Vivian’s Circumstances

Vivian, the Empire’s only spiritist.
She had a strange affair with a man who suddenly appeared in her dream while studying abroad to learn the art of spirits for three years.
I thought I’d say goodbye to my dream partner when I returned home from studying abroad.
“Oh, Father. The man behind you… Who are you?”
“Who are you talking about? Alas, did you mean Lord Orpheus?”
“Oh, Lord Orpheus?”
Sir Roger Orpheus, the “mad dog” she’s heard of?
What do we do every time we meet?
No, we won’t be able to meet again.
But, as if to laugh at Vivian’s delusion, the two gradually.
“Are you okay, young lady?”
“……I think I’m in trouble.”
Even in reality,
“You know how to say that in honorifics, and you’re freaking me out, right?’
‘Oh, Roger, slow down…….’
‘Don’t say my name for a second. If I listen to it now, my eyes will go crazy.’
Even in my dreams.



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