Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 14 Part 1

Author: 雾下菘
Source: Otaku translation


          Qin Si has been promoted to the third year of junior high school this year. His grades are very good, but he is by no means a good student by standards. He has never come to school for late self-study, and his homework is often uneven. Moreover, he does not care about school discipline and school rules. 

    However, his reputation in the Attached middle school is still very high.

      The commendation ceremony for the affiliated high school granting scholarships is for the three grades. Lu Nian has never been admitted to the top ten. She is reading the words silently with an English booklet. The girl next to her secretly pulled her sleeves, "Niannian, you see , That boy."

    Lu Nian looked up absent-mindedly, and was startled when she saw the person she was pointing at.

    It happened that when Qin Si was on stage, Lu Nian seldom looked at him from this angle, so far, even if it was just an ordinary white school uniform, he was particularly outstanding among a group of people.

    The young man’s expression was very indifferent and he completely ignored the gaze from the audience. He was born handsome, his eyebrows had to be just right, not too cold, not too beautiful, and his temperament was completely different from that of ordinary middle school students.

    She turned her head around and looked around. There were actually many little girls who put down their books and looked at him.

     They were all ignorant girls who didn't know his true face and were deceived.

    In junior high school, the little girls who are in love are often interested in some invisible boys. Qin Si's background is fascinating. There are various strange talks about him in the school. It is said that they met him in a bar. Some people say that they see him staying in the Internet cafe at night and do not come home, and some say that his family is actually living in a villa.

    Qin Si didn't reply to those rumors and didn't care at all.

    He doesn't care about his image in the hearts of others at all. No matter how good or bad he is, it has nothing to do with him. 

There are too many things he needs to worry about. The rumors he has encountered before are not comparable to these rumors, and he does not care about these details. Little things.

    He is very good-looking and has top grades. He is already outstanding. His elusive temperament has become more silent, and his personality that has gradually become introverted as he grows is particularly attractive.

    Lu Nian didn't expect how the news that she knew Qin Si was spread in the class, a few days, someone came to find her.

    Zheng Miaoxuan is a relatively precocious girl, and she has begun to consciously care about her appearance and dress. Although she is now required to wear school uniforms, she will put on her favorite beautiful clothes every day.

    She asked Lu Nian, "Nian Nian, do you know Qin Si? Can you give this to him for me?"

    "Qin Si?" Lu Nian was surprised.

    Zheng Miaoxuan nodded, "Hmm." It is a very delicately packaged gift box, with a letter pasted on the outside, the packaging is particularly delicate, soaking the pink and tender girl's heart.

    "It's not a love letter." Seeing Lu Nian's gaze staying on it, Zheng Miaoxuan emphasized in a low voice, "I just want to get to know him, discuss and study."

    Lu Nian said, "...oh."

    If she knew Qin Si's true face, could she like him again?

    His mouth is poisonous, difficult to approach, and his body is full of thorns. It is basically cold and unfriendly to people, men and women, and there is not a single word of softness.

    Besides her, how many people can stand his true face.

    Thinking this way, Lu Nian was relieved, she accepted the gift and agreed, "I will send it for you."

    "Thank you." Zheng Miaoxuan smiled.

    Lu Nian herself usually rarely thinks about this kind of thing. Maybe because her body is too weak, she spends all her energy on studying and exercising, and then she paints in the studio or learns the piano.

    She is very young, and because of her physical reasons, she has always developed a little bit later than her peers, so even at the age of 14, she still has no real feeling that she has gradually grown into a girl.

    Probably because of these two reasons, many students around here are like this, especially when they know that Lu Nian is in poor health, everyone takes more care of her.

    It's just like everyone's little sister in the class, so Zheng Miaoxuan didn't have any psychological burden when looking at her.

    Qin Si is now in the third year of junior high school, and his entrance examination is about to arrive. He usually has to work part-time and has to review and prepare for the exam. Time is very tight, so Lu Nian will not bother him when he is fine now.

    However, with Zheng Miaoxuan's case, she went to Qin Si's classroom specially and asked someone to bring him a word.

    When school was over in the evening, when Lu Nian arrived at the agreed place, she saw the teenager in the corridor from a distance.

    He stood leaning against a white pillar, and when he saw her coming, he lowered his eyes and said nothing.

    He grew silent, and Lu Nian couldn't keep up with his growth rate. She raised her face and smiled at him, "It seems that it was passed to you smoothly, and I'm ready for you not to come."

The young man said coldly, "Then don't ask anyone to bring me a message."

    Lu Nian, "But you don't like me going to the classroom to find you." 

It refers to what Qin Si said to her when they were all in elementary school. Qin Si said coldly to her and told her not to go to his classroom to look for him.

    Qin Si was silent, don't have expression on his face, and said nothing.

    There is a flower pavilion behind the school, and the branches of grapes are spreading and entwined in the white corridor. The early summer sun leaks in a little bit, and they stand some distance away.

   "You are not very busy these days." Lu Nian asked.

     Qin Si nodded, "Yes."

     "...Then I will disturb you."

     Qin Si, "Hmm."

    Seeing the girl's deflated appearance, his lips twitched. Then, Lu Nian saw that the young man's slender hand raised, and something was thrown from a distance. She was busy catching it, and almost didn't catch it.

    "Sugar?" Lu Nian's eyes lit up after seeing the small bottle.

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Villain’s Sick Beauty Sister
Chapter 14 Part 1