll that hasn't grown much. The face looks cute and is younger than her actual age.

  Seeing her look too cute staring at him, Zhao Tingyuan couldn't help but stretched out his hand and rubbed her little tugging. Lu Nian was very surprised. Except for her parents and family members and relatives like Lu Yang, few people behaved like this to her, let alone a boy who just met.

  Zhao Tingyuan saw her eyes wide open, looked at him in surprise, and realized that he was doing something wrong, so he hurriedly withdrew his hand and said apologetically, "I have a younger brother at home, maybe I'm  used to being an older brother. I always used my hand, sorry."

    She didn't mind that much. Seeing him speak so candidly, she nodded, "It's okay, I'm new to report. School just started today."


   Zhao Tingyuan smiled, "You are so cute and small, I thought someone brought a younger sister here."

    Lu Nian, "..."  She could only smile awkwardly, not knowing how to answer, but she was born with a smile, how sweet she looked.

    This way, the outsiders watched, and the two of them seemed to have become familiar with each other very quickly, and they were chatting very enthusiastically.

     Qin Si's face was very ugly, especially when Zhao Tingyuan reached out and touched her hair.


    The author has something to say: Four or four cubs: ...I haven't touched her head.

    Drinking vinegar all the time, who tells you to be hard-headed, if you are honest.

    It's so fun to tease the four or four cubs, hahaha. Later, I will force him to chase his wife, force him to confess, enjoy the fast fall, and Tsundere changes to lick the dog, fast fall infinitely.


Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 12 Part 2