Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
Chapter 27

Author: Marui Tomato
Source: Imported

27. Quietly Letting out Poison

​Unlike the nonchalant Tengenji nor the Kiryuu who clearly expresses what he finds unpleasant, the soft voice he uses and the cold eyes that captures me is the most difficult to deal with.


“… She was receiving harassment, is there a need for another reason I wonder?”

“No~ but something seems off doesn’t it, you saving Asami Kana has no merit whatsoever, even if you stayed quiet, there’ll be good natured people who’d help”

“Tengenji-sama’s one I guess”

“See? Why would you go out your way if you think like that?”


The fact that Tengenji would move wasn’t really in my head at that time. In any case, this what might that be~ this kind of cross-examination with a sense of unpleasantness. In short, I guess Amamiya just doesn’t think I’m the type of person who’d save Asami-san for no reason.


“That sounds like I’m not the type of person who’d move unless there’s a reason and that, you actually wanted me to scheme something”

“My image of you and the you right now is a bit different that it feels a bit out of place. Maybe you wanted to be liked by Yuu so under the surface, did something”



Talking over Amamiya’s words, I put a finger in front his lips. In return Amamiya slightly narrowed his eyes and closed his mouth. The amber setting sun shone through from the corridor’s window, covering us in it. The milk tea brown coloured hair in front dyed in red as though burning, the flow of time felt slower than usual.


“Women are beings who hide poison in the inner depths of their body”


Lightly pressing my finger onto Amamiya’s lips, I shifted it little to make my nail pierce. Matching his eyes, I formed a smile.


“Indiscreetly trying to touch such a thing, isn’t it not like something you would do?”


Remembering there was such a line the manga, I tried acting a bit cool in using it. If I remember right, when Maria was interrogated about bullying the heroine, she used it with the meaning of telling him not to interfere with a problem between girls.


“Someone like me huh…”

“Yes, I’m talking about the person who always leaves a distance, remaining as a timid spectator who takes steps with caution”


I thought I’d get a disagreeable face but unexpectedly, Amamiya had his eyes widened and expression stiff. Since I have knowledge of the manga, I do know a bit about Amamiya’s circumstance. Although always smiling, the truth was that he’s a coward that’s scared of holding things that are important to him. In the original, he was wary of the heroine and afraid that she’d enter their inner circle.


“If it’s sweet poison, I’m rather welcomed”

“It might as well be deadly you know”


Laughing with his shoulders trembling, Amamiya’s smile looked rather childlike. It was always surface smile that doesn’t give a clue on what he’s thinking so seeing such a side, my spirit became a bit relaxed.


This place is the same spectacle as the manga but the people here are properly living. Not everything would go the same way as in the manga because, this development should not have been there in the original.


“Well, although saying that, I’m not exactly fond of being doubted for no reason so, the truth that Amamiya-sama wishes to know, I don’t mind telling”


Taking a step back, I created distance.


As he said, me saving Asami-san wasn’t

genuine but in the same factor, I’m not scheming anything either.


“The reason I protected Asami-kun was because, in that situation, I held the most suspicion as a suspect. Even if I wasn’t the one who actually did it, it wouldn’t be weird to think that I was the one who instructed it, there was the case with the cafeteria too”

“Ah—… I see~”

“So I moved on the spot. The result was that the offender’s pace got interrupted at my move and is regretting. Would that have been a reasonable reply I wonder?”

“Un, honest to the point of being interesting”


Let’s not hear about which part was interesting. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to understand anyways. Saying what I want to say, there’ no more reason for us to be together. A key character like Amamiya probably isn’t someone who’d be the criminal that’d killed me so being a bit sharp shouldn’t bring danger to my life…. It wouldn’t, would it?


“Now then, have a nice day”


Upon the swift assail of anxiety, I passed Amamiya in quick pacing with a stiffened face. At the turning point of my advance, I found the shadow of a person hiding. The opponent glared at my way as per usual, full of bad impression.


Ou-ou, the other party’s the one who’s obviously at fault so why such do I have to adjust with such an attitude? I don’t think I’ll ever get along with this guy… Amamiya doesn’t really seem possible either though.


“Eavesdropping is it”


Standing in front of Kiryuu, I sent a provocative look as I smiled.


“… scary woman”

“Guy with bad tastes”


Erasing my smile, we glared at each other. The one who said whether I was scheming was Amamiya, the impolite one’s on the other side.


It wouldn’t go anywhere if we glared at each other to no end so I turned away and walked down the stairs. Why is Kiryuu so unpleasant I wonder, always has his eyebrows knitted with a sour look and glares… Amamiya’s more difficult to deal with but Kiryuu too is quite a pain.


Ah-! Talking back makes one feel refreshed, refreshed!


… Now after all this time to have my arms and legs tremble is my imagination, imagination… I-I’m not scared or anything. Kiryuu too, is definitely not the criminal!

Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
Chapter 27