White-Robed Chief
Chapter 581: Seed

Author: Xiao Shu

Xia Wei scoffed, "Let us all charge at him together. Look at how arrogant he is!"

Chu Li glanced at her out of the corner of his eye.

That one look had revealed the despise Chu Li had for the three of them. It spurred on the boiling anger in Xia Wei's chest. The fire scorched through her whole body, causing her lovely face to become so red it looked as though she was drunk. She looked so much more beautiful like this. It was only that her bright eyes were glaring at him with hatred.

Chu Li said, "What are you still waiting for?"

"Hold on!" Xia Wei waved her hand, stopping both Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi in their steps. She turned her head and gesticulated. "The two of you step back! I'll face him on my own!"

"On your own?" The two youths hesitated.

"Junior Sister Xia, you're no match for him," Zhou Hange said.

"How would you know if we haven't even competed with each other yet!" Xia Wei said coldly. She pursed her thick red lips and glared at Chu Li. "I want to see how great he actually is!"

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi both shook their head and sighed. They had no choice but to take two steps back.

They knew how overbearing Chu Li's Martial Art was as well as how bad-tempered Xia Wei was. She was not going to change her mind.

They could disobey neither of them, so they could only watch as she was eventually defeated. They were unsure if this crushing defeat would make her feel disheartened to the point that she would give up on cultivating martial arts.

Chu Li furrowed his brows and looked at Xia Wei. Then, he said, "Stop talking. Make your move!"

"Watch my sword!" Xia Wei hated his arrogance so much. She could not wait to pierce him with her sword. Her swordsmanship was sharp and ruthless.

She was stubborn in the sense that she did not like to admit defeat. Although she was a woman, she wanted to be stronger than any man there was. That was why she worked so hard on cultivating her Martial Art. She did not show anyone how hard she had been working, though. They all thought that she was just playing around and did not have any interest in improving her Martial Art.

That thrust of her sword was exceedingly fast.

Chu Li shook his head.

Her swordsmanship was really not bad for a young woman like her, but no matter how great it was, it was only relative to the other women her age. She was not an exceptional swordsman and could not be compared to Xiao Qi and Lu Yurong.

"Ding…" Chu Li stepped to one side and flicked his wrist.

In an instant, Xia Wei felt overwhelming energy passing through her palm, causing her to loosen her grip unconsciously. Her long sword flew out of her hand before burying itself in the wooden door of the courtyard.

The long sword bounced upon impact. Its shiny body looked as if spring water was flowing in it. The surface of the water rippled and shimmered in the sunlight.

Chu Li nodded. "Not bad!"

Xia Wei's face looked more beautiful than before, but it was also flaming hot as if it was on fire. She desperately wanted to hide in a hole where nobody could see her.

Not once! She could not even hit him once!

Chu Li glanced at her. "The sword is a great one, but the wielder has only average skills. The swordsmanship is even worse. You can leave now!"

Xia Wei clenched her teeth that were as white as snow. She could not wait to tear him into pieces. Her teeth were creaking and her brilliant eyes looked as though they wanted to torch him alive.

Chu Li turned his head and looked at Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi. "Do the two of you want to try as well?"

"How about we go at him together?" asked Zhou Hange.

Chu Li nodded. "That's even better."

They did not waste any time by unsheathing their swords and stabbing forward. The glinting light from their swords enveloped Chu Li's vision, showcasing their exquisite swordsmanship.

Chu Li shook his head and simply flicked the tip of his sword.

"Ding, ding…" Loud noises resounded throughout the area. Their swords were flung from their hands.

Chu Li said, "I can see the pattern of your strikes but not its strength. The two of you have cultivated incorrectly!"

Thankfully, the two of them had prepared themselves beforehand for this outcome.

Zhou Hange quickly asked, "What do you mean by us cultivating incorrectly?"

"You seek instant reward when you cultivate and chase after the exquisiteness of your swordsmanship," Chu Li replied, "but your skills are still a mess. Your foundation is not even stable, yet you already want to build a tall tower on top of it! Go back and cultivate all over again. Find the zeal to cultivate like Murong Liang. He's a Grandmaster after all!"

"You're wrong. Murong hasn't reached the Grandmaster's Boundary yet," Chu Dazhi said with a smile.

