When the Main Bottom Becomes the Yandere Top
Chapter 11

Author: 벼르치
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Suddenly, when he strangely raised his head at my sudden apology, Evan’s eyes looked like they were cloudy and swaying.

“Looks like it’s starting. This was what I wanted to see with you.”

The fireworks.

He muttered in a weak voice. I felt an enormous amount of guilt when I heard his words. Even though it’s me who should apologize. Even though it was me who knew about the original novel, but couldn’t stop it.

I felt sorry for being scared of him for even just a moment, so I quietly pulled off the shards of glass stuck in his hand. Before I knew it, all the shards were gone. Standing gaunt, Evan looked empty at that moment as if he was going to scatter and disappear. There was a clear pendant mark on his neck, probably from being forcibly snatched.

“We don’t have to watch the fireworks.”

I gently stroked the mark. It might bruise. Evan’s neck, and my heart.

“Let’s go back.”

I wrapped the thin jacket I removed around Evan. I brought it since it gets chilly in the evening, but I didn’t expect to use it for this. It was slightly baggy, but it was enough to hide his tattered clothes.

“Hold on, wait a bit, Hail.”

Evan crouched on the floor, and picked up all the pendant shards. As I watched him put the glass shards in his pocket, I grabbed Evan’s hand and escaped that horrible place. I quietly said without looking back at Evan as he wordlessly followed after me.


And at the same time, a huge firework exploded in the sky to signal the finale. The huge sound like lightning striking together with the fireworks lighting the street swallowed my voice. Evan didn’t answer, so he probably didn’t hear me. Actually, that’s better. Because if he asked me why, I wouldn’t be able to answer.

I could never tell him, ‘I apologized because I couldn’t protect you from the damn original.’


I opened a door with a familiar nameplate. Everything was clearly sparkling when I left this room, but when I came back, everything was dark. Evan and my footsteps echoed. Only then did I slowly turned around. Also blankly staring at the wounds on his hand, Evan looked up.

“You okay?”

Thousands of words hovered in his head, but what actually came out was common. The small, broken glass shards were placed on the desk. Evan tried to open his hand, gripping the pendant as if he was still reluctant. I washed his hands under flowing water to better see his wounds.

“Did you really like it that much? It wasn’t that expensive.”

“It’s not about the price.”

He quietly said.

“You gave it to me. You, not anyone else.”

There wasn’t a single change in Evan’s expression as he said that.

“I’ll buy you another next time.”

“But, this one’s still broken.”

Evan was stubborn. Evan’s burning hatred against the bullies reminded me of how he ruthlessly stepped on people earlier.

Come to think of it, was it okay to just leave them like that? They wouldn’t die. But, won’t the police come visiting later?

I looked out the window, feeling restless, but the streets were quiet. There were no sirens, nor any calls. Just as I suspected the seemingly peaceful world as if nothing happened, Evan tightly clenched his fist. Freaking out at the blood that trickled out again, I grabbed Evan’s hand and fussed about.

“Be careful with your hand! It hasn’t healed up yet!”

“I’m fine with just this mu–”

“I’m not! I hate it the most when you’re hurt!”

Ointment, where’s the ointment? I rummaged through my bag, leaving Evan behind as he stared at me with surprised eyes. I was vigorously emptying out my bag, removing all my books, but Evan stopped me from doing so.

Evan took out an ointment from his desk drawer. His drawer was full of all kinds of medicine, almost like a pharmacy. Evan used to buy and collect medicine to an abnormal level. But this was the first time I’ve seen him use it on himself.

He tried turning the ointment’s cap with his wounded hand. Seeing the hand-shaped bloodstain on the white tube, I rushed over and grabbed the ointment.

“I’ll do it. Gimme your hand.”

I kneeled down to Evan’s height as he sat on the chair. He slowly blinked, hesitated, and then stretched out the affected area. I carefully squeezed out the ointment, and massaged it on his hand. Evan didn’t even let out a groan.

“All done. Does it hurt anywhere else?”



As if he was bewitched, Evan looked at me with my silver hair disheveled as I knelt down. He opened and closed his mouth.

“You’re really…”

He never finished his sentence. Something complex swirled in Evan’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?”


Evan gently smiled. Soft moonlight leaked through the window.

“How much longer are you gonna stay like that, Hail? The floor’s cold. Get up.”

Evan stroked my cheek with an extremely bright voice. I raised my head up, following his touch. Looking at someone from below would make them look uglier than usual, but not Evan. He looked somewhat haggard, but his beautiful face still shone through.

“Do you like my face that much? You’re staring so passionately at me.”

I avoided his gaze since denying it pricked at my conscience, but Evan mischievously smiled as he firmly pressed both my cheeks. My mouth popped open like a carp.


