Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 13 Part 1

Author: 雾下菘
Source: Otaku translation


   In the past, Ming Ge once drunk and laughed at Qin Si and joked that he had such a bad mouth, and he was careful not to catch up with the little girl in the future.

    He sneered at the time, saying that he would never find anyone in his life, love anyone.

    Because of his childhood experience, he never got warmth, he didn’t know how to get along with people and win people’s liking, and he never felt that he needed that kind of thing. When he was a child, he just wanted to survive and go back one by one to get those who had the person who deceived him and insulted him, but now that he grows up and gets closer to his goal, he only feels that he is still empty in his heart.


   It was like an apple that had rotten from the inside. It smelled of decay from the inside to the outside. He himself felt disgusted, and no one would like it.


   No one loves him, and he always feels stubbornly that he doesn't need anyone's love, and now it seems that he is indeed not likable.

     The confused period of youth growth entangled him, and no one can guide him.


   ... But, no, who would he like to please?


 .. That kind of inexplicable irritability surged up again, making him so impatient that he didn't want to stay here anymore.

    And Zhao Tingyuan continued to talk with Lu Nian, using the brisk and affectionate tone of teasing the little girl, " can have such a good relationship with Qin Si, you are very powerful.  "


   Qin Si's grades are very good. At this age, he is very top-notch in all aspects, but he is indifferent. He has always been alone, his whereabouts are a mystery, and he keeps a distance from anyone, and it is rare to see any emotions in him.

    Qin Si looked down at him and said coldly, "Where do you see that we have a good relationship? Knowing is a good relationship?"

    He was standing a little further away from Lu Nian, the shadow of the tree fell on the boy, and a deep haze fell on his Qin Si's face.


 "And, Do I know you very well?" he asked.


    The boy spoke cold and sting, just like his eyes.

    Zhao Tingyuan didn't know what to say, and stood in embarrassment.


   Lu Nian, "..." Qin Si had always spoken like this before. When she first met, she also suffered a lot from him, and it was not that he had never said something more nasty to her.

    "I'm leaving." He turned to Lu Nian, his tone still cold, "Going to work."


   Lu Nian hurriedly carried her schoolbag and chased after him. After walking a few steps, she turned back and apologized to the two of them, "I'm sorry, but we quarreled just now, so don't take it to heart.

    Zhao Tingyuan squeezed out a smile, "It's okay, I don't mind. "

    Until they walked away, he smiled bitterly at Su Qingyou, "I don't know where I provoke him."

    Su Qingyou was staring at the back of the two leaving in the distance, and suddenly remembered how this girl looked when she came to look for Qin Si in the class when  she was still in elementary school. 

  She knew the relationship between the two people very well, but Zhao Tingyuan might not know. Most of the Zhao family’s main business was in other places. Zhao Tingyuan also grew up in Haicheng, and did not transfer back to Ancheng until junior high school, so it is inevitable that he is not familiar with the twists and turns of these giants. 

  Su Qingyou said, "He just has this temper, he can't help it. After all, he has no parents since he was a child, and it's normal to have a strange personality. "

    Zhao Tingyuan was surprised, "Qin Si is an orphan?" 

    Su Qingyou nodded. She told Zhao Tingyuan about the relationship between the Lu Family and Qin Si. Zhao Tingyuan's eyes widened.

  Miss and the adopted poor boy?

     However, compared with the eldest ladies he knew, Lu Nian could not see any arrogance or the sense of superiority at all.


  Zhao Tingyuan said, "The first time I saw her, I felt very kind. It turned out she remind me of my younger brother. "


   Su Qingyou asked, "Ya Yuan?" 


   Zhao Tingyuan nodded, "He may also come here to study with me in the next year."


   However, because of this familiarity, he developed a good feeling for Lu Nian, but unexpectedly she was the eldest lady of the powerful Lu family in Ancheng.


   And Qin Si... They didn't look like this kind of relationship at all, Lu Nian was more like the more tolerant and considerate one between them.


   Zhao Tingyuan couldn't understand, "Why should Lu Nian treat him so well?"


   "Who knows." Su Qingyou said.

    She whispered to herself, "However, this investment may not be unreturned in the future."

    For people like Qin Si, warmth is far easier to tame than violence. She believes that one day Qin Si will really go crazy and become a rabid dog. There can only be one person who can tame—that is, the person who has given him a helping hand and tenderness when he is still in the cold.

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Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 13 Part 1