Chu Li glanced at him and chuckled.

The despise in his gaze and his satirical laugh enraged Chu Dazhi. He shut his mouth and refused to talk to him anymore.

Zhou Hange said, "Is Murong actually a Grandmaster?"

"He has kept the title to himself and hide it from all of you. It seems like he has inherited the shrewdness from his father." Chu Li remarked, "He can surpass the two of you in a year's time with your aptitudes!"

"Murong's aptitude isn't that great." The two shook their head in unison.

They had been dueling with Murong Liang for years now and were very aware of his Martial Art. His Martial Art was not particularly outstanding.

"I don't know whether I should call you dumb or call him smart." Chu Li waved his hand to dismiss them. "I'm too lazy to deal with such petty matters. Just focus on your cultivation. You can leave now. I don't want you to delay me from cultivating!"

"Very well, then." Zhou Hange made a fist salute. "We shall leave now."

Chu Li waved his hand again impatiently.

Xia Wei was glaring at Chu Li. Her bright eyes did not even blink once. She was trying to catch Chu Li's gaze.

Chu Li did not look at her again. She had no way to release the fury in her heart.

Chu Li met her gaze eventually. "Why are you still here? Are you planning on warming up my bed?"

"You!" Xia Wei widened her eyes in disbelief. She could not believe that Chu Li had actually said these words.

"You have a low aptitude and bad temper but a daring heart. You're only looking for trouble yourself!"

"You… you…" Xia Wei pointed at him. She wanted to pull out her sword to stab him but quickly realized her sword was not in her hand.

She turned her head to pull the sword out of the door before rushing out of the courtyard.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi quickly made a fist salute towards Chu Li before running out to catch up with Xia Wei.

Xia Wei ran to the woods where she usually cultivated in a single breath. Then, she started swinging at a tree with her sword. "Pig!" she yelled after each strike.

"Pig! Pig! Pig! Pig!" Xia Wei shouted through clenched teeth. She managed to cut down the pine tree with just a few strikes. The tree slowly toppled and was about to drop on their heads.

The three of them easily avoided it.

Xia Wei's beautiful face was glowing red. She clenched her white teeth and spat hatefully at the two of them, "He's a pig!"

The two of them hesitated for a bit.

Xia Wei gave them a stern glare. "Are the two of you on his side?!"

"No, no!" They hastily waved their hands. Zhou Hange said, "Even if he's a pig. He sure is a powerful one."

Xia Wei suddenly burst into laughter. She rolled her eyes at him as she scoffed, "He's still a pig no matter how powerful he is!"

The two of them nodded helplessly.

Xia Wei scoffed, "Alright. You guys should go!"

Zhou Hange could not help but worry about her, so he said, "Zhuge Tian is not a normal person. Don't concern yourself with people like him."

"That's right, that's right. He hides in his house to cultivate all day. He's starting to lose his sanity!" Chu Dazhi nodded. "He even claimed that Murong is a Grandmaster. He really has the guts to say just about anything!"

Zhou Hange and Xia Wei glanced at each other. Neither of them said a word.

"Could it actually be true?" Chu Dazhi widened his eyes.

He had a pair of small eyes on his big face, so he looked kind of funny when he widened his eyes.

"It's alright. His Martial Art has already been crippled. He needs to start all over again." Xia Wei scoffed, "You guys should focus on cultivating too so that he couldn't catch up with you guys."

"If he really is a Grandmaster, then we don't stand a chance. His aptitude is stronger than ours." Zhou Hange shook his head and sighed. "I just think that it's not right of him to lie to us. I had a feeling that this was the case, but was hesitant to make a conclusion."

"Is Murong really a Grandmaster?" Chu Dazhi was still struggling to process the news.

Xia Wei bit her lip. "Brother Chu, you're really such an idiot!"

"You can't be serious?" Chu Dazhi said.

"I can't be bothered to talk to you anymore!" Xia Wei turned and left.


The night was foggy. The moonlight shone upon the earth like water.

There were no lights in the courtyard, leaving only the glow of the moon to shine on Murong Chun's face. He was sitting at a stone table. His left index finger was tapping lightly on the table.

A pale Murong Liang was sitting across from him. "Father, are you sure you want to expose his sacndals?"

White-Robed Chief
Chapter 581: Seed