Vorpal Rabbit and Fortress Uncle

This is the story of Ledge, a man who lives for his hobbies.

Diving into the latest VRMMO, our protagonist is dropped on an unexplored planet as a mechanical doll and tasked with its Reclamation. But he had other plans. Namely, doing anything but taking part in this whole Reclamation business.

And yet, a skill that was only considered to be a “hobby skill” turned out to be much more…

Along his travels, he comes across an anything-can-be-solved-with-enough-brute-force bunny girl, a cool beauty, a shield martial artist young woman, a samurai girl and a ninja boy.

Surrounded by his eccentric gang, he sets about conquering the planet one whim at a time!



  • Ch.12
  • Ch.11
  • Ch.10
  • Ch.8
  • Ch.7
  • Ch.6
  • Ch.10
  • Ch.9
  • Ch.8
  • Vol. 1 Ch.4
  • Vol. 1 Ch.3
  • Vol. 1 Ch.2
  • Ch.4
  • Ch.3 Pt.1
  • Ch.2 Pt.2
  • Ch.0: Prologue
  • Ch.0 - Prologue