Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 13 Part 2

Author: 雾下菘
Source: Otaku translation


Lu Nian could see that his mood was not very good.

    "Can I go and see where you live now?" Lu Nian asked.

    The boy said, "I live very well, there is nothing to worry about."

   The affiliated high school campus is in the downtown area. The two of them were standing in front of a busy intersection. The weather was a bit hot. Lu Nian saw an ice cream truck at the intersection. She quickly ran over and took two in her hands, "Do you want ice cream?"


    "Eat one." Lu Nian said embarrassedly, and she came back with two.

    The girl held two ice cream balls on the left and the right in the little white and tender hands. The weather was hot, and there was already a tendency to melt away, and it was already dripping in her hands.

    He was silent, and finally took it.

    After eating the ice cream, his eyes fell on her left hand, which was soiled by the ice cream juice.

    Lu Nian hadn't finished eating. Seeing him handing over the tissue, she subconsciously thought he was going to wipe her hands, so she changed her hand to hold the ice cream and bit into it.

    The girl smiled sweetly at him with her face up, her black hair hanging down beside her tender cheeks, full of trust and dependence.

    He started to be unable to control the enthusiasm on his face again, and he could only hope that she hadn't paid attention at all - until Lu Nian was so natural that she stretched out the little hand before his eyes as a matter of course.

    She thought he was going to help, so she wiped it by the way.

    The boy's movements froze.

    He didn't speak, he couldn't see his expression clearly, he had already put the tissues back and put them on the chair next to her.

     Lu Nian, "..."

     That 's right, she suddenly thought of it sadly.

    Qin Si used to be like this, he didn't even want to approach her, how could he be willing to touch her hand.

    After finishing the ice cream, Lu Nian took out a tissue, wiped her hands, peeked at him, and whispered, "You really haven't changed at all."

   "It's still so unlovable." She murmured very quietly.

    The heat behind the boy's ears slowly faded, and he sneered, "You just met me?"

    He is such a person, there is nothing pleasing about him.

    Compared to him, there are many people who want to please her and can please her more, such as Lu Yang, and Zhao Tingyuan...Anyone can do it and is willing to do it.

    Isn't she also very happy.

    Why bother to come to him.

   "Okay, okay." Lu Nian was busy eating the ice cream, feeling that she had accidentally turned his hair up again.

   "So can you take me to see where you live now?" she said briskly.

     The boy didn't speak, he stood under the shadow of the tree, his expression unclear.

    Brother Ming worked part-time and opened a bar. The business was very good. The house Qin Si currently lives in is in the innermost room.

     "Bar?" Lu Nian muttered.

    She feels that this is not a good place, and there will be many strangers in society who are easy to spoil Qin Si.

    She asked, "Who are these people usually? Are you familiar with them?"

    There was no expression on the boy’s face, “There are many people here, and they have everything. They usually invite drinks or dinners.” He doesn’t control the specific affairs here. Brother Ming is in charge. He is only responsible for accounting and overall planning. He is extremely talented in this industry, and this year he has started to learn programming and statistics without a teacher.

    Lu Nian asked curiously, "Will anyone invite you to drink?"

    Qin Si pursed his lower lip slightly, and said stiffly, "No."

    He obviously didn't want to talk to her too much about himself.

    Qin Si's room was on the second floor, the innermost room.

    Just as if he was walking in his attic, when Qin Si opened the door, Lu Nian naturally reached out and pushed the door, "Can I go in and take a look?"

    "No." He suddenly remembered something, and stopped at the door.

    The furnishings of his house are very simple. The most conspicuous thing is a box. In that winter, the clothes and other gifts she gave him were packed in a box, washed clean and neatly folded.

    He has never worn those clothes, although he has grown taller now and can't wear it anymore. So it should have been thrown away long ago, but his brain may have been broken. Not only did he not throw it, but he kept it like this. Moreover, he had just packed up yesterday and had no time to move in. Now those things are left open in the middle of the room

    Let her go in now and see this, it is better to kill him directly.

    Lu Nian is now half a head shorter than him, and the young man has tall legs and long legs. She can't get in at the door like this, so she can only step back angrily.

    Under the attention of her clear eyes, he was like a man on his back, as if he was being scorched on a fire, and it was extremely difficult to endure.

    "You're so weird." Lu Nian muttered, "Did you put something shameful in the room?"


The boy was like a cat whose tail was 

stepped on, and his hair exploded into anger, "Are you finish?"

    "Look at it. When you're done, leave." He said coldly, "This is not your home."

    Lu Nian said a little, but he was a little relieved after all.

    When she went home in the evening, she suddenly remembered this incident and asked Miao Miao, "What will be in the boy's room? Why can't let people come in."

    Miao Miao snickered, "I’m sure he won’t let you in, you're a girl, boys at this age, who  have their own secrets, they will be shy. "


    Is that Qin Si, he will be shy?

    Lu Nian imagined it for a while, and found it unimaginable, but also a little fun.

    She even sometimes feels that Qin Si was born with this kind of iron and stone heart, and the whole person is cold, will he have this kind of emotion.

    He is also growing up.

    They are all growing up, day by day.

    So, will he have a little girl he likes in the future? If everything goes on the right track, he will no longer become the indifferent, violent, and gloomy demon in the future.

    Lu Nian thought so, and slowly fell into her sleep.

    Lu Nian's middle school life was uneventful. She often went to the studio to paint and began to learn the violin, but her academic performance remained stable at school, hovering between the first fifty and one hundred of her grade.

    She can often see Qin Si's name in the grade list. His grades are getting better and better, and the ranking is getting higher and higher. Ancheng Affiliated Middle School is a key middle school in the city. If you can maintain this grade, you will be admitted to a top university in the future. The top is all nailed down.

    Lu Nian remembers that Lu Nian in the original book died at the age of fifteen. In the third year of her junior high school, she only had more than a year left. The jumping off the building in the original book didn't seem to make Lu Nian die. However, because it was not written in detail, Lu Nian did not know whether it was suicide or death.

    Lu Nian now has regular physical examinations every year, but she has no one to talk about these concerns about the future, and she can only wait quietly for that day.

    The girl walked down the corridor with the book in her arms, and she had already begun to draw a strip. The girl in the cardamom age, like a wicker in spring, seemed to have begun to faintly draw a soft and green curve overnight.

    The author has something to say: The author has something to say: When I implement Dafa over the years, poof, the emotional line will come.

     Four or four cubs are too wronged, he is not cute anymore, cubs are the cutest innocent boys.  (Shake) (gun go hahahahahaha)


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Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 13 Part 2