Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
Chapter 26

Author: Marui Tomato
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26. Bustling Tea Time

“… and? You’re all here because you wanted to tell be something right?”


From Amamiya’s first sentence, it was clear that they were here to find someone. I doubt they had any points of contact with Sumire and Hitomi, added to that was my recent relation so the one they’re searching for should have been me.


“When we went to the classroom Akashi-san was there, she apologized to Asami-san”

“Is that so, isn’t that good”


Now that she properly apologized, Asami-san and Akashi-san’s problem became a simple case closed. It’s good that it didn’t become anything big.


“And since I said I wanted to thank you no matter what, he told that Kumoruiwashi-san might have been here”


Asami-san gave Amamiya a quick glance while he returned her his usual honey-coated smile. The girls seem to be weak against this smile but to me, it’s too sweet and gives the opposite concern.


“Amamiya-sama was aware that I’d be here?”


This gathering isn’t really something we’d tell others. If so, why does Amamiya know? Suspicious…


“Nh~ Got to know a bit from the rumours you see”


“Just heard that Ichigo-chan’s group is spotted around the east building so we went for a search”

“Not Ichigo, it’s Kumoruiwash”

“Sorry, sorry, Kumoruiwashi-chan”


Kumoruiwashi-chan… I’m always called with the -san honorific with my surname so the phrase sounds a bit off.


Nevertheless, I didn’t think there’d be such rumours spreading around. I don’t think what we’re doing is out of the bag but we should take more care on not having Sumire’s weird conduct witnessed… Although I say that, it’s already been seen as of that today.


As I was thinking of such, Hitomi and Sumire who washed the cream off clean returned. The bangs that usually had a little curl is now wet and slightly put to the side. Sumire’s atmosphere looked a bit more mature.


“A-ano, just then…”


The fidgety Sumire of unknown reason pulled along the edge of Asami-san’s sleeve.


“Sorry for ruining the handkerchief… Thank you very much”

“No, no need to mind”

“… will you be fond of eating cakes?”

“Eh!? I do enjoy”

“Th-Then if it’s fine with you, would you like to have some?”


Asami-san seems surprised at the sudden invitation but to Sumire, she’s proabably wanting to apologize for ruining the handkerchief.


“Is that alright?”

“Y-Yes… U-Um would it be fine if I were to know you name?”

“I’m Asami Kana”

“…. I am Mizutanigawa Sumire”


Although constrained, Sumire’s sharpness disappeared. She doesn’t seem to have a bad impression on Asami-san.


“Is it no good if we join in as well?”

“…. Please help yourself”


Sumire’s displeasure on her face is as clear as day when she said that though. Sumire’s a big shot in being able coldly reply that Tengenji. Even though other girls would surely redden their cheeks in happiness.


And like so, created a weird gathering of members eating cake.


The cakes Sumire’s brother made were delicious. Chocolate cake, tart and Mont Blanc, there’s a fine texture for the cheesecake too. Although the si

ze is mini, maybe it’s still eating too much… but I can still go on, how frightening one’s own stomach is.


“Waah… this shortcake’s so delicious. I like the sauce inside, sweet and sour”

“I’m sure the one who made will be happy to hear that”


Hitomi returned a smile at the Asami-san who sparkled her eyes at the square-shaped shortcake. Hitomi seems happy for some reason. Maybe she gets along with Sumire’s brother…


Sumire raised her voice with wide eyes as though suddenly remembering something.


“Actually, amongst these is a few with wasabi cream in it. It’s decided that the person who got it must finish it. Ufufu, I wonder who’s going to get it”


Now that I think of it, no one’s gotten it yet. What to do, I want to eat the shortcake too but you’d think twice after knowing it might be one with wasabi cream in it.


“Heeh, I quite like wasabi, kind of want to try it”


I head from the Sumire beside me quietly clicking her tongue at Tengenji’s comment. It seems that other than Asami-san, she’s cold towards guys.





The expression on Sumire who took a bite on a tart distorted, gradually becoming tearful. It seems that Sumire was the one who became the wasabi girl.


“Uuu, wu-uu… Hitomiiii”

“You got the one with wasabi cream?”


Hitomi patted the half crying Sumire on the back as she pressed the girl to drink some tea. Can’t this person at least settle happily why eating cake I wonder.


“Oi, you said it yourself, right? The person who got the wasabi cream must finish it”



Having her willpower chipped off by wasabi cream, Sumire was no longer able to refute as she glared at Kiryuu vexingly. However, Kiryuu didn’t seem to mind it in the least as he looked down on Sumire while drinking his tea.


“Don’t waste food, properly eat all of it”



Sumire, your sheep skin, it’s dropping, dropping. Pick it up, quickly put it back on. Tearfully eating, Kiryuu sent another blow with increasingly knitted brows as he said “Your expression’s getting more and more ugly you know”.


… Can’t Kiryuu be a bit nicer to girls? I got the feelings that Hitomi’s smile cramped a little at Kiryuu’s sharp words. She probably wanted to refute but the other person is the other person so she held back.


“Wah, I got wasabi cream too! Yay!”


This time, Tengenji was the one who got it. However, Tengenji who apparently likes wasabi ate it happily. Not liking the fact was Sumire with her mouth warped.


“That… To eat something like that so happily, there’s something wrong with him”

“Eeh! But the spiciness and sweetness made an exquisite combination that I thought was nice”


Maybe Sumire’s just bad with wasabi and that the wasabi cream is unexpected nice. Well, I’m personally weak with the spiciness though.


“Maria! This man’s head is strange! As expected, an idiot is what you call this type of men!”


The idiot was a boomerang. She was probably wanting to whisper to me but the person in question heard as well so.


And the opponent’s the most popular guy amongst the girls. If the other girls were to hear this, even if it’s Sumire, she’s going to have a hard time. Calm down for the moment of time being, since eating wasabi cream her sheep skin’s completely cracked.


I ate a peach tart already so let’s try the strawberry one. In any case, I wonder what type of person the patisserie aimed Sumire brother is like. Hitomi said that but I’m completely unable to catch an impression.


“… Fugeeo!?”


I coughed violently as my nose gets stressed with wasabi’s spice. It seems like I got the wasabi cream too. Ku, the layer of cream under the custard cream in the mini strawberry tart had wasabi in it!


“Uwahahaha! Maria, it’s fine if you don’t make weird faces! Ah, no, too funny”


I’m not!


Everyone who looked my way either burst into laughter or was trying to bear it. Am I making such a terrible face!? Ah… but Kiryuu’s frown deepened like no end. This person, I haven’t seen him laugh once.


There was a significant amount of people so we properly finished everything and left before the day got dark.


It was a weird gathering of members eating cake but it might’ve been unexpectedly enjoyable. Sumire’s sheep skin got exposed but I doubt they’d go out their way to spread it. First thing, I doubt the others would believe such a thing. The usual Sumire’s a complete mismatch.


Being the last to leave, closing up the place, below my feet fell a shadoNew.




A voice sweet enough to tickle reached my ears. As much as to one’s ability, I hid my unrest while taking a deep breath, turning around.


“Why save Asami Kana?”


What he faced me with was a combination of curiosity and wariness, a smile that was not the least amiable for the stomach.

Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
Chapter 26

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