I meant to say, ‘What’re you doing?’ I was looking up at him as I knelt on the floor, but suddenly, Evan bent at the waist. It happened just as I blinked.

Something soft touched my lips. The place where I bit down on when I was running around looking for Evan earlier stung. After sucking and weakly biting my lips, a soft tongue went through the open gap. It was a delicate, and careful kiss.

This was already the second time we’ve kissed. I thought of pushing him away, but I just stayed still at Evan’s seemingly weak appearance.

Evan slowly came down from the chair as we kissed. Our lips were still attached. The distance between me and Evan gradually narrowed as he came down. My body was pressed down from his weight coming from above, my hips faltering.

Paying no attention despite our positions collapsing, Evan coveted my mouth. It was much slower and sweeter than last time. The subtle, yet gentle sensation like moonlight was enchanting. It was a shame our lips slowly grew apart. The long silver thread connecting us was cut off.

Evan hugged me. I didn’t want my hand doing nothing, so I placed it on Evan’s back. Evan’s body close to me that I only felt now was thin, but strong. His hand stroked my shoulder blades.

“I’m in big trouble.”

Evan whispered in my ear. His voice sounded like sweet cotton candy.

“What should I do if I come to like you more than I already do?”


The only thing I could think of was that exclamation. A cold, mountain breeze flew in through the window seat’s slightly open window with a view of the circular moon. There were illusions of white bellflowers blooming behind Evan. The smell of fresh grass mixed with Evan’s body scent. The gentle scent exuded a small smell of bleed. With an elegant smile, Evan opened his mouth.

“If I could, I want to swallow you from head to toe right this moment.”

His words didn’t match the atmosphere around him. They were lines Hail Verde would say if this were the original. Obviously, everything that surrounded Evan was for the main bottom. The moon, that strange illusion, the wafting scent. His face like that of a bouquet of flowers and his yandere top-like words contrasted weirdly.

“Though I don’t know if I can.”

The silence stretching with no answer, he first went to the bathroom. My mouth opened and closed as I watched Evan’s receding back. I shook my head as I thought back on the strange feelings that came and disappear in an instant.

Then, I focused my attention on the sound of water pouring in the bathroom. I remembered the saying that trivial thoughts disappear and your mind clears when listening to the sound of water. Fortunately, the strange feeling disappeared, but instead, it made me remember the first time we kissed.

When Evan came out of the bath and suddenly kissed me. He kissed me this time as well.

I buried my flushed face in my knees. In the end, I rammed my forehead into my knees at the distracting thoughts. Hail Verde, why’re you getting excited instead? This isn’t the time for this.

I repeated as if to brainwash myself, but the feeling didn’t seem to end. I gripped my wildly beating heart, but my cruel, yet loud heartbeat continued on.

Just like that, the day filled with confusion and shock drew to a close.


Why’d I ask Evan to go to a festival that Saturday? I stared at Evan in a daze as he lied in my arms. I heard his constant breathing from up close. As I moved backwards from his hair that tickled my neck, I heard a low, half-asleep voice in my ear.

“Sleep a bit more. Today’s Sunday.”

I can’t sleep in this position though. I lied stiff like a mummy with a tearful face. Pale legs twisted around my body. It feels like I’ve become Evan’s stuffed animal.

“It’s kinda uncomfortable.”

Can’t you let me go? I earnestly said to allude to this, but I was ignored. He usually answers, but in times like these, he’d pretend not to know, so he pulled the blanket towards me, feeling upset. Evan came closer to me, saying he was cold. You probably shouldn’t have taken off the blanket.

I figured I wouldn’t be able to sleep like this, so I just summed up the original.

In the early half of the original, Hail stalked Evan at school, and in the dormitory. Hail Verde would eavesdrop on Evan’s conversations with other people, and follow him around. Evan avoided Hail, finding him uncomfortable, turning Hail’s desire gradually twisted.

I’d never do anything like that to Evan, so our relationship’s very different from the original. So honestly speaking, I don’t think anything’s gonna happen as the original.

But what happened in the back alley during the early episodes came close to actually happening. Even though my relationship with Evan’s different from the original, we can’t avoid everything as long as we’re the main characters. This time, Evan twisted the original by pulling himself out of the situation, but there was no denying that he got involved in something extremely dangerous. From the looks of it, there’s no guarantee he’d be able to escape the next incident.

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Ooooooop yandere. Though I’m hoping Evan doesn’t actually eat Hail… I want a good, happy ending where nobody gets hurt. But also, the scene where Hail said he hated Evan getting hurt feels very… shoujo-y. I’m just… surprised Hail hasn’t gotten it through his head that Evan feels a whole lot for him lol.

When the Main Bottom Becomes the Yandere Top
Chapter 11