Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
Chapter 28

Author: Marui Tomato
Source: Imported

28. The Thorn of Evil's Aim

​The day which heavies the mood came.


A flower party for the gathering of flower princesses. As far as the name Papillon goes, the motif of butterflies is placed everywhere. The long table had flower princesses surrounding it in their seats enjoying sweets and tea. This is the usual scene.


Placing my lips onto the tea cup with butterfly painted on it, I examined my surroundings.


… Ah, the tea’s nice. An aroma similar to the fruit orange entered my mouth of faint sweetness.


“Today’s tea has a nice fragrance to it. It’s quite refreshing”

“It’s Ponurfiyu’s black tea known as orange fluer”

“My, no wonder it has a citrus frangence”


Or other typical conversations travelled to my ear. It’ll be good if nothing happens… Not every flower princess gets along with one another, we’re all humans so there’s the thing called compatibility. The quarrels using sarcasm, there are those who’re there to specifically spread the sparks. This flower party was what the author called battle.


“What might Sumire-sama be eating?”

“It’s brioche”


Sumire showed a reserved smile as she ate the brioche with raspberry jam. If it’s the usual, she’d be eating it wholeheartedly, but concerning the flower party, I relieved that she’s eating elegantly. Since the mini cake party when

she had her face considerably… ruined, she turned a new leaf and gave up on hiding the fact completely. I was a bit worried whether she’d manage in the flower party.


If Sumire’s usual laugh of Uwahaha was out, these people would surely find a lot to be disagreeable with.


“Speaking of which… I’ve been hearing from rumours but”


Hidemiri-sama who was sitting diagonally across left her tea cup on the saucer as her eyes gazed this way.


Hie! We got locked on for some reason!


“Something about Maria-sama’s taking care of a stray dog recently”

“Stray dog… was it?”


What about the stray? I don’t remember getting into contact with stray dogs recently, was there not a mistake somewhere?


“Yes, the person who lacked common sense and spilled soup on Maria-sama”


Wait a moment. The stray dog was about Asami-san? It’s not like Asami-san spilled soup on purpose so isn’t it going a bit far saying her lack of common sense? And isn’t it fine to name Asami-san from the start, that way of talking doesn’t sound like a nice flow.


“Hidemiri-sama, that way of speaking is not good, however… it is true that there are those who are worried on whether the school’s public morals would be disordered by someone like him”



/ Cautioning Hidemiri-sama of her speech, the Miyabi-sama who expressed an opinion that was not from herself but namely, from others, was not much better. She probably finds distaste towards Asami-san herself.


“I heard that there was a dispute too. Not only that, he had Maria-sama and Tengenji-sama erase the scribbles! Really not knowing one’s limits!”

“Maa… to go so far as to trouble the two, that’s no good”


Miyabi-sama’s languish expression looks as though done purposely, matched with the resentful Hidemiri-sama. These people seem to want to make Asami-san the one in the wrong no matter what.


“… why might he be the one wrong I wonder?”


The one who opened her mouth was the Sumire who usually never talks in these types of situation.


“The worst is the one who harassed him, no?”


The situation that draws one’s brows together froze upon hearing Sumire’s words as the girl laid her revulsion bare. Miyabi-sama preserved her smile as she closed her mouth while Hidemiri-sama glared at Sumire in dissatisfaction.


“Might Sumire-sama be sympathizing him I wonder? However, don’t you think it’s unsensible to cover for him when Maria-sama experienced such terrible incidents?”

“Hidemiri-sama, I am fine so…”

“My, Maria-sama is so amiable!”


Hidemiri-sama doesn’t seem to want to admit her fault. I wouldn’t keep it in mind personally,

mind personally, or rather, she was scarier in the original where Miyabi-sama was the one who got spilled on. It’s more like relief that I was the one instead.


“But even if it’s Sumire-sama, it’ll be better to mind one’s speech”

“The one who should mind is yourself, Hidemiri-sama”


Against the unyielding Hidemiri-sama was a sharp gaze from Hitomi. Hitomi too, usually doesn’t talk much but as far as Sumire’s involved, it differs. She’s called the Lily’s knight is due to that fact.


“.. What, you’re saying that I was in the wrong?”

“Sumire said of nothing wrong. Something like stray dog or not knowing one’s limits, you were the one being rude”


Hidemi showed quiet anger at the Hidemiri-sama who’s wanting to criticize Sumire. To her, Sumire as a best friend probably just holds that much importance. Hidemiri-sama too, if she gave a little thought, it’d be a given to know that things will turn out this way if she criticizes Sumire in front of Hitomi.


“Rude you say!?”



Calling the Hidemiri-sama who shook in anger as though she’s going to strike the table at any moment, I had her attention fall on me. If it goes on like this, the fight between Hidermiri-sama and Hitomi will only heat up further.


“Hidemiri-sama and Miyabi-sama were worried about theworried about the soup incident that time no? Thank you very much for the concern. However, when I had a talk with him, he was a rather gentle person. I only erased the scribbles as a classmate, he did nothing wrong”


Although I highly doubt the real reason was about the soup, it wouldn’t be bad to make it that way and clarify that Asami-san is a good person.


Hidemiri-sama frowned in dissatisfaction but I’d like her to hold back here. Lying my gaze onto Hitomi requesting for a peaceful end, she smiled looking a bit troubled as she apologized with a small voice.


“Might you… wish to curse someone, I have a number of ways, feel free”


Turning to the voice of the owner, I found a rabbit puppet laughing “Kufufufu” with its hands in front of its mouth (or shown that way at least).


“However, curses require a suitable amount of resolution”


Unknown as to whether Puppet-chan wanted to soften the mood or was saying it from the bottom of her heart, Hidemiri-sama returned a stiffened smile as she voiced “I’m fine”. Puppet-chan seemed disappointed at the reply… you were saying it from heart?


Following the changing atmosphere from Puppet-chan, the clearing of one’s throat was heard, gathering the gazes of flower princesses all in one place.

Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
Chapter 28